Wisconsin Public Services low income utility assistance programs.

Customers that need help with paying their Wisconsin Public Services energy and heating bills may be able to receive assistance from the company. Some of the options available may include payment plans or financial aid from non-profits or government resources. Low income families, seniors, the disabled, and those that are struggling with their Wisconsin Public Services bills have options available to them.

Wisconsin Public Services payment arrangements can help those customers with circumstances that caused them to fall behind or struggle. The company knows that sometimes it can be difficult to pay your monthly bills, especially heating costs during the colder winter months. For those income qualified customers, if they have a past-due balance on their account, people can enroll into payment arrangements or plans. Among other things it will allow the customer to schedule monthly payments and bring their account up to date. This is an option for those who have not received a disconnection notice and that are not delinquent on an existing plan.

If you are able to enroll, it is critical that the customer abide by its terms. What will happen if the individuals does not make the payments on time that are specified in the Payment Arrangements, then their power or heating service can be turned off.

It is important to also enter into this Wisconsin Public Services program early. The sooner that someone contacts the company the more likely that they will be able to successfully help someone enter into an arrangements that works for you. If your emergency financial situation is short term in nature, the company tends to be confident that they can reach a suitable agreement with the customer. Even if your problem may last an extended period of time, they still may be able to work with you to explore additional payment assistance options or government assistance programs.

Assistance from non-profits, such as the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund, can help the less fortunate as well. It is a donation program in which money is contributed from the public and all funds are used to help keep low income families, seniors, and others warm during the winter or cooling during the summer.




The organization that runs the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund is a non-profit agency. They are committed to assisting the elderly, disabled and others with very low or limited incomes. Grants can help people pay their heating bills or maybe even air conditioning bills during a hot summer stretch. With some low income Wisconsin families paying up to 50% of their income for their heating bills, some struggling households will need the assistance the fund may be able to offer them.

In addition to cash grants, participants can receive immediate financial assistance, referrals to other community resources, credit and budget counseling, and free weatherization assistance and conservation measures. To learn more on this option, you can contact Wisconsin Public Services, but it is recommended to dial the non-profit directly at 800-891-9276.

Federal government assistance is offered as part of Wisconsin Energy Assistance. This can also help those who need it with their heating bills. WHEAP can help qualified lower income households with paying a portion of their home heating costs. The exact amount available depends on your income, household's size, and total heating costs.




Any grant issued is one time only. Cash benefits are offered between October 1 and May 15, and WHEAP funds are not intended to cover the entire cost of your Wisconsin Public Services bill. A few other items to note include you do not have to pay the money back and the benefit will be sent directly to your fuel supplier.

Electric bill assistance, for non-heating costs, helps eligible households pay a portion of non-heating electric energy costs. WHEAP Crisis Assistance is offered for families facing a disconnection or that currently have no heat available. Grants can also be provided to households that are nearly out of heating fuel and do not have any way to pay for their bills.

Many very low income Wisconsin Public Services customers also may qualify for the federally funded Winter Weatherization Program. This will improve your home's energy efficiency and help people save money.

Last, but not least, Wisconsin Public Services gift of warmth certificates can be used to pay all or a portion of the recipient's WPS energy bill. This allows people to give the gift of warmth and help pay the bills of anyone they want. It can be a family member, close friend, relative, or even a neighbor. The individuals that is specified as the recipient of the certificate will receive a credit on their next energy bill.

For more information, call the company at 800-450-7260.



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