Catholic Charities Akron and Summit County programs.

The poor and others can turn to Catholic Charities of Summit County and Akron Ohio for help. They administer various community and social services programs. The organization is a vibrant non-profit agency that addresses the basic and emergency needs of low income children and families, older adults, persons with disabilities, and the working poor.

The charity offers a broad spectrum of assistance programs and services that can help people grow and thrive. For example, they help the hungry by offering food, and can assist the developmentally disabled as functioning members of society. Programs also support the growing Hispanic population in Summit County, and services try to prevent homelessness in Akron Ohio.

Emergency assistance is administered by Catholic Charities, and it can provide qualified Summit County families with short-term material and financial assistance. Funds can assist families with housing expenses, utilities, rent and food. It can also provide people the means to secure resources to promote self-sufficiency. Limited funds are available as part of this emergency program and clients must meet certain income and other requirements for distribution.




Individuals and families with minimal financial resources and limited incomes often have complicated issues which may have caused their hardship, and sometimes they do not know how to address their problems. While some people may be dealing with an unusual, short-term crisis situation such as a job loss or medical emergency, other Catholic Charity clients may be trying to overcome poverty that has gone back for generations in their family. The Basic Needs Services are designed to provide the family with short-term financial assistance, regardless of an applicant’s religion, age, or race. Also work with a case manager to try to become self- sufficient over the mid to long term.

The food pantry can assists needy families and provide them basic food and nutritional needs. This resource is in high demand, so people can only apply at most once per month. The pantry is only open limited hours (Tuesday to Thursday) and applicants need to call for an appointment.





In addition to groceries and food boxes from the Catholic Charity pantry, they also prepare and distribute hot meals. People are provided for free a couple times per week to individuals and families who need help. Meals may be distributed from Frey Hall at Most Blessed Trinity Parish (fka as St. Martha’s Parish) 300 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron or Dowed Hall at Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Parish (fka as Annunciation Parish) 87 Broad St., East Akron.

Outreach for Hispanics is offered in Summit County. Catholic Charities can help people overcome economic, language, cultural, and legal barriers that limit their ability to receive support and much needed services in our country. For example, there is a lack of bilingual doctors or mental health professionals at the local area hospitals. There is a lack of pantries that focus on their dietary needs. The limited amounts of these bilingual and culturally sensitive services makes it very difficult for newcomers to our country, including Hispanics, to obtain basic human services.

The Catholic Charities Community Services Hispanic Outreach Program may be able to help the growing Hispanic population in Akron and Summit County. The program will provide the Hispanic population with the venue to learn about and have access to the various community services. They will gain better access to local non-profits and government organizations. Services will help clients become better educated about the cultural and financial issues of the Hispanic people.

As part of the emergency services, a client will be assigned to a caseworker, who can provide one or more of the following services.

  • Get referred to state of Ohio and federal government, human, and social services and coordinate services.
  • Assistance with enrolling children and teenagers in school.
  • Social workers can facilitate organizational development and employment opportunities for the Hispanic community of Summit County.
  • Transportation assistance and rides can be arranged. There is everything from bus passes to gasoline for work.
  • Coordination of job training and employment programs from Catholic Charities.
  • Get information and referrals.
  • Catholic Charity case managers can provide guidance and support in daily living for basic needs, rent, housing, utilities, furniture, food, and clothing.
  • Receive free or low cost interpretation and translation services with medical providers, agencies, criminal justice system, mental health professionals, and doctors.



By Jon McNamara

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