Brown County Wisconsin assistance programs.

There are government grants available in Brown County for low income families, financial aid programs from charities and churches, and other support. Find how and where to apply at for utility bill or rent assistance, places that give free food or medical care in the Green Bay area, job placement services, and even budgeting classes.

Housing and rent assistance

Green Bay and Brown County will receive over $500,000 in federal government stimulus funds to help residents pay for housing costs. The federal government money will be provide to various organizations and charities, including The Salvation Army Emergency Services ((920) 497-7053), Legal Action of Wisconsin's Green Bay office ((920) 432-4645), and also Family Services, and the money will go to reduce and prevent homelessness and also provide short and medium term rent help.

These grants will be paid out to local residents over the next two years, and the money will provide both short-term and medium-term rental assistance, help with utility and heating bills, and also aid to pay security deposits, all with the goal to help keep people in their homes or help them relocate if they can’t stay in their homes. The money will also create some jobs and will provide a full-time position at Family Services and some at the Salvation Army.




The federal government stimulus funds also include almost $300,000 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Emergency Shelter Grant, Homeless Prevention Program, and Transitional Living Program which are awarded to Green Bay and Brown County annually.

Other agencies to contact for help paying rent in Green Bay and Brown County Wisconsin include Forward Service Corporation. This agency can be reached at (920) 448-6760. They offer rent help, eviction prevention, and financial assistance.





Emergency financial assistance for bills, rent, medications

St. Vincent de Paul's Personal Service Center (PSC) is a non-profit based charity organization that provides vouchers and financial assistance to low to moderate income, needy families and individuals in the area. Aid is provided for clothing, furniture, baby supplies and household items. In addition, the non-profit can provide emergency financial assistance and grants to help pay for rent, utilities and heating bills, prescription drugs, medical supplies, transportation, gasoline vouchers, etc.. The low income can turn to this agency after all other "mainstream" resources, including federal government and Wisconsin programs have been exhausted. Financial assistance is provided every two years to those in need. (920) 432-2579

The Green Bay Salvation Army’s Social Services Emergency Assistance Office may have aid as well. It is offered on a case by case basis, and you need to apply and speak to a counselor. Support services and assistance that may be available to those people in need on a case-by-case basis include food assistance, personal hygiene products, baby items such as diapers, paper products, transportation assistance and gasoline vouchers, baby needs, prescription drugs, heating bill assistance, health care and medical needs, phone calls, seasonal assistance, school supplies, shower facilities, cleaning supplies, utility assistance for disconnections, and rental and housing assistance programs. (920) 497-7053, or click here.

Rent help, career counseling and employment programs are offered by Green Bay based Forward Service Corporation. Dial (920) 448-6760. Also access Job Search/Placement and rental help.

Integrated Community Solutions (phone (920) 498-3737) administers financial assistance and provides cash grants with heating costs. In addition, funds for utility bill can be provided. The aid is provided through a one time payment for each season. Learn more on electric bill programs.

Oneida Center For Self-sufficiency – People who meet state of Wisconsin low income guidelines can apply for weatherization assistance, the repair or replacement of irreparable heating systems, and also financial aid to pay their heating bills. 2640 West Point Road West Wing, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304, call (800) 216-3216

Eviction and rent help is available from several agencies. Or some very low income families may be able to apply for government aid, namely section 8 HUD vouchers in Brown County. Emergency financial aid for back rent, utility and rental deposits, and other housing costs are available. While resources are limited, find rental assistance in Green Bay.




De Pere Christian Outreach Center can assist homeless families, people facing eviction and/or very poor individuals. The non-profit offers supportive services including general financial and rental assistance. Other resources for Brown County residents includes shelter, transitional units, and assistance in finding long term, permanent housing. They also process applications for the section 8 housing voucher program, which offers subsidies for paying rent.

Churches that are part of the network also run a thrift store and provide free food, including to seniors. Some clients of the Outreach Center may be given a loan for their basic needs, that will need to be repaid to the charity. Address is 506 Butler Street, De Pere, WI 54115, or continue reading.

Free basic needs and stuff is available from clothing closets. Some families may not qualify for help, but they can still shop for low cost goods at a thrift store. What may be available to the needy ranges from clothes to furniture or appliances. Clothing closets will also try to provide school supplies to students from low income households or vouchers to those recovering from a disaster. More on Brown County clothing closets.

Oneida Tribe Economic Support Services - The Social Services Building processes applications for utility assistance. The primary program is the federal government funded Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). 2640 West Point Road West Wing, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304.

Brown County Economic Support is the department that operates many of the government benefits and public assistance programs. These tend to be for the very low income and others under extreme hardship. Examples of programs include SNAP food stamps (or FoodShare), grants for paying winter heating bills, and Medical aid, among many others. More on Brown County Economic Support programs.

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation Assistance – If you need help with your utility bills, the Customer Assistance Advisor Program can provide payment plans, options, and offer referrals and information. 600 North Adams Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54307, phone (800) 450-7260 Toll Free





Help from Brown County Community Action Agency

The local non-profit is NEWCAP, and the phone number is (920) 834-4621. The agency services many different counties and areas in Wisconsin, and offer several assistance programs and help people become self-sufficient. Some of the programs offered include: Weatherization Assistance, an Emergency Food Assistance Program and Food Pantry Program, Homeowner Rehabilitation Program, and a Job and Business Development (JBD) Program.

The agency is focused on helping struggling and low income families overcome their hardships. Hundreds of Green Bay Wisconsin area families use one or more of their services every year. if NEWCAP can't meet your needs, then the staff may have referrals as well. Click here.

Credit repair and debt help

Receive free debt and credit services from Catholic Charities, Diocese of Green Bay. They offer residents several different debt and credit programs. Some examples of them include providing information on how a debt management plan can help you. Receive one on one credit counseling. Learn how to deal with and file a bankruptcy. Ways to eliminate credit card debts. Call (920) 272-8234 to receive free counseling.

Mortgage delinquency and foreclosure assistance

A local HUD certified agency is NeighborWorks Green Bay. This non-profit agency offers programs including all facets of pre- and post-purchase home buyer education and foreclosure counseling. The services are offered in either in weekly seminars and/or classes and one-on-one sessions. In addition, housing counselors also provide foreclosure counseling to families at risk of foreclosure through mortgage delinquency or default. They also provide free advice and educate seniors about Home Equity Conversion (Reverse) mortgages. A variety of mortgage loan and foreclosure programs are also available to homeowners in the area. Dial (920) 593-3707, or click here to learn more about Wisconsin mortgage and foreclosure prevention programs.

Find free or low cost health care

NEW Community Clinic provides low income, people with limited or no health insurance, and other struggling individuals with access to health and medical care where there are gaps in the area health care delivery system. Most of the health care and dental services that are offered at the clinic are free to patients. Services offered for individuals include a nurse practitioner, chronic illness, non-emergency acute care, limited dental assistance and care programs, health care prevention and wellness services. (920) 498-5436.

Bellin Health of Green Bay Wisconsin may be another community clinic to turn to for health and medical care to the low income and uninsured in the community.  Learn more on medical care programs, or call (920) 433-3633.

Several other free community clinics operate in the region, and can offer medications, dental care, check ups, assistance for basic illnesses, and much more. Find information on additional Brown County health centers.





Free food and pantries in Brown County Wisconsin

Some of the local food banks and pantries in the area include Calvary Lutheran Church Food Pantry (Green Bay Wisconsin (920) 494-2431), Manna For Life Ministries (920) 437-3629, The Giving Tree Pantry (phone (920) 662-7962), St. Bernard Church (920) 468-4811.

If these locations can’t provide the services you need, then you have other options. A number of other churches, pantries, and food banks provide groceries, meals, clothing, baby formula, and other aid. Find more regional food banks in Green Bay Wisconsin.

By Jon McNamara

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