Lourdes Health Network PATH programs.

Lourdes Health Network is involved in offering services across the community, in particular as part of their PATH program. There may be emergency programs for those who are faced with a crisis beyond their control. A focus is on the disabled and mentally ill. Other services will be available to help families get off to a fresh financial start, assist people with a mental illness, and those focus on employment and education.

Anyone seeking financial aid as part of PATH or their organization will need to enroll into the case management crisis assistance program. A combination of financial aid and guidance is used for families that are facing a health or safety issue. This can be people threatened by homelessness, a shut off of their power, or lack of medications.

Lourdes Health Network clients will have to prove their need for help. They will need to show why they are struggling and document the crisis. Case managers from PATH will require the person to show the need for assistance through an assessment process.

  • Homeless Prevention is available from rental assistance. The applicant needs to have a documented crisis (such as an eviction letter from their landlord) and demonstrate future financial security.
  • Mortgage help is arranged in partnership with HUD counselors in Benton County.
  • Referrals for car repairs for employed individuals or those attending vocational or higher education classes.
  • Security deposit – A partial payment can be made for people that demonstrate future financial security and ability to pay rent in the future.
  • Vouchers for medications – This can be for patients in a life threatening condition.
  • Lourdes Health Network/PATH may help with other bills on a on a case by case basis.

When applying for financial help or a loan, the applicant needs to have a source of future income to pay bills on their own. So there will not be grants given to those who will find themselves in the same place again in a few weeks. All of this is done in an effort to assists the growing number of families experiencing a short term housing crisis.

Lourdes Health Network works to fight hunger in Prosser and Richland as well. They can coordinate emergency food assistance for low-income citizens. Some of what may be provided includes surplus USDA Commodities as well as a free box of groceries from a pantry. There is also support arranged in the form of community food drives and private donations.




Budgeting classes on purchasing groceries as well as Nutrition Education will be combined with any food aid. This is similar in that the non-profit wants to end the cycle of poverty and show people how to help themselves. So participants of the PATH program are provided on-going education, classes on how to budget or use coupons, and even given recipes to enhance varieties of preparation of a meal and show them ways to stretch food budgets.

Often given out at the same time of food will be free Personal Hygiene Products. Lourdes Health Network and volunteers will try to pass out shampoo, cleaning supplies, deodorant, shaving supplies, dental care items, and nail clippers, among other goods. These will be made available to income-eligible participants as well as the homeless.

Lourdes Health Network is also a place to learn about dental and medical clinics. There are centers all across Richland Washington that offer free dental or low cost medical care. This can be provided for low income or uninsured residents. Many of the clients will fall below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. When qualified, a community clinic can offer emergency relief of pain, physicals, preventative dental assistance, and restorative care. Many volunteer doctors, nurses, and dentists run this clinics.

Education and service support from Lourdes Health Network

Lourdes Health Network can direct residents to everything from GED classes to job training centers. After all, education is key to increasing income and gaining self-sufficiency.

As part of this, local workforce centers in Benton County have Computer Labs. Adults may use the computers during office hours. They can create resumes, have free internet access, complete homework, brush up on skills such as Microsoft Word, and more.

Financial classes are arranged by Lourdes Health Network. Clients can benefit from mentorship and assistance to create household budgets. Having this knowledge will help people save money and build savings. Specific topics from counselors in the area are as follows.




  • Avoiding Predatory Lending – Lourdes Health Network partners will equips residents with the knowledge to discern a credible bank from a lender who is seeking to set unfair terms with borrowers.
  • Credit repair services – Consumers can learn how to pay down debt and improve their scores.
  • Budgeting – Spending plans will be created and clients will learn how to increase their income from employment/education.

For more information or referrals to community resources, stop by Lourdes Health Network or dial PATH at (509) 943 – 9104. Staff from the network will help the client access the best resources for their need.


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