Board of Social Services public aid.

Low income families that are facing a crisis may qualify for help from the Board of Social Services in Camden County. The client will need to be actively seeking employment and meet other guidelines, as the support is not provided as a never ending charity benefit. When possible, families can receive emergency aid or other public assistance, such as SNAP food stamps, general assistance for rent or heating bills, and much more.

The purpose of the Food Stamp program, which is available in both the state and nationwide, is to expand the purchasing power of low-income households, including those with children, by providing them with Families First Electronic Benefit (EBT) Debit Cards. This will entitle them to buy items, such as canned goods or fruits, at retailers or super markets, and it will help them with their food benefit allotments.

SNAP is not intended to be a complete solution to preventing hunger, but it provides supplemental aid and nutrition to Camden County families in need. In order to qualify, residents must meet income and asset limits, be at least 18 years old, and also must participate in a formal intake process. Please call 856-225-5143 for more information or stop by the office.

Cash assistance is from WFNJ - Work First New Jersey. The county and state provides financial help for low-income and working poor Camden County residents through the General Assistance as well as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs. Eligible residents are furnished with funds by Board of Social Services that are to be used to support their families with basic needs, ranging from rent to heating bills as well as clothing or medications.

In addition, TANF offers a variety of support services as clients progress through their job training as well search efforts, employment, and post-employment. This public assistance is also available to non-parents, such as an uncle, who have custody of eligible children regardless of their age. The other option, General Assistance, is a work program for adults aged 18 years and older, who do not have dependent children.

Both of these financial aid programs provide benefits for up to 60 months during a client’s lifetime, so they are time limtied. WFNJ also provides case management and support services to GA and TANF recipients, with the goal of equipping them with the experience, job skills, and education needed. New Jersey wants clients to be successful as full-time employees and ultimately become economically self-sufficiency.




The GA - General assistance program can also pay for a variety of bills. Ensuring residents have food and shelter will normally be the priority of social services, so this means there may be funds for housing costs such as rent or utility bills. Also, work items, including clothes for an interview, may be provided too by the county.

In order to receive TANF benefits, clients are required to cooperate with the Child Support and Paternity service, which works to establish and enforce the support obligations of legally responsible parents. Program services include establishment of paternity, support orders, parental location, and upward modifications of existing orders.

Medicaid from Board of Social Services is a government-run health care assistance program that pays for prescriptions, medical bills, office visits, hospital stays, optometric services, eyeglasses, and dental care for income-eligible citizens. The public benefits may be provided to eligible persons through Health Maintenance Organization in Camden County, and the program also pays for nursing home care for eligible individuals. Eligibility criteria and covered services vary from each resource, and the main services are below.

Community Care Medicaid component is for the disabled and elderly in Camden County. It is available as an alternative to nursing homes or hospitalization. This program offers home health services to qualified lower income elderly and disabled individuals. The Medically Needy Program is also for residents over the age of 65, pregnant women, or children.

The baseline of Medicaid is financial assistance to residents who have limited incomes and access to resources, including the blind, senior citizens or disabled. This also provides benefits for Work First NJ recipients who meet the eligibility requirements for the former Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program.





The Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment Program ensures that Medicaid-eligible children receive yearly medical screenings and examinations.

Camden County residents can enroll into the New Jersey Care Special Medicaid Program. This is available as one part of various programs to assist uninsured families with children; pregnant women, single adults, and married couples who don’t have children. Board of Social Services also offers the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program, which covers deductibles and Medicare Part B medical insurance for income-eligible residents.

The disabled in Camden County can also benefit from Home and Community-Based Services. These will enable income-eligible individuals, as well as those that lack long term insurance, to remain in their own homes, as opposed to moving into an institutional setting.

A local resource, the Caregiver Assistance Program, provides support and assistance to eligible clients who depend on their support networks for their care. So Camden County will relieve them, whether it is friends, community agencies, neighbors or volunteer groups.

The Social Services Program provides public aid and support to residents that receive SSI, TANF, or individuals who have limited incomes. They can receive transportation to a doctor appointment, get referrals to hospitals and clinics, and receive advice on applying for disability. The Board of Social Services will also link clients with the appropriate government services.

The main office is at 600 Market St., Camden, New Jersey 08102. Clients can call or stop by to apply.



By Jon McNamara

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