AmeriGas assistance programs.

Low income customers of AmeriGas may qualify for cash grants and government assistance from LIHEAP, or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This is the primary resource that the propane provider supports. However AmeriGas also offers other types of payment plans to people of all backgrounds. Low income families or those facing an emergency can apply for guaranteed payments, a pre-pay service, and other support.

Heating bill assistance is offered by LIHEAP. AmeriGas supports qualified low income and working poor customers, including seniors and disabled, who may be having problems paying for their propane costs. The objective is to help individuals who are otherwise struggling with affording their winter heating bills. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides individuals with cash grants on a first-come basis, first-served basis, so funding is limited and can potentially even run out.

Although the program was originally created by the federal government, each state in AmeriGas’s service territory administers LIHEAP separately. People who are interested in getting help with their propane bills or receiving additional information need to apply directly to your state if you think you are qualified. Eligibility is determined by each individual states guidelines and standards.

A focus is on helping customers who are elderly, disabled or if the family has a young child under 6 years of age. AmeriGas and the government focus their financial aid for propane bills and resources on people who are especially at risk for life-threatening illness or even death if their home is not heated.

To learn more or apply, call your local community action agency. Or customers can dial the National Energy Assistance Referral (NEAR) project, which is a free service providing information on where you can apply for LIHEAP. Call 1-866-674-6327. Applicants need to have proof of income, residence, and additional documentation. In addition, customers need to have copies of their AmeriGas bills.

If you do call your local community action agency, also ask about weatherization. This program is an energy conservation resource that will help people save money by improving the energy efficiency of their home. It is very effective in lowering a households annual propane bill.





Residential AmeriGas payment plans are offered for a number of customers in order to help people do business easier with the company.

  • Guaranteed Price on your propane is offered for those who Pre-Pay on their account. Customers of all income levels that decide to pre-pay for their annual heating costs can purchase propane in advance at a guaranteed price per gallon. So if you think prices may increase in the future, pre-paying can save people money.
  • Smart Pay – Customers who sign up for this option can make monthly payments on their account without a locked-in price. Individuals will be able to receive, in general, a couple cents per gallon discount on their propane, and there is not an enrollment fee for this service.
  • If you pay your propane bill on a monthly basis, you can also be guaranteed a fixed price at a set rate per gallon. AmeriGas works with their partners on offering this, however there may be an annual fee.
  • AmeriLock allows customers to pay their propane bill by delivery at a set price per gallon.
  • Automatic Delivery will ensure someone doesn’t run out of fuel. AmeriGas will monitor your usage and will deliver you propane when needed. Customers will never need to call for a delivery.
  • Payment Protection Plans are offered to both SmartPay and AmeriGuard customers. This program is offered for an annual fee for single coverage or joint coverage. It will help ensure that remaining monthly payments for the current term are paid for in the event of death of the account holder.
  • LineGard can provide insurance/protection from the expense of any exterior propane gas line damage or malfunction of your line.

Other payment plans and pricing may be offered as well by AmeriGas. The customer service staff at each center are aware of state as well as federal government assistance programs for paying propane bills, and they also have information on local charities. In order to get information on these programs, or other options that are available such as conservation, Call the AmeriGas center near you, or dial 1-866-243-5470.




By Jon McNamara

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