Akron water bill assistance.

There are a few water bill assistance programs that offer financial aid to low income Akron families as well as outlying parts of Summit County. They range from Akron Cares, which is a donation type program, to charities including the Salvation Army, community action agencies and others.

Most of the financial aid is for low income families, seniors, single moms or dads, or the disabled. In other words people who would be at health risk without water or their sewer service get priority for any funds that may be available. The money to pay for water as well as sewage costs flow to those groups first.

Akron Cares

While there are charitable programs, however the main resource to pay water bills (as well as sewer and trash costs) is Akron Cares. This is a very limited assistance programs for low income city residents that are facing a crisis and/or that meet poverty guidelines. In addition, the household must have received a disconnection notice from their utility provider; so the shut off needs to be close to imminent.

While funding will change throughout the year (based on donations) and the terms and conditions may change as well, there may be a few hundred dollars paid out at most to any qualified household. In addition, the money is only available one time per year. Both homeowners as well as tenants/renters can apply to Akron Cares. There are other criteria as well in order to get water bill assistance in Akron.

In addition to the disconnection notice, the applicant needs to have an unexpected medical expense. Or they can be on heating bill help from HEAP (the federal benefit), as the water bill program runs in tandem with that. One last case may also qualify a family for Akron Cares, and that is if they are unemployed. So individuals without a job can receive a grant.

Akron Cares does require an appointment as well as formal application. Proof of income, unemployment, HEAP letters or even medical bills will be required. Dial 330-375-2554 for information on applying for donating to CARES.





Water bill help from charities

Struggling families also have a few other resources to turn to. Note any funds from Akron based non-profits or charities will be even less common then from Cares referenced above; however they may be an option.
In almost all cases the applicant will need to prove they can pay future bills on their own, without any support from the government or the charity. So they need to be in effect self-sufficient with some form of income still coming in the door. They need to tend to have a job or some form of income coming in, such as from a pension, SSI, or another benefit.

One of the primary agencies in Summit County is the Salvation Army. They have multiple locations in the region. Most of their funds are for paying critical bills, and water may be one of them. Money for sewer costs is much less common. However the charity also offers other support services too, and that may be housing, food, access to a thrift store, and much more. Find more information on financial aid from the Summit County Salvation Army, including how to get water bill help.




By Jon McNamara

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