Assistance programs New Jersey Natural Gas.

Low income and struggling customers from New Jersey Natural Gas can receive assistance with their bills from weatherization and/or resources that offer direct financial assistance. Programs are offered for those families with an unexpected financial hardship or who live on a low or limited income. New Jersey Natural Gas is committed to working with customers to help them pay their bills and address their energy needs.

Many of the services are offered in partnership with the federal government or the state. Oftentimes your local Community Action Agency accepts applications. Case managers at those non-profit organizations can help people apply for help.

Government and public aid

The largest program is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Both heating and cooling bills can be paid for by this federal government funded and created program. Renters and homeowners can apply for support from it. LIHEAP provides cash assistance on a first come, first serve basis, so apply early.

Thousands of New Jersey Natural Gas customers qualify every year for this service, with an emphasis given to senior citizens as well as working poor families with children. The amount of benefits paid out depends of the applicant’s income, among other factors.

For more information on LIHEAP, or weatherization, dial 800-510-3102. Customers can always also call NJNG or their local community action agency for referrals.

Universal Service Fund provides credits on energy bills for low income customers. It was created and is administered by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. This program is usually applied for at the same time as LIHEAP. Call 866-240-1347.

New Jersey Lifeline Credit Program (Lifeline) is offered by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. A credit of over $100 can be offered on electricity or gas bills. It is only provided for income-eligible senior citizens.





The applicant needs to be at least 65 years old and receive service from New Jersey Natural Gas. Lifeline can also help people who are 18 years of age and older and receive Social Security Disability. They also need to meet the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and the Disabled (PAAD) criteria. To apply for this program, dial 800-221-0051. Or of course stop by your local community action agency to ask how to get help for paying New Jersey Natural Gas bills.

New Jersey SHARES is offered for people faced with a crisis or emergency situation. Low and more moderate income families and individuals can apply. Financial aid is offered for people with a unique hardship or crisis that requires short term, temporary financial help to pay their telephone, energy and even water bills. Customers can only apply one time for this grant.

New Jersey Natural Gas customers who apply for SHARES need to have a current history of good faith payments with paying their bills in the past. Also, any cash paid out must result in continuance and/or restoration of the customer’s gas service. Phone number 866-657-4273.

Resources administered directly by New Jersey Natural Gas

A leading program is the Gift of Warmth, which is run by the United Way and local community action agencies. It is for income-eligible households in the utility provider’s service territory. People who are facing an unanticipated or temporary financial hardship can also apply for the “gift”, which is paid out to them in the form of a grant. Individuals who receive help may be faced with an emergency such as a job loss or short term reduction in income. Call NJNG at 800-221-0051.

Temporary Relief for Utility Expenses (TRUE) is also run at the local level by community action agencies. It is a state cash grant program that is administered by the Affordable Housing Alliance as well as their partners. This program is effective as more moderate income families may qualify, so if your income is too high for other government aid then TRU may still help.




It is a one time cash grant program for low to moderate income New Jersey Natural Gas customers, and funds can be used for paying gas as well as heating bills. People can apply year round. Individuals can be assisted if their income is too high to receive USF or LIHEAP, and if they have made some payments on their bills in the not so distant past. Call 855-465-8783.

New Jersey Comfort Partners is administered by NJNG and other utility companies across the state. The Board of Public Utilities ultimately created and supports the resource. This program is a free energy conservation and weatherization type program. The goal is to help people reduce their usage and save money on their utilities. Dial 732-938-1494.

Comfort Partners will provide energy-efficiency improvements and weatherization for free to customers. Any conservation updates are determined on a case by case basis, after an audit of the applicant’s home is completed.


By Jon McNamara

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