Memphis non-profit credit counseling.

Non-profits in Memphis, Shelby County, and surrounding areas can provide debt assistance to individuals and families. The credit counseling agencies administer a number of services, including foreclosure prevention, mediation services, and debt management plans (DMP). Those are just a few examples of the assistance programs available, and most centers offer other services.

Programs are in place for paying all different types of debts, including medical, credit card, personal loans and even your home mortgage payment. Credit counselors will sit down with you and review various steps to take in order to get back on track. When needed, a specialist may be even able to call up and deal directly with your bank, lender, or credit card company on your behalf.

Many of the Memphis non-profit organizations are also HUD certified foreclosure counseling centers. This means that you can speak to a specialist who can focus on foreclosure prevention. They can advise you programs that are available from the federal government, state of Tennessee, and even so called private programs, which can be resources offered by lenders such as Chase or Bank of America.

Most of these debt reduction and foreclosure prevention services are offered for free, if your income is low enough. Otherwise the programs may have a minimal fee.

Memphis Consumer Credit Counseling Service
2400 Poplar Avenue Suite 445
Memphis, Tennessee 38112
Dial (901) 323-4909
This non-profit can help you review your credit report, improve scores, and they also offer debt reduction programs. One of the primary resources they offer is a Debt Management Plan, or DMP, which is a program that consumers can sign up for on a voluntary basis, and it can help them repay any outstanding loans or  debts. The counselor from the Memphis agency will develop a proposed plan for the repayment of unsecured debts, including payday loans, credit cards, and medical bills. If successful, the process could take from 3 to 5 years.





Specialists will provide information and/or free counseling to help Memphis Tennessee consumers understand and manage their finances. Learn about your tax obligations, and receive tips and suggestions on the best ways to pay your bills, including your taxes. Other resources can help families make informed credit and purchasing decisions.

Almost any service offered by a non-profit organization is intended to protect the consumer from unfair or fraudulent credit practices through enforcement of legislation that guarantees equal access to credit.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service - Bartlett
Main address is 2855 Stage Village Cv # 5
Memphis, Tennessee 38134
Call (901) 383-2193
A federal government certified consumer credit counselor from this agency can provide free or low cost confidential advice about money management, credit, and budgeting. The counselor will meet with you to review your income, expenses, total assets and unpaid debts. They will then help you create an action plan to reduce your expenses and pay down your debts and loans. The organization can also help homeowners in Tipton, Fayette, and Shelby County with mortgage delinquencies.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service - Southaven
7075 Golden Oaks Loop W #12
Southaven, MS 38671
Telephone (662) 536-4931
The organization can review your credit reports, work with Fayette area families on improving credit scores, and more.





TN Opportunity Programs - Credit Counseling
437 Nissan Dr., Suite 502
Smyrna, TN 37167
Call (615) 459-3600 for intake
The center offers pre-bankruptcy filing counseling, budget and credit counseling, and debt reduction services. The counselor from the non-profit will work closely with the client to develop a thorough budget analysis and plan for the go forward. Other services offered include debt management; Financial and Housing Counseling.

Memphis Consumer Credit Education Association
Address is 1661 Aaron Brenner Dr #201
Memphis, Tennessee 38120
Telephone number is 321-6700
Mostly focuses on housing, foreclosure counseling, and first time homeownership buying. Specialists and highly trained volunteers can help people resolve potential credit problems, obtain a mortgage loan with advantageous interest rates, analyze specific home purchase offers, provide free foreclosure prevention, and help someone achieve an affordable monthly payment. Also learn about refinance options and reverse mortgages for seniors.




By Jon McNamara

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