Emergency financial assistance from Hope’s Front Door.

Hope’s Front Door and its partners, including churches and charities, offer a number of services to less fortunate families. Some of the clients include the unemployed, seniors, or others that are looking for temporary relief and self-sufficiency. Learn about the medical care they offer, how there may be funds for paying rent or a car repair, free food and other forms of aid. Most of the assistance is concentrated on the communities of Darien, Downers Grove, Lisle, Willowbrook, Westmont and Woodridge in Dupage County.

If you are faced with an emergency, then the charity may be able to assist. They are there to offer direct aid or referrals to individuals that are facing a crisis. Whether it is financial, job loss, or a medical issue, then Hope’s Front Door may be able to help if found qualified.

As part of the process, the applicant’s needs will be assessed. The charity will determine what the client needs immediate help with and will try to set up long-term remedies or solutions. Many disadvantaged individuals and families from Dupage County get help from their programs.

The IAP - Immediate Assistance Program is for exactly that, a crisis. It may be able to assist with transportation, food, vouchers for groceries or baby formula, and much more. They can even help, in very limited cases, with car repairs for work related reasons or gasoline/bus passes.

As a matter of fact, Hope’s Front Door maybe the leading non-profit in DuPage County that provides transportation for work, medical appointments or employment. So if you have an interview, a voucher or bus pass may be offered.

All financial aid is limited and depends on donations to churches, its partners and other factors. Also, someone may only receive help for say their rent or heating bills every couple of years at most.

Additional referrals may be offered in lieu of financial support. Hope’s Front Door works with many local charities, and they are a great place to learn about free food pantries, places to turn to for rental assistance, or temporary shelter. Additional focus is on helping people obtain unemployment income, legal aid, disability income assistance, and SNAP food stamps.




Financial literacy education as well as overall budgeting counseling is available as part of BAP. The Illinois Financial Planning Association works with Hope’s Front Door on offering this program in the community. Counselors will meet one-on-one with qualified clients to educate or mentor them on such issues as saving, credit repair and debt management.

Job placement and training may be coordinated as part of Pathways to Employment. Advisors from the community, maybe even including local employers, meet with those that are unemployed or maybe someone looking for new skills. They will touch upon interview techniques, job search strategies, how to complete a resume, and provide clients with other guidance. This is only occasionally offered.

Information on medical care, insurance, and prescription medications

Insurance can be provided as part of the Referral/Enrollment Program. Case managers will help with enrollment into government and non-profit healthcare programs such as Allkids/FamilyCare, Medicaid, or Access DuPage. Or get information on care for seniors, such as Medicare or even SSI for the disabled. The charity will offer information on a wide variety of dental or medical care assistance programs in Illinois.

The Hope’s Front Door Special Assistance Program addresses new employment related needs as well as medical and dental matters. The volunteer that is part of SAP determines what resources can be turned to in order to prevent further degradation of mental, oral, or physical health. The program may refer people to free prescription medications, clinics that offer emergency dental care, short term housing for medical purposes, employment related physicals, and eye exams or free eyeglasses.




The Prescription Assistance Service is offered in partnership with clinics, state foundations as well as national pharmaceutical companies. Qualified low income or uninsured clients can get medications of course. But PAP may also have other medical supplies, provide disease management education in workshops, and more. The aid distributed goes through the advocacy center and is targeted at low income, uninsured or under-insured in the region.

Hope’s Front Door is a leading charity in the area. For referrals or more details, call 630-322-9803 or stop by 1047 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515.


By Jon McNamara

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