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Assistance programs Camden County New Jersey.

Find how to get financial help in the Camden New Jersey area as well as cities such as Cherry Hill. Residents can get help with paying their rent, financial assistance for utility and heating bills, free food, and debt and foreclosure help. Get information on the local agencies in Camden County as well as charities to apply at below.

There are applications for low income families, the working poor, and others that are struggling. Some charities or government agencies also give free items (school backpacks, furniture, clothes, Christmas gifts, prescription drugs, etc.) along with financial aid in a crisis. They also help with applications to government assistance programs in Camden, including SNAP food stamps, HUD section 8 income based housing vouchers for paying rent, and many others.

Catholic Charities Family Service and Community Center

The agency operates center that offers numerous assistance programs. For example, the Emergency Services outreach site also assists low income individuals/families by providing assistance with paying for their fuel, utility expenses, heating bills, or emergency housing. Catholic Charities in Camden County also gives clothing referrals, rent help, essential prescriptions and other essential items.

Another option is the food pantry which can be accessed by individuals or families at most several times per year. Catholic Charities may also give out free personal hygiene supplies, paper products, and cimilar goods in Newark and Camden County. They also have limited infant equipment, baby supplies and other aid that are provided on a "first come, first served basis".

These services and resources are intended to provide low income and needy clients with a "safety net". They also partner with other local Camden agencies, and they accept referrals from a variety of sources. Other partners include parishes, charities, County Welfare Boards, non-profits, and other providers of community based services. All of these groups and are focused on helping as many people as possible. The office is at 1845 Haddon Ave, Camden, NJ 08103, and dial (856) 342 - 4100. Read more Camden Catholic Charities and their services.

Consumer Credit Counseling of Camden NJ

Offers such programs as a Debt Management Plan as well as credit repair services. The non-profit tries to assist assists clients in formal plan to repay medical and credit card debts or help with car loans. Free credit repair services are offered. They are also a HUD approved housing counseling agency, and offer Mortgage Default & Delinquency as well as foreclosure prevention help. Call (888) 726 - 3260 or 800-992-4557, or click here for additional New Jersey mortgage and foreclosure programs.




Camden County Council on Economic Opportunity

This is the local, non-profit community action agency, and they offer the working poor numerous financial assistance programs and counseling. Their goal is to provide short term financial help, but more importantly help people become self sufficient.

  • Mortgage help, foreclosure prevention, and home buying assistance - Both foreclosure prevention, rent help and housing counseling provides services to prevent low income individuals from losing their permanent housing. This is done through counseling services and other forms of assistance to prevent or resolve mortgage delinquency, default and foreclosure, evictions and relocation prevention counseling and maintenance needs. Financial assistance is provided for past due rent and mortgage, heating bill and utility payments. They also have information on housing voucher programs, including HUD section 8 housing vouchers.
  • Emergency services - The agency can provide emergency free food, rent payment assistance or relocation assistance, referral services to charities and government programs.
  • Energy and utility bill assistance - Different services and options include Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), the Universal Service Fund (USF), or the government funded Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). They can also provide people information on options such as heating oil buying networks. More.
  • NJ SHARES is a program which assists households that do not qualify for the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • Day care center. Low income parents and those working or in job training can get help.

This is just a sampling of the services and assistance offered by the Camden County Council on Economic Opportunity. Call them at (856) 964-6887 to get more information or learn about other programs. Find more details in Camden County community action Economic Opportunity.





Camden Salvation Army - Citadel Corps

The local Salvation Army branch offers emergency assistance, counseling, free items and information on various programs. While not as common, the non-profit may have limited amounts of funds for meeting emergency needs, such as housing, rent or food. There is also a clothing bank for free school supplies, furniture from a thrift store, and Christmas Toys from Angel Tree in Camden NJ.

The Salvation Army can also refer residents to, and help them sign up for, the New Jersey SHARES heating bill assistance program. Last, but not least, a focus is on Christmas and holiday assistance, including distributing free meals, toys for children, and home delivered meals for seniors. Volunteers and donations are always appreciated. Dial (856) 338 - 1700 or  (856) 379-6900, or get additional information on assistance from Camden Salvation Army.

Senior Citizens United Community Services of Camden County

Camden County New Jersey senior citizens can get access to assistance including: household financial maintenance instruction, emergency food/utility assistance, alternative family care,or  information on health care programs including Medicare. There is also homemaker assistance in Camden, free fans to cool a home during the summer, and housing maintenance/repair. The non-profit SCUCS may also offer loans in an emergency to seniors for paying rent or other bills, such as utility or a deposit.

In addition, the agency can provide a one-time payment for 100 gallons of heating oil, kerosene, coal, etc. or up to $250 toward heating utility bill with a shut-off notice. The heating bills assistance program provides system replacements during the contract year to older adults who are 60 years of age or older. (856) 456-1121, or find more Senior Citizens United Community Services programs.

Mt. Olivet Seventh-day Adventist church

This ministry gathers and prepares food, clothing, groceries, and other supplies for the poor, needy and unfortunate. Call (856) 365-6108 or (856) 365 - 9309. Several NJ churches even provide foreclosure assistance. Learn more free foreclosure counseling from NJ churches.

Little Rock Baptist church

This center distributes food to Camden residents. This may be hot meals, a box of groceries, or snacks for students who are out of school. Dial (856) 757 - 0440

St Johns Baptist food pantry

This center has a goal of brining concerned community organizations and charities together to help alleviate poverty by providing food to low income, the unemployed, and working poor children and families in need. The pantry is providing a five-day supply of food and groceries to families, senior citizens and individuals one time per month. Mount Ephraim. Call (856) 963-0962.

Financial assistance programs to help with bills and basic needs in Camden

Board of Social Services, Camden County – Comprehensive assistance is offered from a program known as the Emergency Housing Services. Help is offered from government grant programs such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income) as well as TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. There is also funds from GA (General Assistance) and also assistance is available for families and individuals who are faced with eviction or who are currently homeless.





Qualified families may receive rental assistance, temporary shelter, and/or financial assistance to secure permanent housing or replacement of necessary items. Also apply for emergency assistance with heating or utility bills. Last, but not least, get assistance with landlord/tenant problems. The address is 600 Market St., Camden, New Jersey, 08102. Call (856) 225-8800 or (856) 225 – 8822. Read more on Board of Social Services in Camxden County.

Camden County Volunteers of America coordinates transitional housing and other support, such as life skills and job training workshops. The Supportive Services Division may have information on homeless and eviction prevention services, including landlord mediation as well as grants for paying back rent or a deposit. Other advice is provided too. More on housing assistance from Volunteers of America Delaware Valley.

Camden City Department of Health and Human Service - The Bureau of Senior and Emergency Services offers programs for seniors, immigrants and the working poor. The agency provides activities and programs for the health and welfare of senior and elderly residents of Camden City.

In addition, they may offer direct assistance and referrals to residents who have an emergency, who are homeless or potentially homeless, or need assistance in dealing with the predicaments of poverty. Transportation, referrals, and help with bills are all offered. they also offer free discount cards for prescription drug rebates. The location is 520 Market St., Camden, New Jersey, 08101, call (856) 757-7285 or (856) 757 - 7056

Free Food banks are located throughout the region. They will provide the needy with groceries, free boxes of as healthy food as possible, meals, and other assistance. Many of the Camden centers also have staff that can help low to moderate income families apply for public aid such as SNAP food stamps or WIC. In addition to this center, find information on several other Camden County free food pantries.

Many of the pantries in Camden County also provide services to clients about cooking, eating healthy, and living with means. Volunteers often hold these workshops and classes. As one example, read about Unit Pricing for grocery shopping.

CFS - Center for Family Services focuses on a few services, ranging from housing to coordinating help for seniors and the disabled in Camden County. While the direct financial aid is limited, they have have referrals available to it. The non-profit will also offer stabilization and case management.

  • A key partner, which is the organization for Social Service, works to prevent evictions in Camden. Together CFS or this agency may have information on grant programs for rent and other resources.
  • Job training and employment is part of Community Work Experience Program as well as TANF Initiative for Parents.
  • Assistance is for the disabled and elderly as well. Staff can help with applications for meals of wheels, SSI benefits, and low income housing, among other benefits.
  • Loans programs in New Jersey may assist with home repairs or other critical needs, even a rental deposit.
  • A number of other programs are available, and read more on Center for Family Services assistance programs.

Family Service & Community Center - The non-profit offers emergency support. As with any program in Camden, resources are limited. But the organization, also known as FSCC, may be able to assist with the following.

  • Funds, including loans are available, for critical expenses such as back rent to stop an eviction.
  • The vulnerable, such as senior citizens and households with children (or single parents) can receive support, such as food, clothing, and more.
  • The center offers advice, including job placement, counseling, and more.
  • Seasonal support ranges from Christmas assistance, school supplies, and more.
  • Many other services are available, and click more Community Center services.







Eviction and foreclosure prevention - These programs in Camden New Jersey are part of homeless prevention, or HPRP program. There are various components to it, ranging from grants to motel vouchers, shelter, and even loans for certain bills.

To apply, there is a focus on household holds with children that also have a source of income (it can be from a job or public aid). In lieu of rent or emergency energy bill help (or funds for water bills), so applicants may be given referrals to local charities. More on Camden County homeless prevention.

Society of Saint Vincent is a charity organization of local churches and volunteers. They operate from a few centers in Camden County. The types of assistance programs administered are wide ranging. Low income families, seniors, and the poor can get basic needs such as free food, clothing, and holiday help.

Funds for paying rent and bills (such as heating or medications) may be offered, though it is not common. Or meet with a case manager for referrals, information on job training, budgeting classes, and similar programs. The charity does its best to help people overcome a hardship or poverty. Read Camden Society St. Vincent programs.

Funds for rent and security deposits - Residents of Camden County that were stable in the past but that are now facing a short term emergency may be candidates for emergency rental assistance. There are non-profits as well as government affiliated agencies that work to prevent homelessness in the region. Get information one on time support, and read Camden assistance for rent.

Camden free clothes, school supplies, and holiday help - Basic goods and material needs can be met by clothing closets as well as donation programs. As many as 15 different charities offer assistance to low income families. There may be school supplies, Christmas toys or gifts, clothes for work, a free diaper bank, and other support. Find free clothing closets and school supplies in Camden County.

The City of Camden has the highest percentage of single parent households in the nation. Many of these families, most of which are run by mothers, could benefit from some of the services that are available for their needs, such as child care vouchers, food stamps or housing assistance. There are also employment services available, and find programs for single moms.

Too many residents rely on credit cards, debt, high priced or loans or borrowing money. There is debt help in Camden County. A number of services are available, many of which are free to low income families.





Information and referrals - A toll free, Crisis line service is available across the county. Staff offer details on a number resources for families living in poverty as well as more vulnerable residents, such as single moms or the elderly. Whether it is medical care or funds for paying heating bills, day care or housing, specialists can offer advice. Much more is also provided by the Crisis line. Click more details on Camden County New Jersey Crisis Line.

Non-profit Thanksgiving and free Christmas assistance in Camden can help the less fortunate. As resources allow, families may receive a free toy or gift certificate for their child, and hot meals may be served to anyone from the community that needs food or a little holiday job. More information on free holiday help in Camden County.


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