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Utility and electric bill assistance Wisconsin.

Get details on energy and utility bill assistance programs in Wisconsin. Low income families, the elderly, working poor, disabled, and unemployed can get financial help, forgiveness of energy bills, payment plans and government money. There is financial aid, including grants, as well as free weatherization, payment plans from utility companies, and other resources. Find utility bill help in WI.

Many of the assistance programs are offered directly by utility companies. Still others are offered by the state of Wisconsin, non-profits, or charity organizations that operate across the state. Various free weatherization and conservation programs have also been created in WI, including that provide free grant money for windows or to fix a heating or cooling system. Below you will find phone numbers as well as information on organizations to call for help with paying energy, light and utility bills. Or look here for hardship grants for unemployed.

Programs and resources offered across Wisconsin from utility companies

Sales tax break – Both state of Wisconsin and local sales taxes are suspended for LIHEAP eligible households. The tax is waived for the costs of paying for home heating costs, and the money is used to direct additional funds and financial assistance to those households to relieve the costs of home heating bills and expenses.

Focus On Energy – This organization is a public-private partnership that is involved in offering energy information and various services to utility customers located throughout Wisconsin, regardless of who their provider is. The Targeted Home Performance program with ENERGY STAR will be able to assist qualified Wisconsin residents in making energy efficiency and conservation improvements to their homes.

Wisconsin residents who receive their electricity or heating services from a participating utility, and who meet the programs income requirements, are eligible to participate and get aid from this organization. Depending on the results from a home energy assessment, energy efficiency and conservation measures provided to program participants may include sealing air leaks, insulation, heating system update or energy saving devices. Call 800-762-7077 to receive an application or to get more information.




State of Wisconsin and federal government assistance - The federal government provides funds to Wisconsin as part of the low income energy bill assistance program. Free cash grants are distributed to families for paying heating and utility bills, with a focus on low income, seniors and the disabled. Most recipients are also signed up for energy conservation and weatherization programs. More Wisconsin WHEAP energy bill assistance.

Housing Cost Reduction Initiative Utility Payment Program. Funds from the state of Wisconsin will be distributed to qualified families and individuals for the payment of uncollectible utility and heating arrearages. Financial assistance and support is provided to households whose housing costs and bills are more than 35 percent of their total household income, and the money is available only for those who have exhausted other sources of assistance and who are out of options.

Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund (KWWF) – This is offered across Wisconsin. The program is a community-based assistance program that was designed to fill the need for energy and heating assistance to low income people and the working poor. The heating and energy uses government poverty guidelines to determine who is eligible. Continue with Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund.

The State of Wisconsin General Assistance Funds – Additional aid may be available to households without assets, financial support or income. Money can be used to provide people with a minimum of life's necessities including paying the cost of home heating bills. General financial assistance is provided only as a last resort to eligible low to moderate income households.

Wisconsin statewide Public Benefits Fund – This provides additional funding low-income energy bill assistance programs, along with other weatherization and conservation and renewable programs. The program allows the federal government LIHEAP program to pay an additional non-heating electric benefit, averaging $50 to $100 per month. Dial 608-267-3680 or contact local community action agencies across Wisconsin.





The above options are offered across Wisconsin by non-profits and government programs. Below are additional heating and energy assistance programs that are administered directly by energy companies. Locate your company below, or click here for other electric, light, and utility bill financial aid programs.

Get financial assistance directly from utility companies in Wisconsin

Alliant Energy - This energy company provides services to parts of Wisconsin. They will usually refer customers to government assistance programs, community action agencies, or provide them with payment plans. The Hometown Care Energy Fund is another resource offered. Learn more on your options for financial assistance from Alliant Energy.

Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative – They also run a version of Operation Round Up, and it is administered by the Chippewa Valley Community Fund, Inc. Donations from members and local businesses may be used to help local individuals, families and nonprofits with crucial needs. Such needs may include: hospice programs; equipment for fire, food banks, ambulance, or rescue squads; youth programs; food shelves; clothing, shelter or medical services following an accident or storm. To learn more or apply dial 1-800-300-6800 or call 715-239-6800.

Jefferson Utilities – Dial 920-568-0604 to learn about resources and services from this energy program. Some of the options include Home weatherization Program, Energy Assistance Program, as well as a Refrigerator Replacement Program.

Jefferson Utilities also offers another service known as the EAP - Energy Assistance Program. It uses public funds as well as donations. The financial assistance from the company will be done as a credit on the electric bill, and it is for qualified low income families. Note the applicant also needs to be currently receiving grants from the federal funded Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP).

Madison Gas and Electric – A program created by customer donations, known as the Energy Fund, may be able to assist individuals and families who find it impossible to cover basic living costs or expenses. The difficulties people have in their life may come from medical bills, reduction in hours or income, job loss or other emergencies. They may live on a fixed income or work for low hourly rates. A nonprofit agency in Wisconsin distributes the money to those in need of help. Call 608-252-7222 or 1-800-245-1125.

Madison Gas and Electric provides families with other financial aid as well. Rebates and conservation measures are offered from the non-profit Focus on Energy. Other resource include the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program or payment plans. More on Madison Gas and Electric assistance programs.

Manitowoc Public Utilities – A few different options and components are offered for customers. They include the weatherization program, which is an option that can help people by providing them with a home energy analysis. Qualified customers for this program may receive floor or attic insulation, heating system repair or replacement, air sealing, water saving measures and compact fluorescent lighting. Call Partners for Community Development at 1-800-584-8172 or dial 920-459-2780.




They also administer a Commitment to Community Program, in which a customer receiving a state of Wisconsin heating bill assistance benefit is automatically eligible for this program. An electric bill or financial assistance benefit will appear as a credit on a customer’s future bill. Call MPU at 683-4600, or Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation at 1-800-720-0702.

Manitowoc Public Utilities - Weatherization Assistance is also offered. It can help people save on energy bill by providing free energy conserving enhancements to their home.

Menasha Utilities - Home Weatherization is an energy saving program that is funded by the federal government and it is administered in conjunction with the City of Menasha's Community Development Department. Call 967-3640 to learn more or apply.

Menasha Utilities – The resource offered to customers is the Energy Assistance Program. This program will follow income eligibility criteria that were set through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). Customers in Outagamie County should contact Energy Services Inc. at 800-506-5596; Customers in Winnebago County should contact Energy Services Inc. at 231-0600

 Individuals and families who need help in Calumet County should call the Calumet County Energy Assistance Program at 849-1400. Menasha Utilities runs the Project Share Fund. This is available for Menasha customers who are facing emergency situations with their energy bills.  All money is raised from donations. 920-967-5263

New Holstein Utilities – This utility company also offers the Energy Assistance Program. This is offered in partnership with the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). To learn more about the WHEAP application process or this heating/energy program, customers should contact Calumet County Social Services (920) 849-1400.

New Richmond Utilities - St. Croix County Social Services located at the New Richmond Health Center, (phone 715-246-8209) runs the Energy Assistance Program. This provides financial assistance for paying utility and heating bills.

Oakdale Electric Cooperative - Operation Round-Up may be able to provide financial assistance and cash grants to individuals, community service organizations, and families. The financial assistance fund was established to support local charities, individuals and families in the community. Call 608-372-4131.







Oconomowoc Utilities – A couple different options for qualified customers includes the Customer Credit Program. Call 262-569-3282 to learn more on how to qualify for energy bill credits. Another option is the Home Weatherization Program. This is a conservation program that can do certain things like install insulation, caulking, etc. Last, but not least, the Refrigerator Replacement is available. To qualify the applicant must be approved for the Energy Assistance Program and have a refrigerator more than 10 years old. To learn about any of these services call 262-569-3282.

Plymouth Utilities – Both the Energy Assistance Program and Home Weatherization Program are offered to qualified customers. Dial 920-450-1322. Applicants need to meet income eligibility limits that are set through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP).

River Falls Municipal Utilities – Receive a credit or discount from the Customer Credit Program. Criteria are set through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) that your gross household income from the last three months falls within the eligibility guidelines. To verify WHEAP eligibility and if you can qualify for this program, contact Pierce County Social Services at 715-273-6788 or call St. Croix County Social Services at 715-246-8257.

Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative – A service known as Operation Round-Up can help pay for emergencies such as food, clothing, groceries, shelter, medical care, prescriptions and education. Dial 608-723-2121 or 1-800-236-2141.

St Croix Electric - Public benefit funds are offered from Commitment to Community. Money is used for credits on eligible customer's utility, heating and energy bills; money and assistance is offered for weatherization services including insulation, caulking and window replacement; furnace and water heater upgrades, repairs and appliance and lighting replacements. Dial St. Croix Human Services, 715-246-6991.

Sun Prairie Water & Light – Like many of the other energy providers listed on this page, they administer the Refrigerator Replacement Program, Energy Assistance Program, as well as Home Weatherization Program.

Waupun Utilities – Low income customers may qualify for the Energy Assistance Program. In order to qualify, applicants must be approved for WHEAP, and these individuals will receive more information about eligibility for the Energy Assistance Program at that time. Contact the following county departments to learn more. Fond du Lac County residents contact County Social Services at 920-929-3445. Dodge County residents contact Energy Services, Inc., at 920-887-7925

We Energies - This energy company provides both gas and electric service to portions of Wisconsin. They provide customers with several different services and resources that can help them pay bills. Options include payment plans, government assistance, energy conservation, and much more. Read more on the We Energies resources that are available for low income customers.





Wisconsin Public Services / WPS provides assistance programs and support to low income qualified natural gas and electric customers. For those that qualify for help, they may be able to get assistance with paying their heating bills from Wisconsin Energy Assistance. Some customers may be able to enter into payment plans as well for their accounts. The company is willing to explore different solutions for those customers that are behind on their energy bills and that may be facing a disconnection. Call the company as early as possible if you are struggling. More on Wisconsin Public Services financial assistance.

Xcel Energy has operations in Wisconsin and other nearby states. Several assistance programs are availabnle to income qualified customers. They include payment plans, HeatShare and average billing programs. The company also has information on local non-profit organizations and application sites for federal aid such as the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. Continue with financial assistance from Xcel.


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