How much cash assistance will I get?

The amount of cash assistance available in each state listed below varies. California and New York tend to pay more than other states, such as Texas or Florida. In general, residents in the southern part of the country will not have as many benefits available to them as individuals that live in the northeast or western states. Use a free calculator and find out how much cash assistance from programs such as TANF or welfare may be available in your community.

It is important to note that the dollar amounts will always change from year to year. The state’s cash assistance calculator will be updated with the information. In fact most states have been (and will continue to be) decreasing the amount of cash aid they make available to very low income families. Other states, such as Georgia, Wisconsin, and Ohio, are continuing to focus on putting more requirements into place around the recipient needs to work to continue to benefit from a program. So these government benefits are always evolving.

The process for how to apply will vary as well. Generally it will take multiple weeks (or even longer) before an application has been reviewed and approved. In addition (depending on which cash assistance program has been applied too) many applications are denied one or more times. This is particularity true for SSI disability grants or TANF. So it is always recommended to apply far enough in advance to account for all of this, or families can look into emergency cash programs.

Maximum amount of cash assistance

It varies and is determined based on each individual’s financial situation. When all criteria have been met to their fullest, the maximum amount of cash assistance is listed below. Note this is the most money that will be paid out. Only a small number of families may receive this. Also, as noted, the amount being provided by each state will more than likely continue to be cut back as each government agency continues to work on balancing their budget. For the latest information on a state as well as free calculators, find phone numbers for cash aid offices by state.








Note the above information is only in regards to temporary cash assistance (TANF), which goes by different names in certain states. It may be called Work First, CalWorks, or any one of dozens of other names. Generally any family that is benefiting from cash aid can also apply for other benefits. Two of those main ones will be SNAP food stamps and of course Medicaid. But there are others. They also have maximum dollar values in what those benefits may be.

As an example, cash assistance can be combined with food assistance programs, including SNAP. The federal government sets the maximum benefit that can be paid out, and this will be based on household size. Those amounts are as follows. But a state’s social service office will have a calculator that residents can use to determine the amount of cash assistance as well as other benefits.

  • Household of 1 - $194
  • 2 members of home - $357
  • Household of 3 people - $511
  • 4 members of family - $649
  • 5 people $ 771
  • 6 - $925
  • Family of 7 - $1022
  • 8 people is $1169, and each additional person in the home will increase the maximum amount by $146 per month.

Note this is per size of the entire household. It factors in children, elderly parents or grandparents, and anyone that is currently residing at that same address. It operates similar to above in that each state can tweak this benefit and also the eligibility requirements. As states such as Ohio often require more work rules. Other parts of the county, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, also set rules for SNAP and cash assistance recipients.





Yet another common benefit for millions of individuals is SSI disability. This is also a cash assistance program that is generally short term in nature. As with any form of public aid, there are maximum amounts that can be paid out as well. If the benefit is going to a single individual, note the maximum is $735 per month. Couples can receive $1103 per month, and there are also values for eligible individuals that will generally be a few hundred dollars. Find how to apply for disability.

As stated, the dollar amounts for these and other cash assistance benefits vary widely. It is best to call a local social service or welfare office to use your local calculator. That is how to find the most recent data on the maximum dollar amounts available in your county or state.


By Jon McNamara

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