Center for Family Services programs.

Offering stability to the less fortunate in Camden County is a focus of Center for Family Services. They coordinate help for single moms, low income families, the disabled, and the unemployed. For those with a crisis, referrals may be offered to government benefits and other aid.

Services from CFS are focused on increasing the ability of each family to navigate difficult times and make positive choices in their lives. The non-profit agency will work closely with families or single people experiencing crisis situations. They also support young moms who are starting families, families who are unable to provide basic necessities, single parents and others.

While recognizing that every client has different needs and concerns, Center for Family Services offers a variety of assistance programs to satisfy them. Or if they can't offer direct assistance, then linkage to financial support may be offered. They try to make the solutions appropriate for every stage of life, from birth to old age.

Using a strong focus on strengthening individuals as well as entire families, the case management resources from the non-profit teach critical skills. It can help with problem solving abilities; provide advice on credit repair, and offer general counseling. Other services in Camden New Jersey include homeless prevention and related support services. After all, a sustainable home life is the foundation of success.

Center for Family Services is focused on creating a safe environment for parents and their children. They do this by giving them the opportunity to access resources necessary for them to manage their money, locate safe and affordable housing or connect with other community resources.

One example is the Camden County TANF Initiative for Parents (TIP) Program. This helps people become great parents. It does this by providing training in parenting skills, education, and coordinating welfare-to-work support for the unemployed or poor. A focus is on low income pregnant women and new mothers with babies under the age of one.

The TIP goals include stabilizing families, ensuring the welfare of children and promoting self-sufficiency, by providing all necessary social support services. Financial aid may be available in the county as well. TIP participants can receive services up until their babies turn one, as long as the moms remain in compliance with all guidelines.




Services offered include employment and Life Skills Counseling. There is also child care for working parents as well as Positions with the Community Work Experience Program (CWEP). Daily Educational and Support Workshops are held, and much more is offered as part of TANF Initiative for Parents.

The CFS of Camden County Head Start Program employs a comprehensive and integrated approach in supporting the educational, health, physical, and emotional development of children. It operates both across the City and Camden County in New Jersey.

This is done by providing stimulating activities and learning experiences in a nurturing environment, and also creating a strong support network for the entire family. Additional services from the agency include free health care check ups, nutrition, hot meals, special education, skills workshops for parents, mental health treatments, and social services. Children under the age of 6 from low income families are provided with a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and maybe even one snack each day.

The local community-based, family-centered Promise Neighborhood Family Success Center is a local place for residents. They will have access to family support, information on government aid, and an array of human services. This is the main resource available in which struggling residents can learn about financial aid programs, including for housing.

The atmosphere at the Center is focused on strengthening the family unit, helping people gain stability, and making families more self-sufficient. Each month, CFS will offer a variety of educational workshops and activities to clients. There may also be connections to other resources, such as food pantries or community clinics. All services and information is free and open to all families in the community.

Some of the social services coordinated by Center for Family Services include Family Health Information, Housing assistance such as referrals to rent help, Links to Community Resources in Camden, Life and Job Training, Budgeting and Credit Counseling as well.





CFS partners with the UOSS - Union Organization for Social Service to offer the Housing First Program (HFP). As resources allow, it provides short-term counseling in regard to financial stability. It also touches upon housing relocation, emergency rent help, and budgeting workshops.

The assistance is for Camden County citizens who are homeless or who would be evicted from their home if not for this service. To be eligible, applicants must have a source of income, agree to case management services, and be ineligible for other government housing services. Dial 856-964-1990.

Supportive and transitional housing from Center for Family Services can meet the needs of children and teens in the county. There is also housing for single moms and their children as well as women trying to escape domestic violence.

The CFS program offers housing in residential treatment facilities, emergency shelters, transitional living programs, and affordable permanent apartments. The programs are for New Jersey children and families in need of help in obtaining a safe home environment.

Additional housing support is part of Services to Assist Families and the Elderly, or SAFE. This resource offers resources to families and senior citizens living in affordable housing communities in Camden County. They will be linked with beneficial community services.




Staff from SAFE also provides in-home counseling and case management services to Camden County disabled adults as well as senior citizens. They all have the goal of improving their quality of life, preventing homelessness, and enabling people to continue living in their own homes and communities. Clients can benefit from free Health Screenings, Resource and Referral Information, and even the Assistance with the Application Process for Programs and Benefits, such as Medicaid.

There are two main locations of Center for Family Services. One is at 17 S. Delsea Dr., Glassboro, New Jersey 08028, call 856-881-5511. Or try the Promise Neighborhood Family Success Center, which is based at 580 Benson St., Camden, NJ 08103, phone 856-964-8096.


By Jon McNamara

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