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Assistance programs Summit County Ohio and Akron.

Find the churches, government offices, and charities that offer emergency financial help for paying bills or free goods. There are grants and loans in Summit County Ohio that help with rent or security deposits as well as mortgage payments. Or receive cash aid or government grants to pay utility, electric, gas or utility bills. Find where to get financial assistance near you in Akron OH and the county.

Low income families in Akron and Summit County can also get free food from pantries, foreclosure advice, medical or dental care from clinics, and more. Find where to apply for help with paying those bills as well how to get free gasoline vouchers, a car for work or low-income apartments that have no waiting list in Akron. Or get help as well as credit counseling services, job training, and other financial assistance.

Find financial help with rent, a monthly mortgage, and utility bills from Community Action

The Akron Summit Community Action Inc., located at 55 E. Mill Street, Akron, Ohio (Phone: 330-376-7730) offers low to moderate income families access to various resources. There are applications to financial assistance programs, job programs, government grants and more. Self-sufficney, including transportation such as a car, critical auto repairs or gas vouchers may be offered by referrals. Some of what is available is below, as well as information on other assistance programs.

  • Housing, mortgage and rent assistance is offered by the Akron Summit Community Action Inc. If you apply and are found to be qualified, you can receive as much as $700 for paying one month's rent or you can receive a $1,000 cash grant that is to be used for one month's mortgage payment (principal and interest only). The community action agency has provided rent/mortgage assistance since the early 1980s. The housing assistance program is funded with federal government dollars that made available through the United Way organization. Learn more on Ohio foreclosure assistance programs.
  • Food, grocery programs and nutrition services are offered in Summit County and the city. Receive food assistance and supplemental nutrition if your household is considered low income. Locations, pantries, and outreach sites are located in Akron, Springfield and Barberton. Families can also find free coupons for groceries.
  • Optical & dental care, both from referrals and on site. If you do not have dental or vision insurance, Akron Summit Community Action Inc. provides an eye exam, dental exam, or pair of glasses as well as filling or extraction of teeth. Find additional medical and hospital bill assistance programs.




  • Utility and heating bill assistance can help qualified low income households. The community action operates both state and government programs.
    • Receive help with energy bills from the Summer Crisis Program (SCP). Assistance is provided to those households with an electric bill payment during the hot summer months. The Summer Crisis Program is available annually from June through August.
    • Winter Crisis Program (WCP) will help low to moderate income families and individuals who are in danger of having their electric or gas service disconnected, that may have already had their utility service disconnected, or if someone has less than a ten day supply of bulk fuel or heating oil. This program runs annually from November to March.
    • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) is an extended payment plan that requires electric and gas companies located in Ohio to accept payments for energy bills based on a percentage of the monthly household income.
    • They also work with other charities and non-profits in Summit County, such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities Community Service of Summit County, or Lakemore United Community Council. There are also government grants for utility bills, payment plans, or resources from Hudson Community Services. Read more on emergency help with utility bills.

All of the programs mentioned above are coordinated by the Akron Summit Community Action Inc. They also offer other support to income qualified families, including information on Ohio government benefits, emergency grant or loan programs for paying bills or rent, referrals, and much more. Dial 330-376-7730 for details on ASCA, or click here for details on financial aid from Akron community action.

Financial assistance for bills, rent, food and other resources

Info Line Inc., which is based in Akron Ohio, runs the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing rent assistance and homeless prevention program. It provides grants to pay rent up to 18 months, funds for utility bills and security deposits, and other aid. Dial (330) 615-0566.





Community Services from Catholic Charity churches are centers that offer utility and heating bill payment assistance for individuals and families in need in Summit County Ohio. Funding is very limited for any type of financial support or energy bill assistance so this service may not be available at all times.

Many of the clients are single moms in Akron OH, immigrants or the unemployed. Anyone can apply for community services though. The charity provides very limited grants for utility bill payment assistance, rent payment assistance, housing expenses and prescription expense assistance when funds are available Akron (330) 475-0091

There are also online survey and marketing sites for making money. These are resources for both people in Summit County and nationwide. The funds can go a long way towards financial stability. Find details on free online survies for paying bills.

Akron Department of Planning and Urban Development - They provide InfoLine funds from the federal government funded homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program. This can provide emergency rent assistance for up to 18 months, counseling, funds for paying a security deposits, and even such resources as credit counseling. Dial (330)-376-6660 for referrals.

Interest free loans may be offered by a number of organizations (both private and charities) in Northeast Ohio. They cover the entire region and can provide this for both certain families who meet criteria and there may be some help for others as well. Loans can be used for educational and employment needs. Some emergency expenses may be addressed as well in Summit County, such as rent or utility bills. More on no interest loans in Northeast Ohio.Financial help Akron and Summit County OH

Utility bill assistance settlement - Summit County has entered into an agreement with many local electric and power companies to create the Fuel Fund Assistance Program. Funds and cash grants are being provided to qualified customers who are struggling with paying their utilities. If an applicant is qualified per program terms, they can receive up to $300 for paying their bills. Find Summit County electric bill help.

CANAPI - AIDS/HIV patients can apply for limited financial assistance. Get help with utility bill payment assistance, housing (including mortgage and rent payment assistance) and more. 895 North Main Street, Akron, Ohio 44310, (330) 252-1559

Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation – Cancer patients and families may quality for financial help. Aid is offered on a case by case basis. Ask about utility bill payment assistance, rent payment assistance, transportation costs, mortgage payments, and free food vouchers. Akron, OH 44333. (330) 835-5985

Summit County government assistance - The Family Services organization can provide social services, cash, and case management to the low income. Resources offered by the county can include assistance with medical bills and health care needs, housing, free food, and more. Thousands of Akron and Summit County families benefit every year. Find public assistance in Summit County.

Referrals to social services and financial aid is available by dialing (330) 615-0566. There is financial help for rent, security or utility deposits, and more available from Housing First. Resources are limited. The referral services also offers information on emergency financial assistance to avoid utility and heating disconnections. Other support will be to help a tenant remain in their home, or the service will help people sustain permanent housing.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is the oldest Catholic Church in Akron. There is a financial assistance program there as well as ministry, food pantry, and basic need service. There may be clothes, food, hot meals, housing, and other resources offered too. Volunteers may need to perform a home visit to assess the application. Read more on SVDP assistance programs Summit County.





Veterans Service Commission – Military members and families can apply for help with rent, energy bills, and other services. 1060 East Waterloo Road, Akron, Ohio 44306, (330) 643-2830

Resources to stop and eviction are combined with rehousing for currently/formerly homeless families. Many charities and government run organizations coordinate assistance. Tenants as well as homeowners in Summit County can apply for help, and there are also resources for veterans, families living in poverty, and single moms among others.

Grants from this programs can help with various housing bills. Apply for water bill help, money for rent, heating bill programs, and other aid. Continue with Summit County eviction assistance.

Green Welfare And Recreation Association - Provides limited heating and utility bill payment assistance for people in need of help. 6233 Redbird Terrace, Clinton, Ohio 44216, phone (330) 882-3396

Springfield Township Community Fund – The struggling may receive up to $200 to use for the payment of gas, heating or electric bills. They can also coordinate the payments for heating oil in a crisis. 2094 Portage Line Road, Mogadore (Summit County), Ohio 44260. (330) 784-3990

Love, Inc. of Akron Ohio runs a grant program for qualified, low income customers of FirstEnergy utility companies, which includes Ohio Edison. Low income seniors and families with children may benefit. Call (330) 762-1200. The charity also has ministries that may offer free diapers, clothes, and referrals to local programs. More on Love Inc. Summit County programs.

Akron based attorneys offer free advice and representation to the vulnerable. The goal is to ensure that all residents have access to legal aid, and they can help with minor needs such as creating a will to much more serious challenges, including eviction prevention or filing for bankruptcy among other cases. The pro-bono firm provides help in Summit as well as nearby Cleveland. More on Legal Society programs.

Summit County Public Health, Morley Health Center, offers financial assistance for different types of utility bills. A limited amount of funding is for paying water, natural gas, and electricity bills. 177 South Broadway, Akron, Ohio 44308, telephone (330) 926-5660.

Free household items and basic needs, ranging from clothes to school supplies or furniture, is distributed across the county. There is help available for the working poor, homeless, and even just struggling parents that are looking for short term support. Read free clothing closets, school supplies and furniture banks in Summit County.

Low income families, senior citizens, and those living in poverty can apply for help at Christmas and other holidays. Programs such as Angel Tree as well as Adopt a Family provide free toys to children and gifts to others. There are also Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, clothing, and personal care products given out from the charities. Click more details Summit County free holiday assistance.





Volunteers of America - Housing and homeless prevention services are available in Summit County Ohio. Other assistance from the non-profit includes food or home delivered meals for senior. Other resources include Christmas assistance from VOA programs such as Santa's Workshop and information and referrals on other financial resources. More on Volunteers of America in Greater Ohio.

Catholic Charities Community Services of Summit County is an option. This agency is located at 640 Main Street, Akron, OH 44310. They have limited funding and will try to assist children, disabled and elderly people as well as immigrants or women.

The charity will help those who need assistance with housing expenses, rent, utilities, water bills, heating expenses, mortgage help, due to terminal illness or unexpected events or crisis. They also have a food pantry and provide holiday meals. Phone number for Catholic Charities is (330) 762-7481. Or read more Summit County Catholic Charities.

The Salvation Army-Akron Summit County Service Center operates across the county from multiple locations. The main office is located at 190 South Maple Street, Akron, Ohio 44302. Call 330.762.8481. The agency will help people who are in need and who live in Akron, Orrville, Kidron, Dalton, Marshallville and North Lawrence. They have limited funds available, and people in need can apply for rent help, prescription medications, and cash for heating and energy bills. The Preschool, Child Care, and After School program is run from 135 Hall Street in Akron. That phone number is (330) 762-8177.

Since funding is limited, other assistance may be provided as well that is not direct financial aid. For example, the non-profit can help people around the holidays by providing food, gifts, and holiday meals. Other programs include homeless prevention and access to a food pantry and clothing closet. Contact the Akron Salvation Army at (330) 762-8481, or read more Akron Salvation Army assistance programs.

Lakemore United Community Council focuses just on the village. This Summit County organization provides emergency food, helps with paying utility bills and provides some prescription medications. The non-profit also supports athletic and recreational programs for youth and other community members. The programs offered are only for residents of the Village of Lakemore. Dial 330.699.5801 to reach Lakemore United Community Council.

Akron residents can apply for a program to pay their water bills. There is assistance only for residents in the city and immediate outlying areas. As funding allows, up to $300 may be offered to income qualified customers, the unemployed, or households with a medical expense. More on water bill help in Akron.

Faith House - Humility Of Mary Housing Ministry - Single parent families can receive short term shelter and/or transitional housing. Clients can also access job skill training and education services. Case managers will also help people with money management skills, credit repair and other self-sufficiency. Address is 1561 East 30th Street, Lorain, OH 44055. Call (440) 277-4430 for information, or learn more on Humility Of Mary Housing assistance.

Additional rent and security deposit help is available in the region. Please note that about 10 other charities, government programs, and not-for profits operate in the county, and they have financial aid, including grants, for housing needs. Read more on Akron and Summit County rent assistance.

City of Tallmadge offers small dollar amounts to town residents only that are in a crisis. Money may be used for housing costs (energy bills or rent) or basic goods, such as food or medications. There may be gas cards for a job interview or emergency transportation. Dial - (330) 376-6660.

Hudson Community services - This non-profit organization coordinates the distribution of emergency financial assistance in the Akron Ohio community including food, medical supplies, utility and heating bill payments and clothing. It also sponsors activities for senior citizens and refers people to government programs. Call Hudson Community Service Association at 330.653.6509.







Home repair programs across Summit County

Find housing repair assistance programs are available locally. Residents can take advantage of several resources that can help them repair, update, and modernize their homes. Some the aid is available in the form of grants and some as low interest loans. However, note that the potential for assistance does exist. (330) 643-2568.

Akron Urban League/ United Services for All - Housewarming Program is offered to some residents. Some of the the types of repairs included in this program are the install insulation in attic and sidewalls, and also a furnace repair and hot water tank replacement. Contact the Urban League at 250 E. Market St. Akron Ohio. (330) 434-3101.

Minor home repair from the City of Akron - The general description of this repaid program is that it provides a grant of up to a maximum of $4,000 to correct safety and health items in the home. Any repairs are giving the highest priority. Contact the city of Akron.

Emergency home repair program - This is offered by the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation (EANDC). Details of this assistance include residents can receive minor and emergency home repairs, the maximum dollar amount is $450, and emergencies are prioritized. What they will repair is quite extensive, and includes the roof, plumbing, electric service, heating, and more. More information can be had at their office at 1035 Rosemary Blvd., Suite J in Akron Ohio. (330) 724-0244.

Debt assistance, help with mortgage, and foreclosure prevention

There are several non-profit agencies in Akron Ohio and Summit County that provide assistance. Meet with a counselor to help get out of debt, and receive access to foreclosure counseling.

Summit County Consumer Credit Counseling - The agency will help homeowners who are unable to make their mortgage payments and it will provide assistance to those families who are at risk of losing their homes through foreclosure. Aid is also available for people who are already in the foreclosure process. Also learn about debt management plans and ways to deal with credit card and other debts or loans. Phone (800) 355-2227.

Akron based Mustard Seed Development Center ((330) 631-0350) provides information to people who need help paying their mortgage or who are dealing with a foreclosure. Learn more on government assistance mortgage programs.

Other locations to contact for debt, mortgage, and foreclosure help include Pride Through Empowerment Foundation ((330) 777-3331) and East Akron Neighborhood Development Agency, which employees HUD approved counselors. Dial (330) 724-0244.

Also, click here for resources from national lenders such as the Bank of America assistance programs.

City of Akron Neighborhood and Housing Development Programs

Akron Ohio offers various housing rehabilitation programs in certain areas of the city. Some of the available programs include Rental Rehabilitation Program, Housing Inspection/Rehabilitation, Community Development Services Programs, and the Neighborhood Housing Petition Program. The city will invest in qualified homes and properties to improve its outward appearance, including windows, roof, siding, porches, gutters, steps, foundation.

They will also make sure that the major interior systems, including electrical, heating, and plumbing are in very good working order. This is funded by a combination of grants and low interest loans. Property owners will be eligible for up to a $7,500 free cash grant and they may also receive a $7,500 deferred loan, which is a loan that is set at 0% interest and the loan is repaid when the house is refinanced, sold, or transferred to heirs. Dial 330-762-9631. Click here to learn more on home repair programs.

Ohio Edison Electrical Repair Program

This is a free grant program that offers assistance for owners who reside in their homes (owner-occupied homes) and the money is to be used update their electrical service and keep the home safe. Phone number 330-434-3101

Health and free medical care in Summit County Ohio

Tens of thousands of local individuals, including children, do not have health or dental insurance. Three health centers to call for free medical care, prescription medications, or savings on their medical bills are below. Or you can find additional Summit County community clinics.

The Barberton Community Health Clinic offers low income patients and the uninsured medical care. It runs a free health care clinic that staffed by volunteer area physicians, nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, lay personnel, and other medical professionals. 330.745.7471.

Akron Community Health Resources (phone (330) 724-5471) provides a full range of primary medical care for adults and children. Patients bills and charges will be based on a sliding fee scale.

Health Connections Network is a volunteer organization that helps and will match uninsured persons and patients with a volunteer primary care physician or doctor who will provide regular health and vision care and referrals for volunteer-provided specialty and other medical care services. Enrolls participants in free or reduced cost prescription programs as well. Click here to find more on tips to reduce medical bills and related programs, or dial (866) 706-0209.

Free legal advice from non-profit law firms

Elderly and low-income residents of central northeast Ohio and Summit County can get free legal advice from Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. Click here to read more, or call the agency at 330.535.4191. There are also other free lawyers in Ohio.





Free food, meals, and perishable items

Regardless of your income, background, or religion, a large number of food banks and pantries, charities, and churches serve the needy with groceries, meals, and free or low cost food. If the three locations listed below can’t meet your needs for food, then there are additional pantries and government hunger prevention programs. Find more Akron and Summit County free food banks.

  • Blessed Trinity Parish, call (330) 376-5144. Regardless of religion, this location provides a free food pantry for people in need of help. Clients of this location may receive food assistance up to once every 3 months or a maximum of 4 times per year.
  • Ellet Good Neighbors, located at 2630 Albrecht Road in Akron, offers referrals and partners with local food distribution groups and banks. Dial (330) 784-1395.
  • Joanne's Pantry, dial (330) 794-2562, runs a food pantry for Akron residents in need of help.


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