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Assistance programs El Paso County Texas.

Find financial assistance or free stuff or low income families in El Paso TX. Learn how to get free food, dental or health care from a clinic, grant money to pay rent or electric bills, gas vouchers, and much more. The assistance is available from churches, charities, and government assistance programs, with most of the information provided in Spanish too. Get financial help near you in El Paso County TX.

There is also free stuff and government grants in both the city as well as county of El Paso Texas. Legal aid can help with housing discrimination, there is free school supplies to help students gain an education, grants from the government to help pay bills, and free Christmas gifts too. Other services include transportation, immigration support and more.

Financial assistance programs in El Paso County for paying bills

Get help with rent and housing expenses from multiple sources. The county will generally receive grant funds from the federal government. The money will be used to help people pay rent, utility bills, security deposits, and really prevent residents from being evicted from their homes as well as apartments. The funds are part of a federal government homeless prevention program.

Low to moderate income families and individuals who are facing eviction can get their rent and utilities paid for in full for three months using government grants. In some cases they can have those bills partly paid for up 15 more months. So the total government grant assistance that is provided can be equivalent to 18 months of housing expenses. Find details on government grants.

It is widely recognized that is is far more effective, and less costly, to provide people with help before they lose their homes. If someone is homeless, it is much more challenging, and expensive, to get them back on the feet and into a home. That is why this assistance program was created. The idea is to provide short term emergency help and then wean recipients off the program as people get reestablished.

El Paso based TVP Non-profit Corp. is administering the program. Call them at 915-887-0899, or find other rental assistance programs for low income tenants.




Some of the other non-profit agencies in El Paso that provide help with numerous expenses, including rent, mortgage, utility bills, prescriptions, and more include the following below. Or they give out free goods, including food, furniture, legal aid and other services. El Paso County General Assistance is an option. This agency provides emergency financial assistance and cash grants for paying rent, mortgage, utilities, prescription medications, offers free food and other basic living necessities and expenses. Call (915)546-8150, or read more on cash assistance in Texas.

El Paso Community Action Program, Project BRAVO - This local community action agency also offer numerous assistance programs and information to low income individuals. Housing counseling is offered, and this program provides free advice and financial assistance to individuals and clients who are either undergoing or who are at risk of rental delinquency or mortgage default or foreclosure counseling. Other services provided by the El Paso community action agency include: housing consumer education, debt advice and reduction services, and pre-purchase counseling. No income guidelines apply in order to receive aid.

  • To continue other programs offered be the El Paso community action agency include the Patient Assistance Program (PAP). This service was created to address the need for health care services and free medications. The PAP program helps patients and low income individuals obtain, complete and submit applications to the drug manufacture companies that provide free and reduced medications to qualified patients, diabetic supplies, smoking cessation inhalers, and nutritional supplement drinks. Learn more on patient assistance programs.
  • Last but not least the agency offers numerous utility and cooling bill assistance programs. They include weatherization, appliance replacements, and the CEAP Heating & Cooling Program, which provides cash grants.
  • The non-profit, HUD certified agency administers other emergency help to, including cash assistance for rent, eviction prevention services, and security deposits. Or get information on El Paso Texas food pantries or federal government programs such as weatherization. Loans for home repairs or other housing needs may be arranged too, including for senior citizens.
  • Education programs, including ESL courses, tutoring, and support for immigrants or migrant workers coming to El Paso is offered. There are free classes to help people learn English, including reading and writing. More on a free ESL class.

Call the El Paso Community Action Program, Project BRAVO at (915) 562-4100.  If funds are not offered, then referrals will be given. Read more on Project BRAVO El Paso Community Action Program.





International AIDS Empowerment – The agency runs HOPWA Housing Opportunities in El Paso County. This is a federal government program for HIV patients (and their families) that offers them either cash assistance or loans for needs such as rent, mortgage, security deposits or utilities. It also coordinates medical care, food, and other support. 915-590-2118

YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region offers financial help to veterans and referrals to others. Funds can pay for car repairs, water, electric and gas bills. Those facing eviction or disconnection can receive emergency rent or utility bill assistance. Debt reduction and credit counseling is available too. 1600 Brown St, El Paso, Texas 79902. Telephone - 915-533-7475

Cash loans, money wires or transfers, check cashing and other financial services are available. Lenders and non-profits provide emergency funds in the community. Immigrants and individuals from Mexico often benefit as well. Cash can pay for ESL classes, documentation, security deposits or rent, and many other bills. Locate loans in El Paso County Texas.

The Salvation Army of El Paso (915) 544-9811 may also be able to assist. From time to time they will have funding available to provide assistance for people facing an emergency or crisis. For example, money may be available to help pay back rent or an utility bills. They also have an on site food pantry, and other resources at their disposal that they can offer. Seasonal services include free Christmas toys, holiday food, Easter baskets, and school supply giveaways. Read more on Salvation Army programs in El Paso Texas.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – A listing of the resources offered includes a Free Food Bank, Clothing and Furniture Closet, and help is offered for the Purchase of Medication for ill/sick. The agency may assist with a partial payment of a residents monthly rent or security deposits. The faith based group will also provide food, funds to pay utility bills, prescription medications, and transportation. Also get information and referral to other agencies and charities. 2709 Alabama, El Paso, Texas 79930, phone (915)545-4234, or continue reading on El Paso Texas Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Summer cooling assistance - Many families in El Paso Texas struggle with paying their utilities during the summer, so non-profit agencies, churches, and government programs are all available to help. Programs and resources available to help deal with the heat include free fans, air conditioners, emergency financial aid, and weatherization. More on El Paso air conditioning and cooling bill help.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Similar to above, this church can also offer rent assistance, money for utilities, food, clothing, medications, and a number of other assistance programs. 131 S. Zaragosa, El Paso, TX 79907, dial (915)545-4223




St. Thomas Aquinas – Call them to apply for rent, utility, food, clothing assistance programs. 10970 Bywood Dr., El Paso, Texas 79935, dial (915)592-1313

Community and Family Services - This is one of the leading government and social service assistance agencies to call for help in El Paso County Texas. They administer an extensive array of financial assistance programs for the low income, seniors, and less fortunate. Cash can be used to pay electric bills, food, rent and mortgage expenses, and other bills. Find more El Paso emergency assistance.

St. Vincent De Paul, offers several financial resources and programs. They include food boxes to feed the family. Or apply for low-income, rent help, and money for paying electric bills. Assistance with housing or rental payments is offered as funding allows. If you do apply and are found to be qualified, help will be provided only once every 2 years, so use the program sparingly.

On the other hand, assistance for paying gas, electric, and water bills is available only once every year. Please contact the agency to learn more or to apply. The SVDP in El Paso County also has a food pantry on site. Families need food for many reason. For example, high fuel costs and expensive housing are making it difficult for families to make ends meet, and millions of people across the country are turning to agencies for food assistance.

The churches below can all offer one or more of the following. The specifics will depend on the church and your circumstances, so call for more information. They may have free food, clothing, medications, and a thrift store. From time to time limited funds to help people pay their rent or utilities may be offered too.

  • Blessed Sacrament Church, 9025 Diana, El Paso, Texas 79904, call (915)545-4005
  • Christ the Saviors, 5301 Wadsworth, El Paso, TX 79924, telephone (915)545-4079
  • La Puricima Socorro Mission, 238 Nevarez Road, El Paso, Texas 79927, (915)859-7939
  • Sacred Heart Church, 610 S. Oregon Street, El Paso, TX 79901, (915)532-5447
  • Mother Cabrini, 12200 Vista Del Sol, El Paso, Texas 79936, dial (915)545-4217
  • Saint Mark, 11700 Pebble Hills Blvd., El Paso, Texas 79936, dial (915)545-4252
  • St. Frances Xavier Mother Cabrini, 12200 Vista del Sol, El Paso, TX 79936, (915)857-1263
  • St. Patrick, Canutillo, 7045 2nd St, Canutillo, TX 79835, (915)545-4278
  • St. Raphl, 2301 Zanzibar Rd., El Paso, TX 79925, (915)598-3431
  • St. Stephen, 1700 George Dieter, El Paso, TX 79936, phone number (915)855-1661
  • Diocese of El Paso - Call them at (915) 832-0447.
  • Find additional locations and details on Saint Vincent de Paul assistance programs in El Paso County.

Non-profit rent assistance - Find the addressees and phone number of various agencies that offer rent help in El Paso Texas County. A number of organizations and churches can help people avoid an eviction by offering emergency funds. In addition, they coordinate government housing programs and also offer programs to get the homeless into new homes or apartments. Find El Paso Texas rental agencies and programs.

ACS Army Community Service offers assistance, including information on government programs, for soldiers, veterans and their immediate family members. Address is 478 Sappner RD, Fort Bliss, Texas, 79916, call 915-744-2559.

Aliviane Inc. also targets veterans facing homelessness. Outreach, referrals, funds for moving deposits or paying back rent and other aid is available. 616 N Virginia St, El Paso, Texas 79902, call 915-533-3132

Free legal aid or lawyers can help low income families in El Paso Texas. There is also immigration services, charities as well as programs that help with amnesty, applications for government benefits, and so much more. Lawyers and paralegals provide assistance. Locate how to find free lawyers.

The Rescue Mission of El Paso Texas is a leading social service non-profit group. They offer shelter and transitional housing, including a cold weather center. Free meals and basic medical checkups may be organized. Or get information on public aid and other local and national assistance programs. Address is 1949 W Paisano dr, El Paso, TX 79922. Main phone 915-532-2575

Catholic Charities churches in El Paso help the poor, asylum seekers, immigrants and others. Whether it is help acclimating, low cost or free legal aid, or free food, a hot meal, or housing resources, the charity tries to assist. A number of services are offered. Continue with Catholic Charities assistance programs El Paso County TX.







Low income housing - Non-profits and government agencies can help El Paso Texas families. Programs can coordinate short term transitional housing units, case management, and even emergency shelter. Resources may be offered for single parents, veterans, immigrants, and the recently evicted or those who are behind on their rent. Receive case management and other support. Continue transitional housing in El Paso County.

Village of Vinton only support the immediate city. Staff who work for the city can help people find a place to live. In addition, the center provides emergency rental assistance and security deposits for a maximum of 2 years. For people who enroll they also need to sign up for a self-sufficiency program. 915-886-5104

Free clothes, furniture and stuff - Assistance is available for so called everyday living and basic needs. This include free clothes, computers for adults or students, furniture, household goods, school supplies and more. Both free items or vouchers are offered.

Several non-profits and churches in El Paso County run clothing closets, furniture banks and thrift stores. This is help for low income families and the less fortunate.  Vouchers, household goods and other support is available, maybe even financial aid for paying bills. More El Paso Texas free clothing closet, furniture and school supplies.

  • Students can get free back to school supplies during the summer or fall months. Several charities and stories, including Wal-Mart, help low income families and immigrants. Get backpacks, laptops, school uniforms, clothes and other items. More on free school supply programs El Paso County TX.

Project Vida supports all of El Paso County. Low income residents may receive rent help. 915-533-7057

International AIDS Empowerment offers support for people with HIV/AIDs. The non-profit administers a homeless prevention program providing emergency financial assistance for housing and other needs. They also run the federal government HOPWA Housing Opportunities for People program, which offer financial aid case management, and more. 800 Montana AVE, El Paso, TX 79902, 915-590-2118

El Paso County Human Services can direct low income families to government benefits. There are different  programs available, but all of them will emphasize long term self-sufficiency, and in particular employment.

Residents of the county can receive help in acquiring food from WIC or the federal funded SNAP food stamp programs. Cash grants may be issued in El Paso from TANF or the disabled can explore SSI disability. Those are just a few examples, and there are others. Read El Paso County public assistance.

Free assistance is available at the holidays. Families with children, the homeless, and senior citizens can often receive help, provided they meet low income conditions and that resources are available. Some examples of what may provided are as follows.

  • Free toy give aways may have games, books, bikes, and small gifts among other items.
  • Meals are served by El Paso Texas charities, both at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Find a listing of non-profits to try for help. Read more El Paso Texas free holiday programs.

El Paso Department of Community and Human Development coordinates homeless prevention in the county and city. Based on federal and state of Texas funding, resources available include short term rent help, placement into shelters, legal support, and rehousing. Federal grants fund these services, and locate eviction help in El Paso County.





Free food and pantries in El Paso

Contact any of the local churches, pantries, or distribution centers for free food, groceries, or vouchers. Paso Del Norte Food Bank ((915)544-5592)

Trinity First U.M.C. - Qualified low income, working poor, and/or unemployed clients receive up to two weeks of free food and groceries when they visit the center. (Dial (915)-533-2674)

Visitors Chapel A.M.E. Church, which can be reached at (915)565-2370, provides discounted groceries to qualified individuals.

There are many other non-profits as well as churches to turn to for assistance. Or low income families can apply for public aid, such as SNAP food stamps or USDA support. Find more free food pantries in El Paso Texas, and find information on the services they administer.

Mortgage, debt, free legal and credit counseling

El Paso Affordable Housing - This is a non-profit agency that provides one- on- one housing counseling, financial education and advice, debt assistance, and other services to area homeowners. (915)838-9608, or learn about starting a debt management plan.

Non-profit law firms and attorneys in the county can also help people deal with these issues. For example, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid is a non-profit law in which attorneys will work closely with residents and homeowners.  The firm provides high quality. free legal assistance and related educational and support services for a wide variety of needs. Receive Mortgage Foreclosures Assistance and Counseling, Help with Consumer Debt Issues and Predatory Lending, Information on Texas Foreclosure Prevention Programs, as well as advice on how to deal with debt collectors. Call the law firm at (915)585-5100.

Non-profit credit counseling - The El Paso and western Texas region is supported by several other credit counseling agencies, many of which are non-profit. If you need help improving your credit scores, paying off debts and loans, or need free foreclosure help, then these are some of the leading organization to call. More on credit counseling El Paso organizations.

Low cost or free community health care clinics

If you can’t afford to pay for your medical bills, Centro San Vincent (CSV) family health center is a federally funded nonprofit community health center located in El Paso Texas. CSV provides patients with a comprehensive range of health care services that ensure high quality, compassionate, accessible healthcare and peace of mind in an atmosphere of respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity. No people will be turned away, and all services provided are free if you can’t pay. Call them at (915) 859-7545. Click here to find other ways to get free health care.

Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe Inc. - This community clinic provides Adult Medical Services, X-ray, pharmacy and medications, WIC, Lab, Adult Dental Care, Parental, and Social Services. Call (915)545-4550.

Another community clinic in the El Paso area is Project Vida Health Center. Their services are based on a sliding scale that is determined on household income and family size. The clinic provides general check ups, physical exams, referrals, prescription drug medications, and follow-ups for patients. In addition, Project Vida also has a daycare for low income families, they offer after school program, housing economic development, and homeless prevention and recovery programs. Call (915)-533-7057 for more information or an appointment.





Other options include Montwood Medical Centers ((915)855-8550) as well as Sun City Medical (915-562-4246). Or click here for additional information on how to apply for medical bill help.

El Paso County Texas is also served my many other government qualified clinics and free health care centers. They can provide physicals, medications, dental care, specialized services, and other forms of medical care to the low income and uninsured. Find a listing of El Paso County free community clinics, including information on the programs they administer and phone numbers to call to apply for help.

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