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Assistance programs Delaware County Pennsylvania.

There are dozens of charities, churches, and government assistance programs that offer financial help to low-income families in Delaware County PA. Get funds to pay rent or a security deposit, money for paying utility or light bills, free food, gas vouchers and more. Locate financial assistance near you in Delaware County Pennsylvania, including Chester and Upper Darby.

Also find how to apply for job programs, disability, transportation assistance, or get free groceries or a car to get to a job. There are also free school and educational supplies for students as well as free clothes or Christmas gifts. Many other forms of support, as well as financial assistance or mortgage relief payment may be offered.

Find community action grants, job placement, and financial help

The Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. (CAADC) has as its primary goal the objective of assisting people and families who have short term difficulties. There may be grants to help pay bill and to also ensure that they have access to programs to help them over the long term.

The community action agency will offer free grant money, rent assistance, food, job training, and in general help individuals move towards economic self-sufficiency. Some of what they offer includes the following, and call them for referrals to other non-profit agency assistance programs.

  • Housing and rental assistance is offered. The rental assistance program that is available by CAADC will provide a one time cash grant to people in Delaware County area who are facing an eviction, families or individuals that are housing insecure, and funds are even available for people who are currently homeless. Qualified households can receive the grant that is to be used for the first month's rent, back rent to avoid an eviction, or a security deposit.
    The average size of the grant provided by this program is generally equal to one month's rent. Funds are also available for people who are currently homeless in the city of chester or nearby communities, and that money is to help them  move into a new residence or apartment.
  • Free food as well as hunger prevention is arranged. For those struggling to provide for their next meal for themselves or their family, food assistance is provided to assist those residents in meeting their basic nutritional needs. Some of the services that are offered include free boxes of groceries, distribution of donated baked products, and referrals to local food pantries.
    The Food Participation Project will also assist and guide Delaware County and Philadelphia area families with enrollment in the SNAP Food Stamp Program. In addition, the agency also offers a feeding program that serves free meals to hundreds of people and every day in Upper Darby.




  • Utility and heating assistance is arranged by CAADC. Receive a grant to pay an energy bill. Or get information and access to resources to help people fix a home, save energy, or lower monthly utility bills. The CAADC organization provides education and free counseling on energy use and cost-saving measures that people can implement. A free usage analysis is completed on someone’s home or apartment which shows when and why their energy costs are high.
    Regarding the immediate financial help to pay the bills, free cash grants are also available to assist families and individuals with the payment of delinquent heating and utility bills and the money can also be used to restore your service if it has been disconnected. This program is available to all customers of PECO Energy Company, Chester Water Authority, as well as Philadelphia Suburban Water Company.
  • Water Conservation measures and save on your water bills from a wide variety of services. The CAADC agency also implements water conservation measures, including such free upgrades as plumbing retrofits in households that are serviced by Chester Water Authority as well as Aqua PA. Read about other ways to get help with water bills.
  • Save money from Weatherization and free In-Home energy conservation upgrades. The Community Action Agency of Delaware County also administers free government funded weatherization services to low and moderate income eligible households as well as seniors or disabled people. Applicants will get free home upgrades that focus on energy conservation measures which can include: attic insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, wall insulation, insulation of hot water tanks, attic ventilation, oil and gas heater repair or replacement, and primary window replacement.
  • CAADC will use the annual government grant funds it receives to offer other support too. Low income families, veterans, and the working poor may be able to get to debt assistance programs. There are also emergency shelters in Delaware County PA, rental assistance, or free cars or gas vouchers for job seekers. Or look into financial literacy education, budgeting programs and employment as well as job training programs.

The agency is located at 1414 Meetinghouse Rd, Boothwyn, PA 19061. Call (610) 833-4442. Contact them to learn more or apply for any program. All of the resources and services referenced above, and more, are available. Continue with Delaware County Community Action Agency financial assistance programs.





Emergency financial help for bills, food or housing in Delaware County

The Salvation Army of Chester runs several programs for Delaware County residents. The services and resources they offer to qualified individuals range from access to a pantry through financial grants. Specifically, the assistance includes:

  • Rent and housing assistance : They offer financial assistance that may be needed to help people maintain their homes or apartments. Get money to pay back rent in Delaware County PA, funds for a mobile home, storage costs and other housing support.
  • Food assistance : Turn to the agency if you need help keeping food on your table. Receive free groceries and even holiday meals.
  • Utility and heating bills : If you are faced with a disconnection of your utilities or water service, the agency can provide limited funding to help keep your service activated. Read more on financial assistance for Pennsylvania utility bills.
  • Other social services include free back to school supplies, possible gasoline vouchers for employment, free Christmas toys or meals from Adopt a Family, disaster relief and more. There are also worship services, free hotel vouchers from the Salvation Army in Delaware County as well as substance abuse treatment.

There are multiple sites. Call the Salvation Army at (610) 874-0423. the address is 151 W 15th St, Chester, PA 19013. Or find more information on Salvation Army assistance in Delaware County.

Office of Adult Services of Delaware County works with community service agencies to administer various resources.  One key offering is the Homeless Services Coalition, which is for those facing eviction, foreclosure and the homeless with no money. What may be offered includes loans or financial aid as a form of emergency rent help, utility bill assistance, or security deposits.

There are also other resources offered, including free stuff or housing. Additional support includes case management, shelter and transitional housing. Or the low-income or elderly in Delaware County PA will get free food, clothing, and other support is offered too. The address is 20 S 69th St., Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 19082, dial (610) 713-2115.

Veterans Multi-Service and Education Center offers the Supportive Service for Veteran Families (SSVF) in Delaware County. Financial help is for very low-income Veterans and their families, and the program will help them access permanent housing.

Financial assistance or grants from SSVF can help with mortgage payments, back rent or utility expenses. Government support will provide financial support to move into a new home, apartment, or housing unit that has no waiting list. Other assistance in Delaware County is low cost child care, transportation, medical bill assistance and referrals. Call (215) 923-2600.

  • Veterans will get help from other agencies too. Project H.O.M.E. is another local non-profit that administers the SSVF. It offers every referenced above. (215) 232-7272.

Delaware County Assistance Offices helps the poor, unemployed, low-income and people in poverty. There are applications to government assistance programs or public benefits. They also help senior citizens and those on disability - SSI. The office was formally known as the Delaware County of PA Department of Public Welfare

  • Low-income energy bill help - To sign up for LIHEAP or learn about heating and utility bill assistance programs, contact Delaware County Assistance Offices at 701 Crosby St A, Chester, PA 19013. This resource helps low income, seniors, and working poor people pay their heating bills through home heating energy assistance funds
  • SNAP food stamps or EBT in Delaware County - The office processes applications to SNAP, emergency food stamps and EBT cards.
  • Single mothers will get help - The office helps single moms or dads get emergency relief. Financial aid, clothes for kids, health care and other support. Locate immediate assistance for single mothers.
  • Medical and dental care - The low-income and people with no money can apply for Medicaid, CHIP insurance for kids or Medicare insurance.
  • Human Services - The county will also work with your landlord to maximize your chances for staying in your rented home or apartment. Case managers will also try helping move you out of shelter into an affordable apartment.





This government organization may also have information on other government aid such as food stamps or affordable day care programs, including Head Start. Look into various cash assistance resources. Call 610.447.5500.

Catholic Social Services, Southeastern Pennsylvania can provide assistance to people of all religions, provided they meet conditions. There is also help for women facing DV, immigrants, and single moms in the region.

Receive a free, confidential meeting with a case manager or social worker to go over the situation and develop a plan. Apply for limited financial assistance towards mortgage or rent, based on funding. Or get free legal aid from volunteer lawyers, furniture for a home or apartment, and other support. Some money may be offered for utility or heating bills. The social worker will also provide ongoing advocacy. 130 E 7th St, Chester, Pennsylvania, 19013. Call (610) 876 - 7101

Counseling from Center in the Park – Staff offer referrals and support. This can help with needs such as SSDI disability Social Security concerns, PACE applications, housing issues and repairs, and the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program. They also help seniors or the homebound in Chester and Upper Darby apply for Meals on Wheels or a ride to the doctor. Dial (215) 848 – 7722.

Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County runs safe homeless shelters and transitional housing. Other support services for domestic abuse victims includes relocation assistance and referrals to free legal aid. The center is at 14 W 2nd St, Media, Pennsylvania, 19063, call (610) 565-6272. Another location is in Chester. Dial (610) 497-6737.

Emergency rent assistance and homeless prevention - Churches, non-profits, and government sponsored agencies operate across the greater Delaware County Pennsylvania area. Cash grants and financial assistance may be available to low income families to help them pay their rent if they are faced with an eviction or homelessness. Priority is usually given to families with children, the elderly, and the disabled. Click here for more details on emergency rental assistance in Delaware County.

Free food - People throughout the Delaware county PA  region can stop by or call their local food pantry or soup kitchen for help. Dozens of centers, food banks, and charities distribute assistance to the low-income and poor every day. Food, meals, groceries, and other aid is offered. Continue with Delaware County Pennsylvania free food pantries.

  • Many of the food pantries, soup kitchens and other charities also offer free workshops on shopping to save money as well as eat healthy. As low income families often live in food insecure areas, so these non-profits may help. Find grocery saving apps.







Free dental and health care services

ChesPenn Health Services (call 610-485-3800) offers all people, regardless of their ability to pay, comprehensive family health and dental care. The free community clinic will help adults, seniors and children in the area. They also run an in-house pharmacy, provide access to Social Services, provide general check ups, and a wide variety of other medical services to low income and people with no or poor health coverage. The address is 2600 W 9th St, Chester, PA 19013.

Clinics, free volunteer dentists, and other charities (including federal government qualified centers) also provide free preventative as well as emergency dental care. Both the low income as well as uninsured can get care. There is also free medical or dental cleanings for people with no money in Delaware County PA or patients on Medicaid. Some services may be income based, but most is offered at no cost. Find free dental care from clinics in Pennsylvania.

To learn about other local clinics, contact Delaware Valley Community Health Network, Inc. The organization is made up of a group of local, federally funded health centers and community clinics. The non-profits as well as charities provide a variety of comprehensive health and medical services. Individuals and families with or without medical health insurance may apply for care and assistance. There is a sliding scale fee for uninsured applicants, based on the patients income. Dial (215) 684-5344 to learn about clinics and doctors in your area of Delaware County.

Lions Club of Delaware Valley - This agency assists low-income, elderly or disabled individuals with eyeglasses. It can coordinate both eye exams and well as distribute free eye ware. Occasionally may have hearing tests and aids as well. Call 215.563.1679

Dentists and clinics provide free care to people on Medicaid. A wide variety of services are offered, ranging from exams to extractions, dentures, lab work, cleanings for adults or kids and more. A number of Medicaid approved dental practices are available, and find a dentist near you that accepts Medicaid.

Free child care assistance in Delaware County

To learn about fee daycare and child care providers, or to learn about programs that can provide help with paying child care costs, dial 1.800.831.3117. There are government as well as non-profit programs that help working parents or those in school or training. Single moms, people in college or job training programs and others will get free government subsidizes or daycare.

  • In addition to grants, there are tolls to help parent find daycare providers that are safe, affordable, and/or that take government vouchers as a form of financial aid. There are many options in the county and nationwide. Find affordable daycare near you.

Mortgage relief and free debt counseling

Clarif - Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley, Inc. (Call (267) 765-2786 or (267) 546-0422.5665) provides residents with budget, debt reduction, credit repair and money management counseling. They are also a HUD approved foreclosure agency. Low-income people will be able to enroll into debt relief programs or get help with credit cards or car payments. The agency provides counseling on debt management and debt reduction and elimination plans.

There are also other Delaware Valley Information Programs for homeowners. Non-profits or the government, as well as lenders, provide foreclosure prevention. There is information on how to get help paying a mortgage, mediation and other support. Learn more on financial assistance for mortgage.


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