Louisiana utility bill and energy assistance programs.

Financial assistance programs are offered to Louisiana families and individuals. Many of the programs focus on the low income, elderly, disabled, and others who may be struggling. However, some form of assistance (at minimum advice) is provided to anyone who calls for help.

Qualified customers can receive access to cash grants to pay bills, weatherization and conservation programs, and an extensive menu of various energy bill assistance programs. In addition, many Louisiana non-profits and charities partner with the utility companies to distribute the funds to people who are most in need of help.Get information on options available to you below.

Atmos Energy - Sharing the Warmth is a program that offers qualified individuals help with paying their gas and energy bills. All of the emergency funding will be provided directly to local people in need that meet criteria established the local community action agency. Call your local community action agency for more information.

Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Share Program is an assistance program in which aid is distributed through local parishes, which then in effect work with each local community action agency in Louisiana to assist needy families.

CenterPoint Energy - Two different programs are offered depending on where you live in Louisiana. For example, the Energy Assistance Program is offered for people in south Louisiana. The program can help both elderly and low-income customers pay their gas or energy bills. The funds are administered by the American Red Cross and local assistance agencies, so contact them for information, or dial 866-275-5252. Another option is the Good Neighbor Fuel Fund, which covers north Louisiana. Help is provided to low income individuals. Call your local community action agency, Salvation Army, or other charitable organization for more information. Dial 866-275-5252




CenterPoint Energy - Assistance is provided for elderly and disabled customers in Louisiana. Monies collected through the energy assistance fund are used to assist qualified individuals with paying energy bills, can pay to help weatherize homes, pay for the purchase of fans and blankets, and make minor repairs to heating and cooling units. The Louisiana Association of Councils on Aging administers the fund and provides monies to needy people. Dial 1-800-622-6537

CenterPoint Energy - In addition to the resources indicated above, several other cooling bill assistance programs, weatherization services, and payment plans are available. Read more.





CLECO – The Power of Sharing Fund as an emergency crisis fund that was established to help the needy. They also offer deferred bill programs, payment plans to qualified low income customers, and other financial aid. Continue with CLECO assistance programs.

Dixie Electric Membership Corporation – The program offered is known as Operation Round-UP. Emergency funds can help the elderly, handicapped, and other needy individuals and families pay their monthly utility bills. Call 225-665-0317 for more information or to apply for help.

Entergy - Beat The Heat is an assistance program that provides the low income and elderly with free fans during the hot Louisiana summer months. 1-800-368-3749

Entergy - The Power to Care is a program that helps the low-income, elderly or disabled customers pay their monthly utility and energy bills in times of financial distress. Dial 1-800-368-3749

Find more Louisiana Entergy assistance programs.

Entergy Gulf States Utilities, Inc. – They provide qualified customers a Senior Discount Program. It provides customers with a waiver of $6.00 on their monthly customer charge for customers who are 65 or older, and who have an annual income less than $10,000 per year.

Entergy LA and Entergy New Orleans – Another program may be able to provide caulking, hot water jackets, weather stripping, door strips, outlet plugs, solar screens, refrigerator replacement and general repairs. And energy saving enhancements.





Entergy New Orleans runs an Elderly and Handicapped Emergency Assistance Fund. This program from Entergy in Louisiana provides funding for the program, and it is administered by the New Orleans Council on Aging and Total Community Action. The assistance program will address the needs of the disadvantaged through direct energy assistance, gash grants, and other forms of aid.  Call one of the following agencies to apply or get more information. New Orleans Council on Aging 504-821-4121. Total Community Action 504-827-2262 or 504-827-2263

Grants from LIHEAP - The federal government provides funds to the state of Louisiana which are then distributed to low income families, seniors, and the disabled. The low income energy bill assistance program provides hundreds of dollars for paying cooling and utility bills, and is often combined with weatherization. Click here Louisiana LIHEAP.

Lafayette Utility System - Share the Light is an emergency utility relief utility bill assistance program for those individuals and families who cannot obtain other forms of financial assistance from government programs or non-profit agencies. Dial 337-233-7788

Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation – On program is known as Operation Round-Up, in which grants and financial assistance can be provided to needy individuals and families that are requiring assistance with a wide variety of needs, not just energy bills. For example, get help with paying for prescription medications, artificial limbs, ramps or other handicap renovations, eyeglasses, medical and dental care, wheelchairs, all of which are examples of the grants awarded each month to qualified people. Call 337-896-5384

Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation also runs a program known as Lights On. This can offer assistance for qualifying customers who have experienced a minor emergency and cannot pay their monthly electric bill. The maximum amount of assistance provided is $100 and funds can be requested once a year. Dial 337-233-7788.




Southwestern Electric Power Company (AEP) – The Neighbor to Neighbor is managed by the United Way office in Shreveport, Louisiana. They partner with various agencies and charities in SWEPCO's service territory. To apply for help from this emergency fund, customers must provide a disconnection notice to the local agency administering the funds. Call 1-888-216-3523 for the agency or non-profit in your area. Find more assistance programs provided by SWEPCO or its partners.

Terrebonne Parish – A program known as Empowering the Community can offer energy bill assistance for residents of Terrebonne Parish, funded by Black Elk Energy. If you need more information or want to look into getting help, you need to apply at the parish Housing and Human Services Department. Dial  (985) 873-6892.


By Jon McNamara

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