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Free health insurance plans and medical care in Tennessee.

There are free health insurance plans in Tennessee for the low-income and disabled as well as medical care for patients who are underinsured. Families who lack health or dental insurance , or that have limited coverage, can look into several different programs. Find where and how to get free or low cost health insurance in TN as well as other medical services below.

The type of services offered to patients in Tennessee are extensive. Some individuals can receive medications, checkups, free health insurance plans or other aid. Children, seniors, infants, and pregnant women are always a focus. There are also free eye exams, basic free dental insurance, and help for disabled people as well as senior citizens who have a low or fixed income.

The funding for these programs comes from a variety of sources. The federal government will provide some as part of Medicaid block grants, or TennCare. Non-profits, including local community clinics in the state, also contribute as well as the state of Tennessee. If funding is not available, or if there is a long waiting list, then ask about referrals as well.

Tens of thousands of families in Tennessee lack proper health insurance coverage or they are completely uninsured. Some or all of these programs have helped many people receive the medical care or low cost - free health insurance they need.

Free dental and health care programs and insurance for uninsured families in TN

CoverKids is a government sponsored free healthcare plan for children age 18 and under. It is a part of CHIP insurance, which is also Medicaid and TennCare. Assistance is also offered for pregnant women, even teenagers. It is provided as free and fully comprehensive services, and it is even offered for people whose income is too high for TennCare, which is also regular Medicaid.

A standard version of TennCare is offered. This is the state’s health care program for children from uninsured families. It is only offered for people who are no longer eligible for the federal government Medicaid program. Children need to also be under the age of 19.  Some minimal fees, co-pays, and bills may be due from patients. The care provided in very extensive, and includes medications, emergency room services, checkups, dental and free vision care. Dial 866-311-4287 or 866-620-8864 to learn more about this Tennessee resource.




Prescription coverage is offered from CoverRX, and this may be an option for the uninsured and/or low-income in TN. There is financial assistance for residents who lack prescription insurance coverage on their plans. Or it cover people living in poverty. Hundreds of medications may be offered, including certain mental health drugs, diabetic supplies, and insulin. Telephone number is 888-560-2649, or find additional prescription medications for the uninsured.

Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening Program will offer pap tests, exams, and mammograms free of charge to qualified women in Tennessee. Referrals to specialists at clinics or hospitals may be provided if needed as well as free medical care, including to women who lack insurance. Call 877-969-6636.

A Drug Assistance Program is offered for HIV and AIDs patients, and is referred to as “Ryan White”. It will help people pay for and purchase any needed medications. A second component can also assist those state residents who have HIV/AIDS by offering help for paying health insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles that people incur. Last, the Ryan White Part B - Medical Services Program can coordinate and provide for procedures directly or indirectly associated with HIV/AIDS and its related illnesses for uninsured, eligible residents. Phone 800-525-2437

TDAP, or the Tennessee Telecommunications Devices Access Program, can give free devices to persons who have a disability, senior citizens or some form of handicap. The state and this non-profit can distribute items to persons who have a disability. The objective is to ensure people can effectively use basic telephone service in the future effectively without the use of an assistive device. If you are qualified, then only one assistive device per household will be awarded, and this is technically a loan program. Call 800-342-8359

Insulin is provided to the uninsured as well. Cover RX in Tennessee is one option (as noted above), but there are other assistance programs out there, including free supplies, from pharmaceutical companies or the government. Find a list of ways to get free insulin.





Disabled kids can get free homecare and medical from the Katie Beckett Program. The goal is to help children with a physical or mental illness stay in their home, and if the family is uninsured, this program will help. Get free transportation, caregiving assistance, outpatient care, hospital bill help and more. Low-income, uninsured single people or families in TN with a disabled child can apply by dialing 855-259-0701 or 800-342-3145.

TennCare is the state’s version of free health insurance known as Medicaid. It will provide comprehensive medical and health care coverage for unemployed, gig workers as well as qualified low income residents of Tennessee. It is offered in partnership with community clinics. It will provide free basic medical or dental services for eligible families and individuals. The program provides primary and preventive care, however funding is limited by the state and there are only certain enrollment windows.

Some of the guidelines in place include income limits need to be met, the applicant needs to be a single parent (or caregiver), two parent families with minor child, pregnant, or they need to be receiving SSI. Beneficiaries have a few different plans to choose from with different fee and coverage structures in place. This free health insurance is also for those denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions and who are currently uninsured Learn more on Medicaid and the TennCare phone number is 866-311-4287, or find a list of community clinics for the uninsured.

The Free Tennessee Program for All-Inclusive Care for Elderly is paid for by the Medicare/Medicaid program. The service, known as PACE, allows senior citizens to live at home. The government health insurance / medical plan pays some or all of the bills, addresses home pronunciations, care giving for the uninsured, and comes with other benefits. Read more on Program for All-Inclusive Care for Elderly, or dial 877-224-0219.

TENNder Care provides free checkups and health care services for infants, children who have TennCare. The state will pay for immunizations, medical and dental checkups, behavioral health services, vision/hearing screening, lab tests, and more as part of this free state of Tennessee health insurance plan. Telephone - 800-342-3145

TennCare Standard is another free health insurance plan for kids, teens and young adults of households living in poverty and/or the working poor, including single moms. The government insurance is a combination of CHIP as well as Medicaid - TennCare. There are free eye exams, physicals, basic dental checkups, emergency ambulance and more. Call 800-342-3145





As with most states, Tennessee offers free vaccines for children from uninsured households. Aid is offered through community clinics. A number of diseases are addressed. Call 615-532-8513 for details.


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