Chatham County Georgia assistance programs.

Find how to apply for financial assistance in the Savannah area. Charity organizations, churches, and the government offer grants or cash loans. The funds can help with rent or security deposits, pay an electric or utility bill, or give basic needs including free food. Low income families and those in a crisis may get financial support, or even enroll into job programs or Chatham County case management services.

Low income, unemployed, and self-sufficiency assistance programs

The local community action agency, Economic Opportunity Authority for Savannah-Chatham County Area, Inc., administers several programs, and they are a great resource to ask for help and get information on local charities as well as both state of Georgia and federal government programs. (912) 238-2960

  • Foreclosure counseling and mortgage assistance - The agency is a HUD approved counseling organization, and they offer several housing counseling services. Services offered to those who need help include the following: foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation, rental counseling such as eviction prevention advice and support, information on where to get mortgage help, reverse mortgage counseling (for senior home owners), debt reduction and budgeting, financial literacy, and money management.
  • Energy bills - Contact them for information on utility assistance programs. The various Energy Assistance programs will help low-income and elderly residents of Savannah / Chatham County Georgia with meeting the high and increasing costs of their utility bills. The one-time cash grant payment helps to defray the high cost of energy bills.
  • Crisis intervention - If you are facing an unexpected emergency, such as a job loss or medical emergency, the agency may be able to provide some emergency grants or help paying bills.
  • Food and clothing - The community action agency can provide support for those who are in need of food assistance, others of clothing and they can also assist others who are experiencing various kinds of other social problems, hardships and or emergencies.





  • Job training and education - The WIA (Workforce Investment Act) can help the unemployed in Georgia or those looking for new skills. Children can also get prepared for school from Head Start.

Other referrals and emergency financial aid may be available from EOASGA for low income Chatham County families. The non-profit is involved in administered a number of additional human services. While conditions will apply for every single program, applicants may in some cases be issued a zero interest rate loan for their needs as resources are very limited. Read more Savannah-Chatham County community action assistance programs.

Legal programs, and legal aid for foreclosures

Georgia Legal Services Program provides low income and other eligible clients with free legal advice. One area of particular focus is providing free legal assistance for foreclosures and consumer debt problems, however they can also help with all civic legal issues. 1-800-498-9469, or find free lawyers in Georgia for more info on legal assistance programs that help the less fortunate in Georgia.

Foreclosure and debt help

Savannah Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers various debt and mortgage/foreclosure programs.

  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling - If you are a homeowner who thinks they may not be able to make their mortgage payment on time, or who may be facing a foreclosure, then counselors may be able to help. The best time to get help with your mortgage is before you miss a payment. However, even if you are already behind on your monthly payments, it’s not too late to get help. Your housing or mortgage counselor can work directly with and negotiate your lender to review what options are available to prevent a foreclosure filing.
  • Debt assistance - The credit counseling agency offers a variety of programs and techniques to help people get out of debt. Learn budgeting skills, and get information on debt management plans. A credit counselor can guide you through the process, and answer your questions on DMPs, credit card hardship programs, and debt consolidation loans. Debt Management Plans are a solution for local families. Learn more on debt assistance plans and programs.

Dial 912-691-2227 to learn more about the mortgage and debt reduction programs.




Find free prescription medications

An organization can help the low income and uninsured get free medications. MedBank Foundation is an organization that was created assist the uninsured in Chatham County and Savannah with obtaining prescription medications free-of-charge from pharmaceutical and drug companies. 912.356.2898

Health care centers - Low income residents in Savannah and across the county have access to several health and dental clinics that they can call upon for free care. Locations like the Westside Urban Health Center (phone 912-944-6080) and many others assist thousands of people every year. Read more on Chatham Georgia clinics.

Chatham County low cost clinics

Curtis V Cooper (Westside Urban) Health Center offers medical care on a sliding fee scale. Dial (912) 527-1000. They can offer medications, prescriptions, and other health care services.

The J.C. Lewis Health Care Center, Inc. of Union Mission can also help uninsured and the low income. Some of the programs offered include Medication Assistance, Primary HealthCare, Physician Services, , Medical Case Management, Economic Education & Referral Nutritional Education and Planning, Health Prevention and Promotion, Shelter & Housing Referrals, Dietary Supplementation Prisoner Re-entry Program, 24 hour Respite Care, Behavioral Health Counseling. Call (912) 495-8887, or click here for more information on prescription medications.

Food pantries and distribution

If you need help providing for your next meal, America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia (phone 912.236.6750) partners with dozens of local agencies, charities, and other groups to provide free food and groceries to people in need of help. Thousands of people turn to this center each year to get free food and other items.

Other places that may be able to provide free food, groceries, diapers, household products, clothing, furniture, or other non-financial aid in Chatham County and Savannah GA include Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church ((912) 233-9040, Faith, Hope and Charity Evangelist Ministry (phone (912) 231-0905), First Bryan Baptist Church Food Pantry ((912) 232-5526), and The Lighthouse Ministry ((912) 629-4742) among others.





There are other charity and government food programs. Many can provide groceries, applications to public benefits, food stuffs, holiday meals and gifts, advice, and a significant amount of support. Find even more food banks in Savannah.

All encompassing assistance for bills and living expenses

Eastside Concerned Citizens Inc. runs many programs, and offers all types of support. Call them for more information, but this is just a sampling of what they offer.

  • Health care services - General care, referrals, and medical services.
  • Youth programs - Education, after school, and more.
  • Employment - Resume review, job finding assistance, and other employment activities.
  • Housing programs - Home Repair Program, foreclosure prevention, budgeting, credit repair, and mortgage assistance.

Call the agency at 912-484-8582.

Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless is a HUD certified housing agency that runs the HUD Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program. This federal government funded housing program can provide individuals with rent assistance, funds for paying security and utility deposits, moving expenses, and eviction prevention services. Savannah Georgia. (912) 790-3400

Savannah Baptist Center, Inc. - Dial (912) 232-1033. The church offers some or all of the following, and more. Free food, clothes for work or school needs, Christmas assistance, referrals, free haircuts, access to laundry, and advice. They can also refer people to low cost food and groceries from pantries. Find inexpensive sources of groceries, and learn more on the low cost food.

The Salvation Army - The following assistance programs are offered. PROJECT SHARE offers electric, gas bill, water expense, and rent assistance, and aid is available by appointment only. Free food and grocery assistance is available for walk-ins. Low cost new or gently used clothing and household items are available at Family Store shops. Holiday food baskets, meals and toys may also available are the holidays to low income families. Last, but not least, the Savannah Georgia Salvation Army also offers the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, which can prove help with rent. Dial (912) 352-8366. Or continue with Salvation Army Savannah assistance programs.

Chatham County DFCS Emergency Assistance runs an emergency housing appointment. The Emergency Assistance Program is a limited Chatham county funded housing program that assists individuals and families who have fallen under tough times and need financial assistance. People can use it only once every 24 months, they need to have an eviction notice, and meet other conditions. Call (912) 651-2220.





A number of churches and faith based groups in Savannah Georgia may be able to offer utility bill assistance and groceries. They may also offer rent, homeless prevention, and other social services. Utility and cooling bill assistance may be offered to seniors 55 and older, a single person must be disabled, and homes with dependents or children. One key service of the charity is focused on ending hunger as well as homelessness in Chatham County. They also have antipoverty programs, services for immigrants, and more. Find help from Savannah churches

Clothing assistance programs, including items for school, Christmas, and work, are available. Several Chatham County area non-profits and churches run clothing banks and/or thrift stores. The locations provide free or low cost items to families, in particular low income ones. More on clothing centers in Southeastern Georgia.

American Red Cross - Southeast Georgia Chapter runs the Landings Military Family Relief Fund. Call (912) 651-5310 to apply. It can help active duty members and their families. Receive help paying for car repairs, travel expenses, medical bills, food, emergency situations, rent, utilities and more.

Low cost and short term housing, including shelters and transitional housing programs, operate in Savannah and across the southeastern portion of Georgia. Those families that were evicted or that need a place to stay while they regain self-sufficiency are the main beneficiaries. Clients can also access food programs, apply for job training or financial assistance for deposits, and other support. Find transitional housing in southeast Georgia.

Army Community Services - Hunter Airfield offers many services to military members as well. They include employment assistance, relocation counseling, community information and referral, budget planning and financial aid. Grants may be provided for utility bill assistance, rent payments, critical medical /dental bills, deposits, and more. 171 Haley Ave., Savannah, Georgia 31409, call (912) 315-6816.

Georgia  Department of Human Resources, Savannah Family and Children's Division provides aid in partnership with the state. Funds can helps low income parents find a job, assist with paying childcare costs and the Chatham County unit can provide numerous other support services such as food stamps and medical care. The office is at 761 Wheaton Street. Call (912) 651-2211, or more public aid Chatham County.

Emergency homeless prevention services are offered by the county, local charities, and non-profits. Federal and state government grants help with housing needs, including rent, water or electric bills, and more. Chatham County families living in poverty can learn about resources available to stop an eviction, and the homeless can also be placed into a new, affordable home. More details on Chatham County eviction and rehousing.

Society of Saint Vincent De Paul - The churches that are part of the charity offer both case management, referrals to medical care, and financial aid. Examples of programs in the Savannah area are as follows.

  • Case management to address the cause of the hardship.
  • Emergency assistance, such as funds for rent, food, and vouchers for medications.
  • Much more is available in Chatham County Georgia, and continue with Savannah St. Vincent De Paul programs.

Wesley Community Centers- Utility Assistance Program. Dial (912) 236-4226. People who are behind and have a disconnect notice may be able to get utility assistance, which is offered for Single Women, Families, Elderly and Disabled in the community.





Find holiday assistance in Savannah and the area. Several non-profit agencies as well as donation services can provide help at Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.

  • Hot meals and food boxes may be passed out.
  • Children may be given free toys, holiday clothing, gift cards, or Christmas presents.
  • Note donations are always needed by these charities to the programs, such as Adopt a Family.
  • Learn how to apply and get more information on holiday programs in Chatham County.

Housing and rent - Locate phone numbers, addresses, and information on how to apply for financial assistance for paying rent. Several non-profits specialize in solving housing issues for the low income. Find details on Chatham rental assistance programs.


By Jon McNamara

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