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Camden Crisis Line referral service

Residents of Camden County can call the Crisis line for information. A non-profit agency operates the service and all of the referrals provided are available at no cost to the client. The Crisis line is in effect a call center which directs families to a wide variety of resources for their needs.

Some of the most common requests are for housing assistance, affordable medical care, food, and heating bill help. More information on those are below. However the service can really provide information on any state or even local assistance programs in the region.

Medical and health care needs

One program available in Camden County and statewide is New Jersey Family Care. This is for teenagers and the state will provide them with either reduced priced or free medical care. The service needs to take place at HMOs affiliated providers in Camden County. Or the staff at the Crisis line can refer people to local community clinics.

Services available from the centers include hospitalizations, lab tests, doctor visits, prescription eyeglasses, mental health services, prescription drugs, flu shots and dental care. There is medical assistance for both adults and children, provided they meet income and insurance limits.

When seeking help from New Jersey Family Care or a clinic that is located in Camden County, eligibility is based on monthly income and household size. In particular a free clinic and the charity care offered by them will try not to turn anyone away from getting help.

Crisis line trained staff assist with MediCare and prescription drug voucher applications as well. These are government funded insurance plans or run in partnership with pharmaceutical companies. This services tend to be for very low income families or individuals with some form of disability.

Crisis line referrals to government grants

There are several resources available in the county. Any type of financial assistance is generally targeted at very low income families. The funding will also depend heavily on the federal government and agencies such as HUD or the USDA for food stamps. While there are numerous programs available in Camden County, some of those that are in highest demand include the following. Many residents in Camden New Jersey are eligible for Food Stamps and Medicaid and may not even know it.




Families with children can receive cash assistance from TANF. Government agencies, that are listed in the Crisis service database, offer financial assistance to parents, single moms, or the caregiver of a child. The applicant will need to meet the income guidelines that are in place.

The grants can be used for various living expenses. This can range from rent to medical bills or clothing. This is a time limited public benefit and the parent will need to find employment, which the Crisis line can help with as well.

Day care bills can be paid by New Jersey Cares for Kids. The state offers assistance to pay for a portion of the child care costs for working families, and specialists from Crisis line can offer details on this. The household will also need to contribute, and the amount will depend on factors such as income.

Any child care help is for low to moderate income households. The child needs to range in age from birth to 12 years of age. Single parents, including moms, as well as others can apply. Note that the parent needs to be employed 30 or more hours per week or training for a job.

Weatherization, or free energy conservation is a program that helps low-income consumers reduce home energy bills. It really helps during the cold Camden New Jersey winter months. Another benefit from weatherization is that it will improve the health, comfort and safety of their home.

The Crisis line can refer homeowners to Weatherization providers in the community. These companies will repair or replace heating equipment, repair broken glass, patch holes in walls or ceilings, add weather stripping to doors, and more. The safety parts include check for carbon monoxide leaks or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In some instances weatherization can also help with minor heating repairs and even furnace replacements if that is what is needed.





Additional public funds are for paying electric and heating bills. One, known as LIHEAP, is to be accessible to persons in need of basic support. It too is federally funded and the grants can be used by Camden County families for paying electricity, gas, oil, propane and wood. If a family is facing an emergency, such as a disconnection or if they do not have any heat at all, then staff from the Crisis line will offer information on an expedited application process.

HPRP, or Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-Housing, is a program run by some non-profits in Camden County. Agencies work with the Crisis line to prevent homelessness one family at a time.

Based on funding levels, agencies offer housing relocation and stabilization services and financial assistance. There may be loans or maybe cash grants for back rent, utility bills, security deposit application fees, utility deposits, moving cost, transportation, financial classes and more. If the tenant needs long term support, this may be met by HUD section 8 vouchers.

Senior Services are another focus of the Crisis line. There are many services for people who are 60 years of age and over. Non-profits will also generally provide the client access to a trained case manager to provide direct senior client contact and support for in-home resources such as respite care.

Those are just a few examples of the services that people can learn about from the Crisis line. For more details, dial (856) 663-2255 in Camden County.




By Jon McNamara

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