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Free health insurance and medical care in Wisconsin.

People who are uninsured, or maybe their provider doesn’t cover a certain condition, can look into several fre health insurance programs or medical services provided by Wisconsin, the federal government, and non-profits. Free or low cost medical or dental care as well as medications will be distributed to the low-income. Find free health insurance in Wisconsin.

While various qualifications will need to be met by applicants, the bottom line is that government assistance can help people pay their medical bills and help them receive the care they need. There is also free insurance for low-income families in WI, including benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid. This is usually accomplished by patients receiving discounts and/or free health care. Many of the programs are tailored for children, the disabled, and low income senior citizens as well.

Look into BadgerCare Plus for kids, Wisconsin Medicaid, and prescription drug discount programs. Some specialty services are offered for cancer patients. Or residents can receive vaccinations as well. Programs in Wisconsin can provide both ongoing assistance, as well as medical care in a crisis. Information on your options is below, even including eyeglasses for the low-income. Read more on no insurance glasses.

Free dental and medical programs or insurance for patients in Wisconsin

As with all states, Wisconsin participates in the Ryan White CARE Act, formerly known as the AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Program, or ADAP. The government administered program provides qualified patients with FDA approved HIV/AIDS related medications. Call 608-267-9003 or 800-991-5532 for details.

  • Another similar resource as part of Ryan White in WI is the AIDS/HIV Health Insurance Premium Subsidy. This will deal with a different set of needs, and in particular it will help HIV positive patients pay for existing or new health insurance coverage. It will in effect subsidize all or part of the cost of their monthly premiums. A doctor needs to certify that the applicant of course has an HIV infection. They also need to provide that the applicant has had to quit work, cut back on work hours, or take an unpaid medical leave. Dial 608-267-9003 or 800-991-5532.




Wisconsin Medicaid is part of ForwardHealth. It is a low-cost, and sometimes free, government insurance plan for single mothers, the working poor and unemployed. The state of Wisconsin and federal government partner on this benefit. This is government coordinated health care for the very low income, blind, disabled or those age 65 or over. The objective is to provide free or low cost medical care for eligible low-income individuals.

Applicants also need to be a US citizen or qualified alien citizen or legal immigrant. Medicaid (ForwardHealth) will offer comprehensive medical care, including, dental, physician visits, hospitalization, emergency ambulance, lab & x-ray services etc. There will be some free dentures, implants and extractions. Some care may be offered for free. This can include assistance with paying medical bills for yourself and family, and other related aid. Call 800-362-3002.

BadgerCare Plus has two main components. One is for children under age 19, pregnant women, and their families who are currently uninsured. This is the state version of CHIP government insurance. Call 800-362-3002.

  • The so called Core Plan is for adults who are long-term uninsured and who do not have any dependent children living with them. The state will help pay for doctor visits, hospital services, emergency room costs and ambulance, physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, durable medical equipment and supplies, chiropractic services and more. Dial 800-291-2002.

Some forms of cancer treatment may be addressed by Well Woman Medicaid. Specifically, it can provide testing and/or treatment for breast or cervical cancer, and it is for people under the age of 65. It will also help residents obtain full Medicaid benefits and it will pay for physician visits, lab & x-ray services, hospitalization, dental, and emergency ambulance. Telephone number is 800-362-3002.

A Chronic Disease Program is available for Adult Cystic Fibrosis (ACF). It will pay for disease-related services including prescription drugs and related supplies. This is only offered by non-profits after all other sources of payment, including government aid and private sources, have been exhausted. Call 608-221-3701 or 800-362-3002.





  • There is also a Chronic Hemophilia Home Care Program. It coordinates services for blood derivatives and related supplies that may be necessary for home infusion. A small $10 participant co-pay will be applied to each prescription medication and blood product covered. Call 800-362-3002.
  • Chronic Renal Disease is state of WI financial assistance for patients with some form of renal or kidney disease. It can pay for the treatment and care for qualified applicants. This is only offered after all government funding has been used up, and there may be some out-of-pocket expenses due from participants, even those on Medicare. There will be dialysis, transportation and other support. Dial 608-221-3701 or 800-362-3002. Or learn more on Medicare rides to dialysis.

The Katie Beckett Program will arrange help for children with long-term disabilities who are currently living at home. It will assist them with receiving Medicaid benefits. A focus is on children with complex medical needs. If found to be successful, the child receives a government Medicaid card which will ensure they get the coverage they need. Call 608-266-6664.

Medicaid Purchase Plan is public health insurance coverage for people with disabilities who are looking for a job or who are currently employed. A sliding fee scale is in place, and depending on the applicants income, a premium payment may be required from the patient. Depending on your plan, it can offer a wide range of health benefits, including hospital care and prescription drugs. There will be some premiums, deductibles and out of pocket limits due. Dial 800-362-3002.

WISEWOMAN will help prevent, delay or control chronic diseases, such as heart/cardiovascular conditions. It is offered to the low income and those whose current insurance won’t pay for it. Wisconsin will provide for free or low cost stroke risk and heart disease factor screening. Examples include blood pressure checks, cholesterol, glucose sampling, a review of family medical history and other ongoing support. Call 800-232-4636 or 414-219-7850 for details.




Another similar resource is the Well Woman Program. This is another option for multiple sclerosis testing, breast and cervical cancer testing and more for the uninsured or those with limited coverage. The main focus is on helping low-income or uninsured people in Wisconsin that have a chronic medical conditions. Call 608-266-8311 or 866-908-1363.

Wisconsin Medicare Savings Program is known as QDWI. The government benefit will help pay Medicare Part A premiums for qualifying lower income and uninsured individuals. Applicants need to be disabled and employed as well as entitled to Medicare Part A. The similar program of QMB addresses premiums, deductibles and co-insurance for eligible persons, and is for both Medicare Part A and B. The last component is Medicare Savings from SLMB, and this will cover just part B premiums. While these three resources are all very similar, call 800-362-3002 or  800-242-1060 for more specifics and details.

VFC is the state of Wisconsin Vaccines for Children Program. All medications are given to both state and local health agencies at no charge. These centers, most of which are non-profit, will distribute items to physicians/health clinics. It can even cover such common ailments as the flu. Dial 608-267-9959.

SeniorCare Prescription Drug Program is for senior citizens and the elderly in Wisconsin. It will pay for most prescription drugs, life threatening medications and over-the-counter insulin. Some out of pocket expenses may be due. Call 800-657-2038.

National Family Caregiver Support Program is for low-income people with a disability or patients without insurance. There is wellness and health counseling, information on getting Medicare health insurance which is for the disabled, respite care and more. The WI Department of Health Services and Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources partner on it. Call 608-266-2536.

TEPP, or the Wisconsin Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program, gives devices to seniors and/or the disabled. It is a combination of insurance and government FTC programs. There will be hands-free speaker telephone, tablets, computers, and free cell phones too. Call 608-231-3305.

Wisconsin Program of All-Inclusive Care for Elderly, also known as PACE, provides free or cheap home care to seniors or the disabled. The government benefit pay for home care, provides insurance, physical therapy and other assistance. Caregiving is also covered, and this is a version of Medicaid home care insurance. Call 608-266-1865


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