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Find free money making ideas.

There are a number of ways for making money that will not cost you a dime. Below you will find some simple things you can do for free to make several extra dollars or more each month. Most of what we have listed will be things or activities you probably already do a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so you do not need to make any lifestyle changes to make some free money. Or you may not even need to say work…it is just turning some activities you do into free money. You just need to “monetize” your daily life.

Whether it is using a cash rebate program for shopping you already do, selling or licensing pictures you already take on your phone, or something else, these free money making tips are available to you regardless of your income, credit history, age, or anything else. There are ways for kids or teenagers to make some quick cash, immigrants, senior citizens, the unemployed, people with terrible credit, and really anyone. All of the activities are free as well as simple to do and can result in some quick cash.

Now these suggestions will not make you a ton of money. But maybe you can make several or “tens” of extra dollars for your family each and every month. And they really take very little (if any effort) to get started.  Many of these ideas are based on things you may already do on a daily basis.

For example, you probably already take pictures, and you can list them and sell for some extra cash. Or you can earn free money from shopping you do on a daily basis, such as by using services such as Ebates. Or earn money from selling surplus gift cards, writing book reviews, and more. Find a list of ideas below.

Steps to take to get some extra free money

Everything we have listed is free to do and really anyone can do them, regardless of education level or age. The ideas can result in some free, quick money for yourself. Also, as noted, none of these involve working a “formal” job. They all really involve making money from simple things you do during your daily life.

Cash rebates – There are dozens of websites that pay you when you use them to shop. There are no costs to use sites or to sign up on them. Examples include Swagbucks, Ebates, BeFrugal, and they are a great way to earn free money. Find a guide to free cash back sites.

Gifts cards can be turned into extra money as well. A number of websites as well as retail stores will allow you to cash in an unwanted (or maybe unneeded) gift card for free money. There may be a minimal fee, but it is quick and simple to do. Learn how to sell gift cards for money.




Use rebates for free money - Use credit cards, coupons, survey sites and other tools for both saving a few dollars and getting some free money. As noted above, there are cash back websites, however consumers have many other options out there. Learn more on and locate a list of rebate sites for shopping.

Sell photos you take – If you take pictures on your cell phone, or any camera, another idea is that is is possible to sell them for money. There are many websites in which you can list photographs for cash, and the process is free to do.

Sell plasma (blood) for free money – This is really the same thing as donating blood. However, you will be selling your plasma to private companies vs. donating it to the Red Cross. It is safe to do and the cash can be provided to you on the same day. Find how to turn your plasma/blood into money.

Some hobbies can be turned into a money making idea with little or no effort. The best thing about that maybe it is something you are probably doing right now for fun, so why not spend maybe just a few more minutes into trying to turn that hobby into money.

Sell your hair – You may not believe it but is possible to sell you hair for money. Or donate it to a charity. In either case, a number of companies will buy your hair so they can make life like wigs. Find how to sell hair for free money.

Surveys and/or online market research can be a source of free money – There are dozens of companies in the industry that pay out on a daily basis. They do not have application costs or any fees, and the registration process is quick and simple. Take a survey online, give feedback on places you have shopped at and more. Continue with online survey companies.

There are several other things you can do to get free, emergency cash as well. Some of these will be quick and simple to do. Others may take a little more effort, such as renting out a room in your home or selling some extra items in your house for free money. But this list may also be useful to you and find sources of emergency cash.

Use coupons – You can download an app to your phone that provides you with free money for shopping. Whether it is the WalMart Savings Catcher or coupons applications like SnipSnip, Shopkick or Checkout51, there are dozens of apps that are quick to download and simple to use. Discounts, cash back rebates, and other free cash may be provided by coupon sites.





Exercise - Yes, you can earn money, free gifts, incentives, food, gym memberships, and much more by exercising. This is a great idea as you can earn some money as well as improve your health. Phone apps for all types (Apple, Samsung, Android, iPhone, etc.) are on the marketplace that will pay you money for walking, biking, hiking, and similar activities. Read more on this free money making idea, and get paid for exercising from free phone apps

We also have an extensive list of work at home job ideas.  Granted these positions may require a little more effort, education, and time, but it is still possible. Find how to make money from work at home jobs, as we have a number of positions and ideas listed on the site.

As you can see from our list of ideas above, it is possible to make some extra free money for yourself. Most of the activities involve just making some cash from things you do daily, weekly, or monthly, so they do not take much effort. Now while the extra cash they bring into your budget will not make a huge difference in your lifestyle, these free money making opportunities are sitting right there for the taking.


By Jon McNamara

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