Greater New Orleans Urban League financial support programs.

Both short term, emergency financial aid and long term job training and education is administered by the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. The non-profit provides support across Jefferson, Orleans, St. Tammany and other local parishes in the greater metropolitan area.

Much of the financial support is focused on housing and nutrition, so there may be occasional rental or utility bill assistance if it can prevent an eviction. Other support includes free groceries, referrals to low income housing and apartments and more. The federal government Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) is used to fund this.

Grants are made available to assist qualified low-income residents in avoiding homelessness. The non-profit can help by providing a portion of home mortgage or delinquent rent payments. Any amount paid out are limited to one month's worth of expenses, and in some cases the Urban League will issue a loan for paying rent. Case managers are also available to provide free advice on ways to prevent eviction and get back on track with making timely rent or mortgage payments.

EFSP and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans also provides programming to help qualified families with paying the high costs of home energy bills, including water if needed. Depending on the availability of government grant funding, the program may assist with paying heating oil, cooling bills, natural gas and electric expenses. EFSP may also help pay for partial bulk fuel payments.

Referrals are offered to. In some instances, local non-profits in Orleans Parish may offer additional help with payment of water and sewer payments or utility reconnection deposits. In many cases, not only are income limits in place, but a minimal copay may be required from the customer to pay the entire bill.

The Urban League's Early Head Start Program is a high quality program that emphasizes recreation, education, health and support services for infants, toddlers, and pregnant women from the city.

The program provides support for the positive cognitive, physical, and social development of infants and toddlers from working poor and low income families. Caregivers and teachers that take part in Head Start work to provide a developmentally and culturally appropriate learning environment for the student.




In addition to education services, children are provided with free nutritious meals or snacks that meet daily dietary requirements. Head Start also provides for physical and mental health screenings and the League will coordinate educational field trips throughout Louisiana. Additionally, ULEHS makes postnatal and prenatal education as well as other support services available to pregnant women.

The ULGNO Office of Workforce Development offers help to both the unemployed and people looking for new careers. There are a number of quality workforce development initiatives and resources available throughout Southeastern Louisiana, including Jefferson and nearby parishes. Programming emphasizes the importance of sending out well-prepared job seekers to compete in occupations such as healthcare, construction and building trades, food services, technology, and manufacturing. More details on specific programs are described below.

Job Assistance is designed to help unemployed and underemployed adults and youth in the development of the social skills, knowledge, education, and job skills necessary to be successful in the world of work. The Greater New Orleans Urban League assessment tools enable their workforce development team to recommend appropriate training required to obtain work in fields that are in demand, such as technology, healthcare, and others.

Young people from lower income families in the region are particularly vulnerable to disengagement from their schools, communities, and jobs. To address this, the Suites for Hire Mentoring Program can be called upon.

Participants of this services are supplied with professional dress attire for work, and also benefit from life skills instruction; mentoring services; community reintegration strategies; academic and social enrichment workshops; community service projects; and restorative justice.





The T2W - Training to Work Program is a 3 year workforce development and training course targeted to formerly incarcerated individuals who are in need of help in successfully re-entering the labor market. The program follows a skills-based training approach, emphasizing the pursuit of higher education, attainment of industry-recognized credentials, and also obtaining a graduate equivalency diploma. Additionally, participants of this New Orleans Urban League program receive support services for a number of months in an effort to help them obtain long term career success.

Urban League of Greater New Orleans (ULGNO) Urban Youth Empowerment Program WORKS helps at-risk young adults and youth under the age of 24 in preparing to compete in the job market. The program provides for some or all of the following.

  • Education and career counseling, such as help with attaining a high school diploma or GED.
  • Job Training - This will include opportunities to prepare for dozens of occupations in high-demand sectors.
  • Community Wide Efforts to reduce crime and violence.
  • Case Management - Work with staff on the development of career and education goals; job search assistance; training in workforce fundamentals and financial literacy.

The New Orleans Business Resource and Entrepreneurship Center, or BREC, works with private, public, and nonprofit resources across Louisiana to support the small businesses that create jobs and wealth in New Orleans and its surrounding parishes.

The Urban League of Greater New Orleans is located at 2912 Canal St., New Orleans, LA 70119. Call 504-620-2332.

By Jon McNamara

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