Rent and deposit help from Armstrong Family Services housing programs.

Homeless prevention and general rehousing is available from Armstrong Family Services. However, they also partner with dozens of other agencies in the region, including Jefferson Parish, to coordinate their resources across the area. So while only a limited amount of aid will be offered by AFS, other support is usually provided by its partners.

For example, one of the important partners is UNITY for the Homeless. This particular group will help over 50 different organizations coordinate case management services. They also help raise funds to pay back rent or provide a loan in certain instances. Other support offered includes shelter, consultations and more.

Armstrong Family Services is first and foremost focused on empowering New Orleans area people that are facing eviction or that may be currently homeless. The non-profit works to keep them together in one residence.

After short term stabilization is achieved, the next goal is to get individuals economically self-sufficienct. This will involve removing them from public assistance or government benefits, such as section 8. Case managers from AFS also work with clients on coordinating personal growth and long term economic development. The agency strongly believes that a lower income family should be able to provide emotional, social and economic support to all members of the home. So they work to make this happen.

Specific services from Armstrong include the following. They are considered full service, so various programs and resources are available. The list below is just a sampling.

  • -Housing includes a temporary shelter. While terms and conditions will vary, it will usually be for up to 30 days.
  • -Case management is provided too. This is generally for families with children or even single parents. It can help those that who have experienced homelessness as a result of an eviction or some other form of crisis, whether illness or even a natural disaster.
  • -While very limited, there may be no interest loans offered as a form of emergency rental assistance. In some cases, AFS will offer direct funds for housing. Or they can help with a security deposit. This is also generally true for New Orleans area residents with children.




Over the years, AFS has helped many people. There is assistance for people that have received eviction letters from their landlords. Or if your homeless is caused by an unpaid water or utility bill, then referrals can be provided to resources for that as well, such as St. Vincent De Paul.

While the financial aid is available, it is very limited. Most of it relies on an annual government grant program. Many other conditions have also been set by Armstrong Family Services. For example, it will prioritize people in Jefferson or Orleans Parish that have a short term loss in income, but are otherwise self-sufficient. Or maybe a tenant became ill and needs a little support to pay the rent on their home while they recover.

As noted above, AFS works closely and is a member of UNITY of Greater New Orleans. Together they work to provide housing solutions in the region. A number of other agencies and churches are also available. They coordinate community partnerships to prevent and ideally end homelessness in the Orleans and Jefferson region.

Some of the other services that may be available from Armstrong Family Services and its partners include outreach and rehousing. They have staff and volunteers that visit the homeless in the streets and in abandoned buildings to offer them support. They will help these individuals stabilize and then find affordable apartments somewhere in Louisiana. Other staff will help the client find and sustain employment.

Location is 2215 Washington Ave 70113 in New Orleans Louisiana. Call (504) 899-2995.



By Jon McNamara

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