Memphis assistance programs.

The services listed below are specific for the city of Memphis. Find numerous additional resources that cover Shelby County, and that Memphis residents can also take advantage of.

Help with rent and housing

The Tennessee state government has announced that Memphis will receive over $3 million from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The funds will be used to provide housing assistance, help with rent, security deposits, and utility bills. The goal is to help help families who fall into homelessness find new housing, and also to ideally prevent them from becoming homeless in the first place. The funding for the city of Memphis is being provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which is the government stimulus program, to help families and persons and whop may be facing a sudden financial crisis that could lead to homelessness.

Unfortunately, Memphis Tennessee is one of the hardest hit areas in the country as a result of the foreclosure crisis and these federal government stimulus funds are going to make a real difference for those families who may be facing the devastating prospect of losing their home and possibly even having to live in a shelter — or much worse, living on the streets.

The funds can provide help with paying rent for up to 18 months, security deposits, as well as help with energy bills. Contact Partners for the Homeless at 901-260-4663.

Help for bills

An organization that can help people, regardless of religion, is Jewish Family Services. Counselors and social workers that are part of this organization provide a wide range of resources and services to people in need of help including financial assistance, counseling, adoption, family life education, elder support services and emergency assistance for bills. Call them at (901) 767-8511.





Job training and career development

The Memphis Urban League ((901) 272-2491) has several programs to help people find a job, and also develop their current skills. These resources include computer training, which will provide people the technical skills they need to be successful. They also run the Workforce & Economic Development program, which was designed to address the employment needs of two major constituencies in Memphis. Help is provided to skilled workers who are seeking assistance in securing job opportunities and employers can also take advantage of the program, and employers who need qualified applicants to fill job vacancies within the Memphis metropolitan statistical area can contact the Urban League.

Non-financial assistance, food, and more in Memphis

Some of the other non-profits to call for help in the Memphis Tennessee area for food, clothing, or other aid include Memphis Community Services Agency (North Main Street (901) 545-4274), the Salvation Army (696 Jackson Avenue(901) 543-8586), and the Mid-South Food Bank (901-527-0841). In addition, read more Memphis food banks.

Other Shelby County programs

This listing focuses on Memphis, how ever find numerous other Shelby County assistance programs.




By Jon McNamara

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