Placer County and Auburn Salvation Army assistance programs.

Several programs are available in Placer County from the Salvation Army. Everything from free food from a pantry to Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas toys/meals to emergency financial help for paying bills, rent, or transportation. The organization is committed to helping the working poor, senior citizens, and the less fortunate in the community, including the greater Auburn region. When you are facing a hardship or some type of crisis, one of the leading agencies to contact should be the Salvation Army. As they also focus on stability around employment, drug and alcohol counseling, and self-sufficiency.

Emergency financial help and free stuff from Placer County Salvation Army

Emergency assistance may be available in an effort to serve qualified low income families. The Salvation Army may assist hundreds of clients per month. The center can provide tangible assistance, such as free food, clothing, and shelter to those with a verified need. The organization does its best to administer several other initiatives for the less fortunate, including Christmas assistance, free toys, gifts, and food during the holiday season.

Other funds, while very limited, can include rent or energy bill help. Many of the resources are focused on seniors in Placer County California, those receiving unemployment benefits and/or individuals with disabilities.

Basic needs and assistance programs can provide food to hungry children and individuals. People can be served food (as resources allow) from a pantry and the goods provided may last for several days. Most of the services are free to income qualified clients. They also help students get free school supplies as well as backpacks and bookbags.

Assistance may be passed out in the form of free vouchers or certificates that are issued to purchase clothing, specific personal care items, household items, diapers, and more. When needed, the agency will also refer customers to additional appropriate agencies, charities and/or advocacy services in California or across the nation.





Family shelters provide short term living accommodations to those that have been evicted and the homeless. The various programs and case management services will help enhance the quality of life of many women, men and children in the region. The shelter facility is open throughout the week, and the Salvation Army will always have on site trained caseworkers who work diligently to meet the basic needs of the poor and homeless population in Placer County. They also assist with drug and alcohol abuse, and locate more information on homeless shelters for housing.

Holiday and Christmas Assistance Programs are provided free of charge to all eligible customers, with a focus on children, infants, and teenagers from low income families. Parents will be able to choose gifts for each child, so they can select or request only what they need. Most of the aid is offered from the Angel Tree or Adopt a Family programs.

Also, if qualified, the family will receive free meals and other forms of holiday food assistance. This can include Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys, toppings, and other hot items.





When applying for any type of assistance, those customers needing help may sign in for an interview and needs assessment. This will need to occur with a Salvation Army caseworker. Proof of hardship is required, including income, information on expenses, and other supporting documentation.

Disaster programs are offered from Salvation Army resources. Staff and volunteers are often the first to respond. Programs include an Emergency Canteen and access to teams of highly trained volunteers. The agency can link residents in Placer County California with information regarding the Army's mission and services. They also work to improve the community during times of crisis.

Some of the disaster assistance can include on-the-spot meals, beverages, vouchers for food, and shelter. They can provide other basic essentials to firemen and emergency personnel, as well as to disaster victims themselves. Some of the food items most frequently passed out include sandwiches, coffee, hot chocolate and soup, cold drinks, and free hot meals. Clothing closets may also pass out free blankets, gloves, socks and other gently used clothing items.

Salvation Army services for self-sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is a key to overcoming poverty, and the Salvation Army will coordinate programs. They often work with government agencies, local businesses, and other groups in Placer County.

Get information on resources such as the Employment Services Program. This may help the unemployed find a job or gain work experience that best suited their skill set and needs. Each individual and client of the agency is afforded the opportunity of working closely with Salvation Army staff to achieve self-sufficiency. GED programs can help people complete their educational goals (GED and computer classes) and really achieve their employment dreams.

Salvation Army case workers from the Placer County Salvation Army give advice, counseling, and information. They give referrals to free career counseling and job placement in California, provide insight on applying for CalWorks or food stamps, address poverty or discrimination and more.

Senior Centers provide numerous opportunities for older persons, the elderly, and homebound. A focus is on stabilizing them. Activities can help them stay active, engaged and involved in their community. The Salvation Army centers are open to individuals over 55 years of age and their spouses, from all walks of life in the county. The Auburn centers serves breakfast, hot lunches and snacks daily. They also oversee a variety of activities each week, such as computer classes, instructional classes, social service referrals, and more.





Locations to apply at

The main centers of the Salvation Army in Placer County are below. Whether it is a Family Store (thrift location) for buying items or one time financial aid or a box of food, help is offered.

  • 100 Lincoln St, Roseville, California. Call (916) 784-3382
  • 286 Sutter St, Auburn, CA, (530) 889-3990
  • 510 High St, Auburn, CA, phone (530) 823-3546


By Jon McNamara

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