New Jersey heating bill and utility bill assistance programs.

Customers of New Jersey utility companies can take advantage of several different energy and heating bill assistance programs. There are also several other resources and services that are offered to eligible customers by the New Jersey state government or local utility companies. Qualified low income and elderly families in the state can apply for grants and financial assistance to help them pay their utility bills. Get information below on all the different assistance programs and methods that can provide help with bills.

AmeriGas - This is the states and nation’s largest propane provider. Customers can receive help with their bills from programs such as LIHEAP (low income home energy assistance program). Other payment programs are supported as well, including prepayments and guaranteed rates on your propane for the winter months. More details on AmeriGas assistance programs.

Atlantic City Electric - Assistance programs are in place for both low and moderate income customers. One of the primary programs offered is TRUE, or Temporarily Relief for Utility Expense. However several other crisis programs can help pay utility and electric bills. Click here for more information on financial help from Atlantic City Electric.

New Jersey Comfort Partners is a conservation program. It is a residential low-income program provided to state residents by Jersey Central Power & Light, PSE&G, Atlantic City Electric (Conectiv), Rockland Electric Company, New Jersey Natural Gas, South Jersey Gas and also Elizabethtown Gas through the Societal Benefits Charge created under New Jersey's restructuring legislation.

Energy efficiency and conservation measures provided to homeowners include refrigerator replacement, efficient lighting products, hot water conservation measures, insulation, programmable thermostats, additional and extra insulation upgrades, air sealing, duct sealing and repair, and heating/cooling equipment maintenance, repair and/or replacement. In addition, various other services such as energy counseling, education and arrearage forgiveness is also provided for participants who agree to payment plans are included.





Call your local community action agency and ask about this conservation program., or you can dial Public Service Electric & Gas 1-888-773-8326, Atlantic City Electric (Conectiv Power) 1-800-280-0254, Jersey Central Power & Light 1-800-207-9276, South Jersey Gas, 1-800-648-0138, Elizabethtown Gas 1-888-773-8326, Rockland Electric 1-800-231-0427, NJ Natural Gas 1-800-221-0051.

Jersey Central Power and Light, or First Energy, will work with customers on finding solutions to their energy bill problems and upcoming disconnections. The company may offer payment extensions which give certain households more time to pay their bills. Other programs include balanced billing or deferments for military members. Or get referrals to federal government and state resources such as Universal Service Fund or LIHEAP heating bill assistance. Click more information Jersey Central power and Light.

New Jersey Lifeline Assistance Program was created from the state of New Jersey general fund. The Lifeline Assistance program provides state residents with a credit on their natural gas or electric bills of $225 per year to both disabled and/or senior homeowners and tenants. All current beneficiaries of Medical Assistance Only, Medical Assistance to the Aged, or the New Jersey Care, are sent Lifeline applications automatically every August. In addition, Supplemental Security Income recipients receive Lifeline automatically as part of their benefit package. Call 1-800-792-9745 to apply or get more information.

Low Income Programs - The free federal government weatherization service and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program can help families and individuals in New Jersey pay their heating and utility bills. This programs also offer other support as well, such as energy conservation and furnace repairs or replacement. Read more LIHEAP in New Jersey.





New Jersey Natural Gas offers its customers the Gift of Warmth program. This is a program that provides natural gas bill and heating assistance to low income customers and those state residents who are in a temporary financial distress. This particular assistance program is administered by the United Way through local Community Action Program (CAP) agencies. In your town or county. Call Middlesex County - 732-828-4541. Ocean County - Ocean, Inc. 732-244-9041. Monmouth County - 732-502-8855 or 732-775-4442. Morris County - Organization for Hispanic Affairs, Inc. 973-366-1131

New Jersey Natural Gas - In addition to the resource listed above, the utility company offers low to moderate income customers several other financial and emergency assistance programs. Examples include the Lifeline Credit, Comfort Partners, and TRUE, among others. Click here for additional programs that can help pay natural gas bills. And read more on financial assistance from New Jersey Natural Gas.

New Jersey Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) - This is one of the largest electric and gas companies in the state, and they have over two million customers. Most of the resources they provide low income customers are government programs, such as LIHEAP, weatherization, and SHARES. However they also work with customers in other ways, including providing referrals to non-profits. Read more PSE&G assistance.

New Jersey SHARES (Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services) – This is a low income charity type program. It is a statewide, year-round independent energy and heating bill assistance fund that is available for families and individuals who are living in New Jersey who are in need of temporary help in paying their home heating, utility, and energy bills. There are some criteria that need to be met, including the applicant needs to be non-welfare recipient energy customers who are experiencing a short term hardship or financial crisis, the applicants needs to be have exhausted all other available sources of both local and government assistance and have demonstrated a good faith effort to pay their energy bills. Call 1-866-NJ SHARE (1-866-657-4273)

Universal Service Fund - This is the state of New Jersey’s low-income energy bill assistance program, which began in October 2003. The USF will fund qualified customers with a fixed credit percentage of income payment plan under which participants will be required to pay no more than six percent of their total annual household income towards their electric and/or household gas bills. New Jersey gas s well as electric customers whose household income is equal to or less than 175 percent of the federal poverty level are automatically eligible for the heating and energy assistance program. 1-866-240-1347




Winter heating bills - Low income families, the unemployed, senior citizens, and others who need help can turn to various government and non-profit assistance programs. The state of New Jersey administers a number of heating bill assistance programs, non-profits offer support, and most utility companies provide payment plans or other services. More heating bill help New Jersey.

If your utility company is not listed or if you need more help then you can find other ways to get electric and heating bill help. Numerous programs can provide low income assistance, free heating oil, and other aid to New Jersey families.


By Jon McNamara

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