Programs from Family Service and Community Center.

Low wage earners in Camden County often struggle with providing for their family. Family Service and Community Center is a charity that can help them with their basic needs. Funds may be issued for certain expenses, such as rent, food, or energy bills, provided the applicant is on their way to self-sufficiency. They are also a great place to learn about government programs, such as grants or affordable medical care.

Energy and rental programs from Family Service and Community Center

When facing a disconnection, there may be funds available for utility bills, such as heating or water. This will help ensure that families have a safe and secure home to live in, as this is one key need for all people. Case managers from Family Service and Community Center will explore different options, ranging from state of New Jersey and federal funded LIHEAP (or NJ Shares) to direct grants from the agency. Some resources are as follows.

  • Direct payment, and this form of financial assistance to is normally for elderly, disabled and low-income households with some source of income.
  • Cash grants from Low-income Heat Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This can provide heating oil and pay fuel bills. In some cases, there may be help available for furnace maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Staff from Family Service and Community Center partner with local utility companies. Qualified low income customers can explore their initiatives, such as payment plans, which compliment the financial assistance programs.
  • Weatherization and other free energy conservation measures, even including the installation of programmable thermostats.

Many local agencies, including Family Service and Community Center, try to prevent both evictions and foreclosures. So like the utility assistance, there are different components to this. Clients can explore a number of grant based options, or look into non-monetary aid such as mediation.

  • Permanent Housing and affordable dwellings are for low-income families with children. Tenants are expected to pay a portion of their rent and own utilities.




  • Interest free loans for rent expenses, or their may be financial aid from government grants.
  • Legal advice, such as mediation on solutions between landlord and tenants.
  • Homeowners in Camden County can enroll into free foreclosure prevention. They will explore explore ways to modify their mortgage.

The Homeless Crisis Response service is what is used to find innovative ways to address the housing crisis in the area. There is support for both family and individual's, and Family Service and Community Center will try to coordinate housing stability. By closing the front door to homelessness, it helps reduce the cost to society, both in monetary capital and human suffering.

Many other emergency assistance programs may be coordinated through Family Service and Community Center. They target these specific needs such as Pediatric Clinic, Job Counseling and Placement, Legal Services, Holiday Assistance Programs, and groceries from a Food Pantry. Some basic medical care is part of the crisis program as well. While more details are below, it may be Immunization as well as a Dental Smile Mobile clinic.

Family Service and Community Center case managers help with medical needs. They offer referrals to clinics, as well as advice on the ins and outs of the various public health insurance programs. While the specifics of each clinic will vary, they can offer prescription drugs, dental care, vaccinations, well-child visits, inpatient hospital services, mental health services and case management support.

Other comprehensive services include hearing and vision testing as well as nutrition assessment. Volunteer doctors will also coordinate developmental screening and give patients low cost immunizations. In addition, some clinics in Camden County coordinate oral health care including dental screening and free fluoride varnish applications. Centers may take government insurance, such as Medicaid, or allow low income patients to pay their medical bills on a sliding fee scale.





During the holidays, the charity may coordinate Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance as well. Most of this will be hot meals for families in a hardship. But children may receive clothing or a small toy, and seniors can get someone to visit them as well.

Employment and general case management in Camden

With the labor market always changing, Employment Services are under high demand. The job skills in demand are also always shifting with the local market. Staff from Family Service and Community Center work with the under and unemployed as well as seniors that are reentering the workforce.

  • There will be advice given to them on retooling their job skills.
  • Uunsubsidized employment or volunteer work may be arranged in the private or public sector.
  • Vouchers can help pay for work related expenses, such as clothing or maybe a bus token to a job interview. Or women can learn about Dress for Success.
  • Training and supportive services are organized relevant to the client's goals.
  • Tips on Interview Preparation as well as the creation of Resumes and Cover Letters.
  • Classes such as Basic Skills Tutoring, Budgeting, Computer Classes, Navigating the Internet and more are available at classrooms.

Family Service and Community Center employment services were set up to help clients make the most of their ability. It will take into account their interests, experiences, skills and aptitudes, which will lead to a new or possibly higher paying job in the area. The long term goal is for residents to become economically self-reliant.

For more information, residents can contact the center. The address is 2907 Federal St., Camden, New Jersey, 08105. The number is (856) 342 – 4193.




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