Jefferson Parish assistance programs.

Listed below are some of the resources that cover the entire parish. However, there are a number of other financial assistance programs and services that support the greater New Orleans region and Jefferson Parish. Read more.

There are several different charities, non-profits, and other support groups for the Jefferson Parish area. Many refer to the county as Greater New Orleans, as it is a major city suburb. Get information on assistance programs for paying rent, bills and debts, health care needs, and other programs.

Help from Jefferson Community Action Programs (JEFFCAP)

Many people just need some short term assistance to make it through a difficult period. Others need help to break the cycle of poverty. If you need any type of aid, the Jefferson Community Action Programs (JEFFCAP) is the local non-profit agency that may be the bet resource.

  • Mortgage help - The community action agency may be able to provide homeowners with funding to help pay their mortgage. They can also refer people to HUD approve foreclosure counselors, and discuss various mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs. Click here for additional information on mortgage programs.




  • Emergency rent help - If you are facing an eviction, and may become homeless, you may be eligible for cash assistance and grants to pay your rent.
  • Weatherization Program - This is a federal government funded program, and it is free to qualified homeowners. The program can assist both renters and homeowners by helping them conserve energy, and thereby lower their energy bills. Some of the improvements offered can include installing energy-efficient improvements such as windows, doors, extra insulation, caulking, AC unit tuning, and much more.
  • Utility and electric bill help - The Jefferson Community Action Program offers both information on assistance programs from utility companies, and they also administer the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP program). This program will help people pay electric and utility bills, and provide other forms of aid to those in need of help.





  • Housing counseling - An extensive, wide variety of counseling services are offered to both renters and homeowners. Receive access to comprehensive counseling and other resources for housing aid. It is available to tenants and homeowners. Gain access to information and referrals to Louisiana and federal government programs, and also get housing financial assistance (including money for paying your mortgage and rent) whenever available. In addition, additional housing programs that are also available to qualified applicants are a first time homebuyers, financial fitness training and home maintenance, and even advice on reverse mortgage counseling to seniors that are 62 years or older.
  • Food assistance and pantry - The agency also oversees the distribution of free food and groceries. The food is distributed by Second Harvest, which is a national charity that provides food and nutritional assistance to families and individuals who are in need.
  • Headstart and educational programs - The agency also runs the Headstart program, which provides a combination of healthcare and educational needs to children.
  • Rent and housing assistance - The community action agency has information on various rental programs. Apply for emergency funds to prevent an eviction. Grants can also be provided by some non-profits to pay security deposits, moving costs, and other housing expenses. In addition, locate details on low income housing in the Jefferson Parish region.

To learn more about any of these programs, or other services offered, call the Jefferson Community Action Programs at (504) 736-3900, or click here more details.

Clothes and basic needs may be provided by charities, thrift stores and clothing closets. Dozens of centers operate in the city and Jefferson Parish. Low income and working poor families can apply for help with basic living needs, including the possibility of some funds or grants for paying bills or rent. Click here.

Medical and cancer support groups and financial assistance

The Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans (504-733-5539) and Jefferson Parish assist patients with paying for cancer drugs, prescription medications and also provides for the emergency financial needs that patients may need. For example, if a cancer patients needs some extra money to pay a utility bill, rent, or some other expense, this agency may be able to help. Any type of assistance available in Jefferson Parish relies on the availability of grants. If the non-profit does not have funding then cancer patients will not be able to be assisted.




Help for bills such as rent, energy, and medical costs

Kenner City Government offers some limited financial assistance for paying electric bills. This is only offered as funding allows and the applicant needs to also meet all eligibility requirements. The address is 4312 Florida Avenue. Call 504-469-2570

The Housing Authority of Jefferson Parish is one of the places to call if you are facing housing, rent, or mortgage issues. Among other things the agency offers low income housing, section 8 vouchers, and referrals to programs such as foreclosure counseling. 1718 Betty Street, Marrero Louisiana, 70072, 504-347-4381

Jefferson Council On Aging (JCOA) offers assistance programs for low income senior citizens who are 60+ years old. Support is also provided for handicapped adults 18 years or older. Among other programs residents of the region can apply for include the emergency utility bill assistance program known as Power to Care. Other resources include free meals, including some that can be home delivered. Also learn about and enroll into certain government health care programs such as Medicare or prescription drug saving programs. Workshops are offered for seniors and include bill payee, budgeting, and much more. The main office is at 6620 Riverside Drive, Metairie LA, 70003. Call the center at 800-635-1437, or read Louisiana Agency on Aging.

Community Health Care Center of Avondale may provide some medical bill assistance and care on a sliding fee scale. The clinic will also offer Pediatric and Adult Health Care to Jefferson County patients. 504-436-2223

Urban League - Serving Jefferson Parish and the immediate region, this non-profit focuses on the less fortunate, including families with children, seniors, and the unemployed. They offer grants from EFSP for paying rent and housing expenses. Workforce Development can help people find a new or better job. Other programs include eviction prevention in the form of loans, housing counseling, referrals to security deposit assistance, and Head Start. Read more Urban League Jefferson Parish programs.

AFS - Armstrong Family Services is another housing focused non-profit. They partner with groups such as the UNITY for the Homeless to end evictions and rehouse families. So to this end, the agency may offer limited grants for back rent. They also run shelters, organize case management/stabilization, and may even have loans for qualified Jefferson Parish residents. Read more.

Total Community Action Agency may have referrals for residents in Jefferson Parish. The location focuses most of its resources on metro New Orleans, but they are an option for low income and working poor families. The agency may have information on housing, shelter, and government support. Learn more.

One time rent programs are sometimes available. In addition, an individual that is homeless may be able to receive funds to pay a security deposit or maybe referrals to low income apartments. Various agencies and non-profits help those faced with a housing crisis. Find more rental assistance in Jefferson Parish.





Water Help Program - This is an assistance program that can help with paying for water bills and/or sewer costs. Customer donations fund the program so resources are limited. However qualified low income customers and those that are struggling may qualify for grants to pay water costs. Payment extensions may be available too. Click details.

DCFS benefits - The parish can provide very low income families in Jefferson Parish with grants and other forms of support from Family Independence Temporary Assistance (FITAP) and other public benefits. Some of the more common requests can be for food stamps, child care subsidies, career counseling and much more. Click Jefferson Parish public assistance.

Short term housing resources, including shelter and transitional programs, can assist those residents facing imminent eviction and the homeless. Receive a wide variety of support, referrals, and guidance from non-profits in Jefferson Parish. Learn more.

Seniors that live in the city portion of Jefferson Parish can also try NOCOA. There is a Social Services Department which provides referrals, assistance for caregivers, and information on medical care or prescriptions from the Louisiana Answers and its Aging and Disability Resource Center. Read more.

Housing solutions from UNITY - Partnering with local non-profits, the agency coordinates short term housing and rental assistance. There are programs for single parents, senior citizens, and others, and a goal of UNITY is to end homelessness in the region. More information.

Christmas assistance is available in Jefferson Parish. The resources available, mostly around Christmas but also sometimes at Thanksgiving, are as follows.

  • Small toys, presents, and gift cards for children.
  • Hot meals for entire families.
  • Home delivery, companionship at Christmas and Meals on Wheels for the homebound or senior citizens.
  • Much more is provided too. Read Jefferson Parish holiday programs.

Food pantries in Jefferson Parish

Harvey Community Center - The locations is part of the nationwide, non-profit Second Harvest organization. It can offer ongoing and/or one time emergency food assistance to those who continue to meet qualifications. 1501 Estalote Avenue, Harvey LA, 70058, dial 504-227-1227

Infant Jesus of Prague Church runs a pantry for people at 700 Maple Avenue in Harvey. It helps people regardless of religion. 504-368-1397

Jefferson Presbyterian Church may have free groceries, meals, and other basic goods such as clothing or personal goods. Students and seniors may get assistance tailored for their needs as well. 504-733-2090

Saint Edward the Confessor, 4921 West Metairie Avenue, Metairie LA, 70001, dial 504-888-0703

Woman to Woman Rescue Center, 355 Saia Avenue, Westwego Louisiana, 70094, phone 504-341-4707. Single and married women, their children, and others in Jefferson Parish can receive a free meal, food, clothing, and other social services.

Saint Rita Food Pantry is located at 375 Oak Street in Harahan. Boxes of groceries and food can be passed out to the poor and lower income in the region. 504-737-2915

Wildflower Community Development Corporation, 151 Sala Avenue, Westwego Louisiana, 70094, dial 985-859-9015 for information on their resources.



By Jon McNamara

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