Placer County assistance programs.

Find financial help, low income housing, grant based programs, and other assistance in Placer County. Agencies and staff can help families apply, and get rent help from churches, free food, affordable medical care, or grants to pay utility bills to keep the power on. There is also eviction prevention and foreclosure counseling among other housing services. Various emergency as well as long term programs are offered.

Get help with housing and rent

Eight non profits and charity agencies serving the Place County and Auburn California region will share about $1.2 million in federal government stimulus funds over the next two years. The money is to be used to help prevent and address the families and individuals who may be on the verge of being evicted, or who may be currently homelessness. And money can also be used to aid those who have already lost their homes back on track and find new housing. The money is coming from the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus plan.

Some of the agencies, charities, and groups receiving the federal government funds include the Salvation Army of Auburn (phone (530) 889-3990), Sierra Foothills AIDS Foundation, Roseville HomeStart (call (916) 782-6667), Legal Services of Northern California ((530) 823-7560, the Lazarus Project, the North Tahoe Family Resource Center, and the Lincoln Lighthouse.




About one half of the funds will go to the various groups and agencies efforts to prevent homelessness through services including utility-bill assistance, temporary rent assistance, and grants to prevent evictions.

The balance of the funds will be dedicated to helping those who are currently homeless get back into housing and money will also be used for setting up a computerized homeless-services tracking system.

Salvation Army (phone (916) 784-3382) offers shelter, food and clothing, emergency and disaster services, spiritual guidance and counseling, possible rent help, youth development and recreational programs, adult activities and nutrition programs, aid to correctional services families. There are conditions to the program, and things like rent assistance are granted only after an intensive needs assessment and review of an application. More on Salvation Army assistance Placer County.





General and energy assistance

Placer County does not have a dedicated community action agency. Instead you should contact the Placer County Health & Human Services for access to assistance and social services. They run an emergency and crisis program, provide community health clinics, and offer programs for both seniors and children. Phone : (530) 889-7960.

The Native TANF Program of Auburn and Placer County can be reached at (888) 688-6816. Offers public assistance and welfare type programs to needy and low income Native American families with minor aged children. Examples of services available may include cash assistance or grants for paying for shelter, clothing, and other basic needs. Self-sufficiency is promoted through life skills training, educational activities including completion of a GED, enrollment in local colleges, and tutorial services. Free or low cost child care assistance may be offered for Placer County families as they search for employment, participate in work activities, school, and attend workshops. Last, but not least career development activities are designated to provide basic skills development, on-the-job training, and work experience at local California employers or non-profits.

Placer County legal advice - Volunteers can help the less fortunate. Free information may be offered on dealing with debt collectors or preventing an eviction for your home. Specialists can also help people file unemployment, dispute an illegal job termination, or even apply for benefits such as SSI disability or Medicaid. Volunteers attorneys can also advise on other civil legal issue. More Voluntary Legal Services.

Gathering Inn - This non-profit administers several assistance programs for the less fortunate. Some of the resources address emergency rental assistance, medical care, and of course employment resources.

  • Housing  - Relying on government grants, the Gathering Inn may have funds to help shelter guests only. They may have funds to pay for rapid rehousing (when funds are available) to current shelter guests
  • Medical assistance is provided in partnership with clinics and charities such as Saint Vincent. The organization will help facilitate check ups, offer mediations, and address related health care needs.




Churches and Catholic Charities operate in Placer County as well as surrounding communities. While resources are very limited, and mostly come in the form of referrals, the organization may offer assistance for food, information on grants to apply to for financial help or rent assistance, and access to basic needs such as clothing. For referrals, call (916) 498-1000, or read more.

Housing and rent assistance

The Salvation Army - Roseville Corps Community Center, which can be reached at (916) 784-3382, provides various housing assistance and rent programs that can help meet the needs of the low income and impoverished in Placer County by providing rent help, housing and comprehensive support services.

Several other agencies, churches, and government programs that offer housing solutions are available in Auburn and Placer County. Qualified individuals can receive cash assistance, low interest loans or grants for paying rent or deposits. Counselors will also direct individuals to various other options, such as section 8 or the homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program. Find a listing of rent assistance agencies in the Placer County region.

Free debt, mortgage, and credit counseling services

A national non-profit consumer credit counseling organization with locations in the Northern California region is dedicated to helping consumers deal with paying debts, and providing free, HUD approved mortgage and foreclosure assistance. Another focus of the credit counseling in Placer County is on housing issues.





The non-profit credit counseling agency will help consumers identify and resolve their financial problems and debt problems through a mission of providing and improving consumer health through financial education and debt assistance programs. Call the credit agency at (209) 985-3650 x 3531.

Also, many of the agencies in El Dorado county also overlap their services and programs with Placer county.

Food and holiday assistance in Placer County

As many as 10 charities in the region offer support around the holidays. They offer some of the national programs, such as Angel Tree, as well as local services, including Toys for Tots from local affiliates. Each of them rely on donations of Christmas toys, gifts, and even food from the public. Thousands of individuals normally get help each year. More on Christmas help in Placer County.

Regardless of your income, religion, or background, there are several different food banks and pantries that can provide assistance. They can distribute food, meals, and other aid, such as clothing or baby formula and diapers. A few of the leading pantries to call in Place County are.

  • Interfaith Food Closet, which is located in Auburn and can be reached at (530) 885-1921.
  • Rocklin Community Center, phone number (916) 783-0482
  • Project MANA has food, meals, Christmas assistance, and more. Dial (775) 298-0008
  • Many other pantries, as well as federal government programs such as WIC or CalFresh food stamps are available. Find additional food banks in Placer County California.



By Jon McNamara

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