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Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) assistance programs.

Southwestern Electric Power Company customers who reside in Louisiana can call the energy provider to apply for a number of assistance programs and/or payment plans. Find everything from emergency electric bill help to disconnection prevention or grant money below. Representatives from SWEPCO recognize that from time to time customers need a little extra help with paying their bills or maybe they need time, so they will do what they can to support individuals. Or the company may refer them to government programs and non-profit agencies across Louisiana.

Assistance programs offered by SWEPCO

First and foremost is the fact that customers can request a payment extension. Individuals who are unable to pay their electric bill on time, or who have received a disconnection notice from Southwestern Electric Power Company, may be provided additional time in order to get back on track. The energy provider realizes that in some cases low income customers just need some additional time to pay their bills or explore available resources, so the company can offer families in Louisiana an extended payment arrangement or one-time payment extension.

A helpful resource for paying summer electric bills is the Annual Monthly Payment program. This will in effect average a customer’s bill out over the course of the year. It lowers the cost of summer-time cooling and air conditioning bills, however the customer will need to pay slightly higher winter heating bills. So individuals have fewer spikes in their energy expenses over the course of the year.

Another resource that focuses on providing financial assistance for summer cooling bills is the Neighbor to Neighbor program. This is funded by donations from the local community as well as matching funds from SWEPCO. All donated money goes to helping the less fortunate pay their utility bills, especially those who are faced with an unplanned for emergency.

One hundred percent of the funds collected by SWEPCO go back into the community, and no money is used for paying administrative costs. Customers can contribute to the energy fund by including additional money with their monthly electric bill, or by mailing in a one-time contribution to SWEPCO with their electric bill. In either case be sure to note on the bill and the payment that the funds are for the Neighbor To Neighbor program. Or you can dial 1-888-216-3523, or stop by your local social service agency in Louisiana.





The Neighbor To Neighbor program is a year-round emergency relief fund available to low income and struggling customers across Louisiana, however the focus is on paying bills during the summer. Another priority is on the vulnerable that may be at risk if their power was disconnected, and an example would be a senior citizen in Louisiana.

This particular program is administered by the various community action agencies and other non-profits across Louisiana. The local Salvation Army centers also contribute funding and help run the program.

Summertime temperatures in Louisiana can be life threatening to families and individuals who don’t have adequate cooling. The most at risk are seniors and young children. The Southwestern Electric Power Company Neighbor To Neighbor assistance program can help people address a financial hardship or emergency, such as a medical condition or job loss. Thousands of families across Louisiana benefit from this service every year.

The community action agencies or the United Way across the state receive requests for financial assistance and they will also determine eligibility on behalf of SWEPCO.  The terms and qualifications are set by this non-profit and not SWEPCO.

There may be other solutions or financial support available, and because of this, Southwestern Electric Power Company always urges customers to call them at 1-888-216-3523. A representative can explore the options and resources referenced above. If you are going to have trouble paying a bill call before it is too late. Together you can review all of these emergency programs to either find a solution or to work out a payment plan which works for both SWEPCO and the customer.

Financial assistance for SWEPCO bills from the government resources

The primary option is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This is for low income and seniors who are having trouble paying their bills. Southwestern Electric Power Company partners with many non-profit community-based organizations in Louisiana, private companies, and local and federal organizations to provide assistance to low-income residents. LIHEAP, which is sometimes combined with energy conservation measures, is the main government funded program that is used to provide utility bill assistance to those who are most at risk.

Contact for SWEPCO programs

For more information on resources, payment plans, grants and financial help, call 888-218-3919. Customer service members from Southwestern Electric Power Company can provide more options on keeping power, lights, and electricity on.


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