Green Bay Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

Families that need assistance in Green Bay Wisconsin may receive help from the Salvation Army. Emergency resources and financial aid can help those faced with a crisis, provided they meet eligibility requirements. Some of the services in highest demand in Brown County include food, heating bill assistance, rent, and transportation assistance. The Salvation Army will do its best to meet those needs, or refer individuals to who can help.

One of the nation’s leading charities, the Salvation Army believes in meeting the emergency and basic needs of struggling families and individuals in Brown County, whether old or young. The needs supported include clothing, free food, shelter and basic household needs. Case workers will also try to offer guidance and hope to those coming in for services. An appointment needs to be made.

Free food, meals, and feeding programs. In addition to a free noontime meal, families or individuals can receive a couple bags of groceries once per month. Food offered includes frozen foods such as hamburger, cereal, peanut butter, soups, pasta, sauces, tuna, or juice.

Rent, heating, and utility bill assistance is offered until funds run out. The Brown County Salvation Army offers support in a numer of ways. Families or individuals can receive cash assistance to help avoid eviction, disconnection of your utilities, or receive funds to pay for housing costs. Grants can cover first month’s rent or deposits when moving out of a shelter. The Salvation Army may assist in other ways, and can offer additional sources of rental help.




In order to get money to pay your utilities or heating bills, households need to be referred by the Integrated Community Solutions energy assistance program, and applicants need to also have a disconnection notice. All rent or utility assistance is paid directly to your landlord or energy provider, and not to the Salvation Army client.

Thrift store and personal items  - Qualified applicants can receive clothing or furniture vouchers that can be used to buy items at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Furniture vouchers are available only once to help families or individuals moving out of a homeless situation. Clothing vouchers are available once every 6 months based on an applicants need. Also, applicants can request hygiene and cleaning products once a month. This includes toothbrushes, laundry soap, toilet paper, household cleaners, shampoo, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, free diapers, and toothpaste.





Those who were evicted from their home or apartment can apply for motel or hotel vouchers. Families with infants or minor children who are temporarily homeless and who can’t find any shelter in Green Bay, Brown County, Appleton or Oshkosh are candidates and may apply for a free hotel voucher. Numerous qualifications need to be met, including they can’t have any nearby family and individuals need to have the means to pay rent in the near future.

Bus passes, gasoline and transportation assistance - Free transportation vouchers for bus passes or gasoline may be provided if you need assistance getting to and from work or if you are newly employed. It is very short term assistance. Also get rides or transportation assistance for medical appointments.

Prescription assistance, including free drugs or vouchers for medications. Aid is only offered for an emergency medical condition, and only if the household has no insurance or other means to pay for their mediations. A Salvation Army case worker will explore various options for the client, and some minimal costs may need to be paid.

Transitional housing is offered by programs from the Ecumenical Partnership for Housing (EPH) as well as the Brown County Salvation Army. Several different apartments are made available in the region for low income and formerly homeless. In addition, social workers from the Salvation Army provide holistic case management and intense services, referrals, and other aid.

Other churches and charities in Brown County Wisconsin also work to offer housing assistance. They include Paul’s United Methodist, Calvary Lutheran, First United Methodist, Grace Lutheran, Resurrection Catholic, Green Bay Community Church, Union Congregational, St, First United Presbyterian Church of De Pere, St. Bernard Catholic Church, St. Anne's the Episcopal, St. Paul's Episcopal, and Suamico United Methodist.

School supplies and back to school programs for children. A local non-profit known as Service League partners with the Salvation Army. Teenagers, students, and children can receive a free school outfit, school supplies, and/or a backpack. Call (920) 593-2379

Another similar service is Tools for School. This program focuses on offering school supplies for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. This service relies heavily on donations and contributions from the community, and all availability of supplies depends on the donations and contributions that are received from the community, including churches, local businesses, and private individuals.




Winter attire is offered from Coats for Kids. It opens for enrollment in the fall. Some new coats may be provided, but most of the items will be gently used. As with many programs, this is open for children from low income families. (920) 497-7053

An extensive array of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Holiday programs are made available too. Enrollment period starts in the fall, and qualified children in Green Bay will receive a couple toys, book, food baskets, and other support. Telephone number is (920) 497-7053, and call for information on various holiday programs.

Holiday meals, gifts, and assistance is available in Green Bay. For example, special holiday meals for occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day are offered.

Food baskets are offered around the holidays to seniors and individuals without children. The individuals are also eligible for free food baskets or perishable items for Christmas. The food baskets may contain pasta or potatoes, meat, bread/rolls, milk, canned goods, and other items needed in order to make a healthy holiday meal.

Silver Bells is for disabled adults, elderly, and seniors who may not receive a gift at Christmas time or who are alone at Christmas. This is set up similar to the Angel Tree program. Senior Community Christmas Meal is for elderly and seniors 50 and older. The program is partly sponsored by Schreiber Foods. The free Christmas dinner provides healthy meals, entertainment, and maybe a small gift too.

Adopt A Family will allow Brown County families to anonymously “adopt” children and families in need during the Christmas holidays. The Salvation Army partners with a number of agencies to identify struggling families who would benefit from the Adopt-A-Family Program.





The homebound may benefit from a service known as Caring Community Ministries. This is when a group of Salvation Army staff members and volunteers visit several nursing homes in Brown County Wisconsin, and some visits may be made directly to someone’s home. They can distribute free gifts and meals to the residents and senior citizens.

The main Brown County centers are located here.

  • 626 Union Court, Green Bay, dial (920) 497-7053
  • 1315 Lime Kiln Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin, telephone number (920) 884-5007


By Jon McNamara

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