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How to get prescription drugs without insurance.

Find how families can save money on their prescription drugs by not using their health insurance plan. Or if the patient is uninsured, has no money or lacks a comprehensive insurance policy, there are still steps that can be taken that will allow the person to obtain any prescription medications they need, often at a very low price. Learn how to get medications or prescriptions without insurance..

There are really three different scenarios here when it comes to getting medications without insurance. While they differ in some ways, the solutions are still the same. So it does not matter which “bucket” someone falls into. The three instances in which an individual may want to buy prescription drugs include the following:

(1) Is the patient lacks insurance, or their plan does not cover the medications they need.

(2) The fact is some prescription drugs (mainly generics) will cost less money even if the patient is insured, so this allows the person to save money.

(3) The cost to pay for the medication is prohibitive, and the patient needs a cheaper alternative to get the drugs they need.

The solutions available for all of the situations are the same though. They involve using third party companies, discount cards, price comparison sites, online pharmacies, or payment plans. Whether insured or not, there are still ways to get the prescriptions you or your family needs, often at an affordable price, either without insurance or by bypassing the plan that is in place.

Programs to help pay for medications, whether insured or not

Studies show that using one or more of these services will help shoppers save money on both brand as well as generic drugs. Even if someone has health insurance, they can still save. It is estimated that the cost of up to 40% of the prescription drugs on the market will be lower using a resource below. This is true whether the patient has health insurance or not.

One company that negotiates prices directly with pharmaceutical companies is Blink Health. This in effect means the organization is a “quasi” insurance company or pharmacy benefit manager as they are dealing directly with manufactures of the prescription drugs. They operate in similar fashion as those companies.




The team at Blink negotiates directly with pharmaceutical companies to get the cheapest price possible. While they mostly focus on offering generic prescription medications, there may be some name brand drugs too. The cost savings they negotiate, which can range from 10 to 95% (in extreme cases!) are passed on to patients whether they have insurance or not. Read more on Blink Health.

GoodRx works a little differently. They are more of a price comparison service in that they search local pharmacies, stores such as Wal-Mart or CVS, and others for the lowest price in the marketplace. The service is free to use, and families without health insurance can save money just by logging in and finding the lowest price in their town or city.

In addition to the comparison survives, GoodRx has free coupons that shoppers can use. They can be presented for redemption at tens of thousands of pharmacies nationwide. The coupons can be printed at home, send to a mobile device, or accessed directly on the website. These too are available for households that lack health insurance or that have it; anyone can print them up. Find more details on GoodRx assistance programs.

Cost Plus Drug Company is a discount, online pharmacy that allows people, including those with no insurance, to save up to 90% on their meds. They also sell other products, including OTC medications, sleep aids, insulin, cough syrup and many other health care products. The company buys products in bulk, directly from manufacturers, and the savings are passed to patients. More on Cost Plus Drug Company savings.

In some cases, free clinics may offer medications. If they do, it will mostly be generics and the quantity will be limited. However the prescription drugs can still make a difference for a patient without insurance. Find how clinics provide free medical care or prescriptions.

How patients without insurance can use Websites and coupons

There are other effective methods that can be used in addition to BlinkHealth, Sot Plus and GoodRx. They include third party websites, coupons for other sources, and even just focusing on buying only generic drugs from Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, and thousands of other pharmacies. All of them will help uninsured patients save money on their medications.





A number of third-party websites exist that do everything from compare prices to provide applications to prescription assistance programs and more. Each of them offers a different free service for shoppers. Find websites to find free prescription drug medications, that people without health insurance can use too.

Individuals without health insurance can print up free prescription drug coupons. There are many places to get these from, and this will be in addition to those from GoodRX. A number of companies, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies offer coupons to patients. The coupons can generally be redeemed at a local pharmacy, and mostly allow patients without health insurance to get generic medications.

Non-profits, local government, stores, and internet companies offer prescription drug discount cards too. They can be used by the uninsured, families with no or high cost health insurance or really anyone looking to save money. Tens of thousands of pharmacies as well as stores across the US accept them, and savings are available for generic and brand name drugs. More on discount cards for prescription drugs.How to get prescriptions without insurance

Another option for people without insurance is to just buy generic medications. They cost a fraction of name brand. Of course, they should be used be anyone with health insurance or not. Generics will tend to be just as effective as name brand. However, the patient should always check with their doctor or pharmacist first, just to double check. Almost all pharmaceutical companies have some type of low cost generic medication program.

Using one or more of these methods, a patient without insurance can save 10% to as indicated up to 90% on their prescription drug costs. For anyone with health insurance, they too can often too save money, though the cost is more variable.


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By Jon McNamara


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