Assistance from Xcel Energy in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin families that use Xcel Energy can get help from programs such as HeatShare, average billing, and the federally funded Low-Income Energy Assistance Programs. Those are just a few of the resources available. The company can also offer other support as needed. They work closely with non-profit organizations across Wisconsin and the company spends resources to advocate on the behalf of the poor and those that are struggling.

The company offers referrals and maintains what is known as a Payment Assistance Directory. This will provide information, including on non-profits, that offer energy bill assistance programs available in your state. It also contains tips on conservation measures or programs such as weatherization.

Xcel partners with a number of state of Wisconsin and also local agencies. By working with these low-income advocates and the companies personal accounts department, qualified low income customers can get help. Programs can assist with bill payment and help individuals gain access to weatherization services for their homes.

HeatShare is one of the main financial and emergency assistance programs available. Not only can it help people pay bills, but it relies on donations too. So people have the ability to help your neighbors in need by contributing to HeatShare.

Xcel Energy works with the Salvation Army to administer Heatshare. Other non-profits or charities may be active as well in the program, if they are needed. It is a strictly voluntary program that is administered by the non-profit Salvation Army organization. The program helps those in need survive the long Wisconsin winters by providing funds and grants for paying heating bills. Some assistance may also be offered for heating system related repairs, such as furnace tune ups or repairs. To apply for help, dial 1-800-725-2769, which is the Salvation Army.

As indicated, Heatshare depends on contributions from people and businesses across the state. Any donation someone makes is tax-deductible. So please donate if you can. Both one-time contributions and recurring contributions can be made.





Xcel Energy also does its part to help the less fortunate. They generally contribute millions of dollars per year to local charities and organizations that provide utility bill assistance. They provide support throughout their entire service territory, both in Wisconsin and in other neighboring states.

Some of what they do is advocate support for public policy. The company works on the state and federal level to increase funding for government benefits such as weatherization and/or Low-Income Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP). The company also makes corporate contributions to Wisconsin and local energy assistance agencies and energy weatherization programs. They even encourage customers to contribute to statewide fuel funds via their Xcel Energy bills. Of course people should do this only if they are able to.

Payment arrangements and other information may be provided as well. Dial 1-800-895-4999 if you need a short term, helping hand with paying your heating bills. The company will explore payment arrangements and will advise consumers on available state and federal financial energy assistance for eligible low income households.

The Averaged Monthly Payment can help families receive a more predictable monthly payment on their account. This can spread your heating and cooling costs over the entire year. So people will not be faced with spikes during the cold winter months. Excel Energy will take into account the customer’s energy costs, seasonal changes and historical usage in energy use to give a household a more predictable utility bill each month. The Average Billing Payment plan is an option for any residential Xcel Energy customer.

For more details, call 1-800-895-4999. Customer service representatives from Xcel will advise Wisconsin customers on possible solutions, offer referrals and other support.



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