De Pere Christian Outreach assistance.

De Pere Christian Outreach and its team of staff and volunteers partner together in an effort to help the low income in the greater De Pere area only. Some examples of services can include free food from a pantry, clothing and household items from thrift stores, and emergency funds for paying bills when all other resources have been used by the applicant. The programs are available from churches in the greater Brown County region.

The local Food Pantry, depending on available stock, will offer food to all those in the community who are low-income and struggling to feed themselves and their families. De Pere Christian Outreach receives surplus groceries as well as food items from a multitude of sources including churches, schools, individuals and civic groups. Through this diverse collaboration, the pantry is able to meet the needs of neighbors in the community.

The pantry is open limited days and hours, but its policy is to feed everyone and anyone who is struggling or facing hunger. There may be bread, produce and sweets. Residents can call for hours as well as availability of items. In some cases, volunteers may deliver goods to the home bound or seniors.

The Thrift Store sells to the general public in Brown County gently used but nice clothing, household goods and furniture. It is located at 506 Butler St., De Pere, Wisconsin. Those with little income may be given a voucher so the goods are free. Others will have access to reduced or reasonable prices, and this is for low-income families in the community. It can store vouchers for basic needs, back to work clothing and Inter-Agency Child need vouchers.

Access to quality clothing for work or school as well as household goods provides self-respect to those struggling with finances, and it can even help a person get a job. There is a full inventory available from Christian Outreach thrift store, and this will be quality clothing to a diverse range of household items that are uniquely available. Items not given to those less fortunate are available at reduced prices, making it an affordable option for all those in the community.

Not only can people shop there to save money, but funds made at The Thrift Store are given to agency operations to guarantee financial assistance always goes to those less fortunate. So the money from the store pays for the other resources available. All are welcome to explore the thrift store. Since it is stocked through community donations, please contribute if you can.




Other household type item programs offered for those struggling in the community include Heaters, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Fans, and the free Winter Coats Distribution. Services and referrals are coordinated and made with local churches, agencies and participating organizations as needed as well.

The main financial support program available at De Pere Christian Outreach is available on a short-term basis to ensure basic survival needs are met for those in crisis, such as rent help to stop evictions. Potential clients need to call and schedule an appointment to find out what documentation they need to provide to the office.

Other key components of the Emergency Assistance, in addition to funds for bills or housing, is advocating for those in need, working on their education and providing referrals as needed. Clients are also encouraged to give back to the community by volunteering with local charities.

There is an Elderly Assistance division that works with eligible senior citizens to make sure all their basis needs are met. There is coordination in providing necessary funding for prescription medicine, food, clothing and utilities as needed. Meeting the needs of seniors oftentimes prevents a homeless or health care crisis from occurring.

Help for Hispanics is available as well for Latino clients in Brown County that need help with meeting their basic needs in an emergency. De Pere Christian Outreach also advocates for them and offers access to referrals and community resources as they adjust to a new community and culture.

There is also a service that offer referrals to community clinics that focuses on medicine and/or dental assistance for low income individuals. In some cases, providers or doctors will give vouchers to patients who require life sustaining prescription medication and there is emergency funding for those dealing with dental issues and pain.





Every holiday, as donation allow, De Pere Christian Outreach offers the Thanksgiving as well as Christmas Food Box Distribution to low-income as well as elderly residents of Brown County. Each family receives a box of food or a hot meal, and the amount given out will be based on the size of their household. They are also given a gift card for the purchase of a turkey or ham at a participating grocery store, if they are available.

There is help for children and youth that are living below the poverty line in Brown County. De Pere Christian Outreach will try to give them the opportunity to build self-esteem by meeting their needs through a variety of programs as well as mentorship.

These programs include free Holiday Activities including Easter Baskets, providing school supplies to participating children via the Back to School program, access to YMCA Summer Day Camp Scholarships, and the Christmas Gifting Program in need of help providing gifts to their children.

Assistance is only for people in the De Pere area. The charity can be reached at 920-339-1060.




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