Benton County Washington assistance programs.

In an emergency, or for long term support, get financial help from charities, churches, and non-profits in Benton County. Assistance ranges from money or loans to help pay rent or medical bills to housing, free groceries from food pantries, transportation programs and of course government energy bill assistance programs. Find the places to apply at for grants, bill paying programs, and other needs in the Benton County area.

Access human and social services

Lourdes Health Network may have grant funds for housing and essential needs. While restricted and limited, funds may be offered for people faced with eviction and/or those who are currently homeless. Money for housing, as well as utilities assistance, is offered. Some of the expenses paid for can include monthly rent, natural gas bills, security deposits, and more. You may even receive funds for water or sewer costs

Benton County families may also apply for essential needs, which is help for hygiene items (such as toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper), personal health, and even cleaning supplies (dish and laundry soap). Bus tokens or passes may be offered for work reasons, including job interviews. Address is 1175 Carondelet Drive, Richland, Washington, 99352. Call (509) 943 – 9104, or learn more.




The Salvation Army - Richland serves residents of Kennewick and Benton County. Their assistance programs help the young, elderly, low income, seniors, and others in the area. Some of the programs and resources they offer include Rental & Utility Bill Assistance, access to a Food Bank, Christmas Food and Toy Assistance, Furniture, Appliance, and Clothing, Coats for Kids, and much more. Call the Salvation Army at 547-2138, or click more details.

Clinics for free health care

If you have limited health insurance or no insurance at all, the Grace Clinic offers patients with limited or no insurance, or a limited income, access to free medical services and health care. The clinic offers services and medical care such as prescriptions, dental care, mental heath counseling, and much more. Call the clinic at (509) 536-0300. Find a listing of more clinics in Washington.





Job training and employment

People For People's offers a job program that serves low income, unemployed, and economically disadvantaged adults. The organization helps people that are wanting to obtain or upgrade job-related skills and employment. Get help finding a job, or improving your career. (509) 248-6726

Find free food and groceries

Tri-Cities Food Bank is one of the leading agencies that is distributing food to low-income people in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, ,Benton City, and other areas of rural Benton County in Washington State. Families and individuals in need may receive groceries and supplemental food as often as once every two weeks from the local distribution points. At each visit to a distribution center, an individual or family is provided with up to a week's supply of free food and groceries. Individuals and families may receive a variety of free groceries and other aid, including canned goods, meat, eggs, margarine or butter, beans, rice,  flour, miscellaneous donated foods and supplies, and pasta products. Dial (509) 943-2795 to request free food and groceries.

Golden Age Food Share Program – The elderly can receive help. Volunteers collect, package, and distribute food to seniors in the Benton County region. The goal of the program is to provide at least two meals a day for people who cannot afford to pay for medications and their food. Phone (509) 547 - 8310

Harvest Outreach runs a food pantry. 120 W Railroad Avenue, Kennewick, Washington, 99336, main number is (509) 582 – 9064.

Non-profit food banks operate in other parts of the county as well. They are focused on helping struggling families and preventing hunger. Each pantry tries to assist a family and not turn them away. Click more information.

Rental and utility assistance

The Benton Franklin Counties Department of Human Services offers programs that can help with housing and other essential needs. In order to address housing issues, grant funds and other forms of financial assistance can only be used to support HEN eligible clients that qualify as at-risk of homelessness or people who are currently homeless. Some of the allowable financial assistance for paying for rent and/or housing needs can include grants for paying overdue or ongoing monthly rent, security deposits, and even expenses such as service animal deposits. Any type of utility bill assistance provided is limited to natural gas, electricity, sewer, water, utility deposits, and garbage expenses.




The other resource can help with paying for essential needs. This is fairly broad ranging, and essential needs includes items like assistance with obtaining cleaning supplies (such as dish soap and laundry), personal health and hygiene items (such as toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo), and transportation such as bus passes.  The office is located at 2635 W Deschutes Avenue, Kennewick, WA, 99336, call (509) 737 – 3975. Lourdes Health Network also offers the same services as noted above. This agency is at 1175 Carondelet Drive, Richland, Washington, 99352. Phone (509) 943 - 9104

Jericho Road Ministries – May provide food and/or rent. The center can offer enough food for up to 4 days. Also apply for up to $50 for emergency rent assistance, as funding allows. 2500 Jericho Road, Richland, WA, 99352, call (509) 627 - 0750

Benton County Catholic Family & Child Services is an agency to try. There may be limited funds for certain bills as well as a thrift store on site. The charity will try to offer assistance to those families with a source of income and that are becoming self-sufficient. Services may include low income housing or apartments, support for children, and more. Continue with Catholic Family & Child Services programs.

St Vincent de Paul of Richland Washington. The center offers assistance programs and limited financial aid. This includes money for utilities, prescription medications, rent/housing, clothing, food/household goods, gasoline, and furniture. 1111 Stevens Drive is the address. Dial (509) 946 - 1325, ormore Benton Saint Vincent programs.

Rent assistance from Benton County organizations can be applied too. Funds are limited, and priority is often for seniors, the disabled, or households with children. Financial aid is available for paying rent as well as other services, such as transitional housing. Learn more.

In addition to those resources, there are additional housing as well as eviction prevention programs in Benton County. Whether it is a loan, grant, or just counseling, renters as well as the homeless can get assistance. More on Benton County Washington rent assistance.





Debt and foreclosure help

A Kennewick based agency, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, provides several credit, mortgage, and debt assistance programs. Many of these services offered by this credit agency are free to qualified individuals. Contact them to work one on one with a housing or credit counselor. Learn about how to get help paying your medical and credit card debts. A counselor can also advise you on foreclosure and mortgage programs, those of which are offered by the federal government and the state of Washington. read more on Washington foreclosure programs.

Help from Benton Franklin Community Action Committee

The phone number for the community action agency is (509) 545-4042. This program offers low income and others a wide variety of aid. They want to ensure people work themselves out of poverty, and become self sufficient over the long term. Receive access to programs including:

  • Crisis and emergency services - Immediate financial aid may be available for bills, rent, and other expenses.
  • Free health care - The agency has partnerships with local clinics and hospital that offer patients access to free health and dental care.
  • Free legal support and advice - Work with Benton Franklin Legal Aid, which provides free legal assistance and support to low income and other individuals who can’t afford access to an attorney. Learn more on free legal programs.
  • Clothing and household items - Believe it or not, but the agency can direct people to other local charities and non-profits that provide free clothing and household items, such as diaper, toiletries, and other items.
  • Utility and heating bill assistance - Learn about local programs, how to get help from utility companies, as well as both federal and state of Washington utility assistance programs.
  • Rental and housing programs - The community action agency has referrals to transitional housing, such as the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission. There may also be help for paying security deposits or zero interest loans for expenses such as rent or other bills.

For more information on social services available from BFCA, you can call or stop by. Resources are limited, but the non-profit does its best to help the less fortunate. More on Community Action Committee Benton and Franklin County.

Health centers in Benton County Washington

Tri-Cities Community Health Center – Anyone who needs help, including the low income and uninsured, can receive high quality, effective, and affordable health and medical care. Other associated services may be offered to patients who meet qualifications. One location is at 5219 W Clearwater Avenue, Kennewick, Washington, 99336. Dial (509) 783 – 4454. Another center is at 515 W Court Street, Pasco, WA, 99301.

Kennewick General Hospital - This medical center offers patients access to cost-effective, convenient, and yet high-quality medical care. An overnight stay is not required. 521 N Young Street, Kennewick, Washington, 99336. Phone (509) 585 - 5222



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