Churches of Savannah and Chatham County emergency aid.

A leading charity in the Chatham County region is a local church. There are a number of them in the community. The various organizations, in an effort to help struggling households, can offer referrals, compassion, and support. All programs and advice is provided to income qualified families without regard to race, religion, or other factors.

Some of the primary forms of assistance from the churches in the region are below, such as food or homeless prevention services. Most of the support is for people that have a plan in place for long term stability and self-sufficiency as the goal of the charity is to assist those individuals who want to help themselves. They are not focused on providing long term, never ending support or financial aid to residents facing chronic poverty that are not willing to end the cycle.

The case management and social services from churches based in and around Savannah are extensive, yet they do rely on the generosity of volunteers and others from the community. Money for the programs comes from fund raisers and people from Chatham County, so please give back to a local church of Savannah is and when possible.

Homeless prevention is for families facing imminent eviction. From time to time there may be some funds for a partial rent or energy bill payment, but more than likely the non-profit will give clients a referral to other support services in the area. However, staff from the charity do partner with other non-profits and members of the county to find a solution.

Evictions can also be caused by unpaid utility bills, as many landlords can give notice for this. In these cases, churches may have some funding for this expense as well. Or applicants can be directed to state of Georgia resources such as LIHEAP.

Food assistance is available in the area. There are too many children in Savannah who are often going without a decent meal on a consistent basis. Many parents may also be faced with similar challenges, as they are focused on feeding their children first. This is a major problem, so preventing hunger in the region is also a key goal of the charity organization.





Pantries can also help the low income and address these hunger challenges. Churches of Chatham County as well as Savannah can also direct families to everything ranging from local soup kitchens in Chatham County (per below) or applications for government benefits such as SNAP food stamps or WIC.

Free meals and food is offered by regional soup kitchens at a church. The centers are open to anyone that needs help, whether they are very low income or maybe even homeless. There can be a hot breakfast or lunch served as well as other items to the less fortunate.

While the exact make up of a meal may vary, what may be offered includes cereal, fruit, juice and coffee, breads, milk, and more. The locations in Chatham County depend on volunteers as well as donations from the community, such as surplus food from restaurants or local food drives.

Churches often run drop in centers. There are locations that help with basic needs, ranging from hot meals to shower and cleaning facilities. They also give out clothing such as coats, boots, and school items to children, and this is a key program of the non-profit.

Seasonal services, such as for clothing, back to school supplies, or Christmas help, can assist qualified low income families from Savannah. There of course is a focus on those families who are most at risk. Staff from the non-profit want students to have decent clothing or a note books when returning to school, and they want to also spread the holiday joy.

To make that happen, the seasonal programs may be goods such as free Christmas or Thanksgiving meals. There may also be toys for children, or maybe the homebound elderly or disabled in Savannah can have a meal delivered to them. This various programs rely heavily on fund raisers and donations as well, but when they operate, a number of free goods can be distributed in the community.




No matter what someone is seeking help with, all programs and support from the charity known as your local church of Savannah is limited and there are strict eligibility requirements. Proof of income, residency, and much more is required in an effort to apply for support. Also, some proof of the crisis or hardship will also be required from applicants.

The fact is there is not just one church to try in Chatham County Georgia. There are dozens of locations, and they support people of all faiths. For referrals or information, dial 912.651.7730. State the need and location.


By Jon McNamara

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