Camden County rental assistance.

While funding is limited, there may be rental assistance available to tenants in Camden County. Non-profits as well as government affiliated agencies offer low income families a variety of resources. Qualified applicants may be given a grant for paying back rent or help with moving, including security deposits. Other support will help stop evictions in the region.

Any funding is very limited and priority is given to a client with a source of income as they need to maintain the housing on their own in the future. In some cases, a non-profit organization will issue a loan to the applicant for their rental expenses. If someone is not qualified, or if an agency is out of money, then referrals will generally be given to other places to try in Camden.

Camden County Board of Social Services provides rental and housing assistance to residents on TANF or Supplemental Security Income. Additional support is for victims of domestic violence in the county. The government agency may issue them grants for a security deposit or rent arrears, and other assistance is for applicants that are homeless. Call (856) 225 – 8822.

Camden County Council On Economic Opportunity
Address is 538 Broadway
Camden, New Jersey 08103
(856) 964 – 6887
This is the non-profit community action agency. Case managers will offer referrals and funds for deposits and rent on low income apartments. Any financial aid or no interest loans for housing is for emergency situations only. Another site is at 341 Kaighns Ave, Camden, NJ, 08103.




Catholic Charities - Churches offer family services. Case managers offer information and referrals to rent programs, shelters, and other aid for struggling families. Other clients include seniors and single parents. There are three main churches that partner with the diocese of Camden County, and they are as follows.

  • St. Joe's - 2907 Federal St, Camden, New Jersey, 08105, telephone (856) 342 - 4193
  • 2818 River Rd, Camden, NJ, 08105, (856) 342 – 4100
  • Community center known as Haddon Ave is at 1845 Haddon Ave, Camden, NJ, 08103. Call (856) 342 – 4193.





SSVF is for veterans in the region. Catholic Charities run the rental assistance and housing program known as Ready Vet Go. The goal is to prevent homelessness, so funds are issued for everything from utility costs to rent and transitional housing. The address is 1200 N Delsea Dr in Westville New Jersey.

Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund
This agency only help families with  terminally ill children. Donations are used to help with bills such as rent or medical.

NJ Department of Community Affairs
(732) 777 – 6999
They run the section 8 low income housing program. Vouchers can be used by the disabled, seniors, and employed families for paying rent on an ongoing basis. Private homes and apartments can be leased.

Saint Vincent DePaul Society - Saint Joachim Conference
601 W Browning Rd
Bellmawr, NJ, 08031
For information dial (856) 534 - 1907

Salvation Army – Camden Citadel Corps
915 Haddon Ave
Camden, NJ, 08103
Dial (856) 338 – 1700
Everything from shelter to food is combined with money for rental and energy costs.

Senior Citizens United Community Services – SCUCS – Housing and other support is for disabled residents and the elderly. Housing, rent, and other support is coordinated from 537 Nicholson Rd in Audubon. Main number is (856) 456 – 1121.

Veterans Multi-Service Center
(610) 384 – 8387
Housing and applications to VA benefits is for low-income and homeless Veterans. The agency will help them move into permanent housing.




Volunteers of America – Camden County
(856) 583 – 1414
Shelter and short term transitional housing is for veterans. They can also learn about employment as well as grants for utility and rental deposits when they are ready to live on their own.

Tenants and the homeless may benefit from eviction prevention or rehousing. The state coordinates programs for paying rent, motel vouchers, and moving costs among other housing expenses. Camden County families may also receive free legal aid, with rental assistance focused on families or single moms with children. Click more information.

Department of Finance Bureau of Grants Management - CAMDEN
520 Market Street
Camden, New Jersey 08101
(856) 968-3506
Referrals may be offered.

Twin Oaks Community Services – The disabled and mentally ill can get rent or housing help from Homelessness Prevention (PATH). Office is at 19 E Ormond Ave, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08034. Dial (856) 428-4357.

Camden Free Legal Aid – Call 1-800-496-4570. Pro-bono attorneys will work with families or individuals that are facing eviction. They will contest disputes over rent or deposits, mediate solutions, and ensure the home or apartment is safe to live in.

Center for Family Services
Address is 584 Benson St
Camden, New Jersey, 08103
(856) 963 – 0200
Eviction prevention is part of Housing Assistance (HPRP/Housing First). Short term aid will be used for paying rent to prevent homelessness, or to rehouse individuals that are on the streets of Camden.



By Jon McNamara

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