DuPage County Illinois public assistance.

Public assistance programs in DuPage County Illinois can help low income families with housing, medical bills, food, job finding services and much more. Individuals can look into the various social services offered by Community Services and work with a case manager to get help during a difficult period in their lives.

Homeless Prevention and Housing Assistance is available in the county. The primary purpose of the housing assistance program is to link the lower income or struggling individual or family to public assistance and government services that may prevent homelessness. The various housing assistance and services offered may include financial assistance for making your monthly paying mortgage payments or rent, or referral to appropriate other sources or non-profits in DuPage County.

Basic Needs In-kind Goods, Clothing and Shoe Voucher Program – Receive vouchers for clothing, shoes and/or household items. Items are distributed by the Repeat Boutique and St. Vincent DePaul Society. Individuals can also be screened for several area food pantries across DuPage County. This basic needs program will also assist lower income clients with applying for All Kids or help them with the Access DuPage public assistance program.

Self sufficiency can be provided by Case Management. Meet with a social worker who is well trained to develop a comprehensive assessment of the needs that need to be met. It can include short term financial assistance for paying bills, and longer term services for activities such as finding a job. The DuPage County Case Manager assists the client in the process of accessing public assistance programs and services to meet their needs. Further case management activities offered may include, but are not limited to, the development of an action plan, goal setting, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation.

DuPage County-York Center Community Resource Center offers a number of services for lower income and struggling families. Services provided by the non-profit include:

  • Summer day camp as well as after-school programs for students K-12
  • Education such as ESL classes, Translating Spanish-English, social services and parenting classes




York Center Community Resource Center, which is located at 1 S 071 Luther Avenue Lombard, can also provide referrals to local social services agencies and non-profits for variety of resources. Case managers can refer people to free food banks, rent assistance, job counseling, health care assistance, and more public and social services. Call 630-407-6525.

Utility and heating bill assistance in DuPage County is offered from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The federal government funded program assists low-income households by offsetting the rising cost of home energy bills through offering direct financial assistance for paying bills. Other services include energy counseling, education, and outreach. An overdue energy bill or disconnect notice is not required to receive LIHEAP assistance. Note that the publicly funded program also offers emergency assistance. This is made available to eligible households whose furnace is non-operational or determined unsafe to operate, or help can be provided to utility service has been disconnected.

Medical Bills and Health Care Assistance is offered by DuPage County Community Services. The government can provide financial assistance for paying for prescriptions, medical fees, eyeglasses, dental care and fees, and related supplies.

Case managers can offer Family Self-sufficiency, which will empower lower income families and individuals to take control of their lives so they may become productive and independent members of their local community. The DuPage FSS provides comprehensive case management, educational and employment planning, counseling, referrals to public assistance, and access to programs and services to help income eligible clients to reach their professional and even personal goals.

DuPage County Community Services runs the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP). This energy bill savings program offers qualified low income households the ability to save money and fuel by improving the energy conservation of the individual's furnace or home. Updates and conservation measures are free to qualified individuals.





Single Family Rehabilitation Program includes Home Repairs with a Low-Interest Loan Sponsored by DuPage County. Homeowners may qualify for 0% Interest Loan or Deferred Payment Loans. Qualified lower income homeowners across the county may be able to borrow up to $24,000 at 0% interest rate with as long as 10 years to repay in low monthly payments. Another second loan program allows a homeowner in DuPage County to borrow as much as $24,000 for home repairs with no interest charges or monthly payments due until a transfer of title of the home.

Referrals are offered by DuPage County's Illinois central clearinghouse. People who need help can get details on social service information and local emergency programs. The clearinghouse can provide individuals and agencies with resources available to persons aged 59 and under. For example, professionally trained staff help to identify a client's need(s) through a comprehensive assessment. The specialist will then links inquires to the appropriate non-profit services or public assistance programs. Information and Referral Specialists access and utilize a vast information system, which includes data on several thousand social service agencies, medical organizations, local churches, government bodies, civic groups, and free legal aid organizations.

Call the DuPage County human and community services at 630-407-6500. The office is located at 421 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.





By Jon McNamara

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