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Assistance programs Sussex County New Jersey.

Find where to apply for free grants money, loans, and financial help in Sussex County. Low income families as well as struggling households, senior citizens, single moms, and the disabled will receive rent or electric bill help, emergency funds for a mortgage payment or a security deposit, free food, or maybe free health care or dental needs. Find financial assistance near you in Sussex County NJ.

There are also charities that give out free stuff in Vernon Township, Newton and the county. This may be free furniture, cars for low-income families, or school supplies or computers for kids. Other social service programs in Sussex County NJ include job placement, foreclosure counseling, government assistance, senior care, and more.

Grants from Northwest NJ Community Action Program (NORWESCAP)

This is the local community action agency for Sussex County. They run a wide variety of assistance programs, provide hardship grants, transportation or car assistance and more. Examples of the services offered are all listed below. Call them to learn more, apply for a program, or to see what other services they administer.

  • The Family Loan Program - This is a loan program that was designed to help working individuals and families maintain their employment. The cash can be used to pay for car or auto loans, work clothes or equipment and related expenses. Money and low interest loans can be provided for the following.
    • Car Repair up to $1,000 or Used Auto up to $3,000. Or look here for other low income car payment assistance programs.
    • Car Insurance Payments up to $1,000 or get funds for Child Care Expenses up to $800
    • Back rent payment/back mortgage/or security deposit up to $1,000
    • Employment related expenses, such as tools, uniforms, etc. up to $500
      The Family Loan Program tries to approve as many applications as possible to qualified individuals, including those in Sussex County NJ with bad credit. But not every loan will get approved. Loan approval is based on need, repayment ability of the applicant, bills and income, and credit ratings. Also learn more on unsecured loan programs.




  • Energy bill programs from NORWESCAP include The Housing and Energy Services that NORWESCAP offers include: NJ SHARES (Statewide Heating & Referral for Energy Services), LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program), weatherization, and energy conserving. There are also other assistance programs to assist low income individuals and families with their paying for or reducing their heating and cooling bills.
  • A free food bank is also run by the community action agency. This may provide everything from free groceries to hygiene supplies, paper goods, holiday groceries, and more. the assistance from the food bank is for struggling families in the Sussex County area.

Call NORWESCAP, which serves Newton and Sussex County New Jersey, at (908) 859-0729 or (908) 454-7000. Or learn more on hardship grants from NORWESCAP.

Rent, utility, and heating bill help in Sussex County

While funding is limited, and is strictly based on need and income levels, the Sussex County Division of Social Services operates a program that provides both eviction/homeless prevention and funds to prevent utility disconnections. They also help people apply for government benefits, such as SNAP, MEdicaid, disability and others. The New Jersey agency provides emergency financial assistance, cash aid, social services, and resources to eligible, qualified low to moderate income households for homeless prevention.

Assistance provided by the agency will be subject to the availability of funding for the program, and people should not treat this as an entitlement. Free grant money from the government for utility shut-offs, temporary rental assistance, relocation and permanent housing can all be provided. The address is 83 Spring St, Newton, NJ 07860. Dial (973) 383 - 3600, or find alternate sources of emergency cash.

Family Promise of Sussex County offers financial aid and support. The non-profit helps individuals and families who are experiencing a housing crisis from 19 Church Street in Newton, NJ, 07860.  They offer a variety of programs featuring rental and mortgage assistance, home energy assistance, including LIHEAP grants, as well as a homeless shelter diversion program.  The agency works with Sussex County families to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency and advocates for local affordable housing solutions. Call 973-579-1180





Project Self-Sufficiency has a number of assistance programs, focused on long term stability. But get emergency free food boxes or holiday meals or Christmas gifts for kids. There is job training, a free computer lab, job placement in Sussex County, as well as information on low-cost housing. Other support is offered too from 127 Mill St, Newton, NJ 07860. Call (973) 940-3500

Free furniture, such as couches or bedroom sets, are available. Low-income families, the formerly homeless and people with no money will get help. Look here for free couches near you.

Catholic Charities of Sussex County provides emergency financial aid to low income, the working poor, and unemployed individuals. There is also help for single mothers in Sussex County. The goal it to assist people who are unable to be helped by other local charities, government programs, or non-profit agencies. One-time, short term, immediate help can be made available to residents of Sussex County. The funds can help people pay expenses and bills such as medical care, food, energy, clothing and shelter. Or get free stuff, including household or personal items. Dial 973-406-1100 or (973) 729 - 1745.

  • Catholic Charities also runs the SSVF (Supportive Service for Veteran Families). This is rent money, grants, and housing for veterans (or their families). Or get free motel vouchers, money for security deposits and more. Call (855)767-8387

Samaritan Inn has transitional housing, homeless shelters and related services. The charity is at 901 Swartswood Road, Newton, NJ 07860. Phone number is (973)940-8872. A major focus is on single mothers, or look here for more details on housing to rent for single moms.

Foreclosure prevention and debt assistance programs

Consumer Credit Counseling of NJ is a non-profit agency that provides credit, debt and foreclosure counseling. They can also direct homeowners to various mortgage assistance programs. People who need help can work one on one with counselors to receive confidential budget advice, foreclosure advice and credit counseling, including help with credit card debts or car payments.

Some of the solutions they offer include a debt management program, which will assist low income clients and enter them into a formal plan to repay debts. Applicants to the agency can receive both in-person and telephone counseling. Dial  (609) 390-9652 or 888-379-0604

  • Learn about bankruptcy, and access Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling & Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy. Learn more on the bankruptcy process and when to file.
  • Counselors can offer Foreclosure Advice, Mortgage Default & Delinquency Assistance, including pre-purchase & rental counseling. Click here to discover more on how to get foreclosure help in Sussex County NJ.
  • Get Housing Counseling & Reverse Mortgage Counseling. Programs for first time home buyers.







Free food is Sussex County

Andover Presbyterian Church Food Pantry runs a food pantry serves Andover, Byram, Green and Newton residents in Sussex County. Get groceries, hot meals, baby formula and more for low-income families. Phone (973) 786 - 5094 The location is 15 Lenape Rd, Andover, NJ 07821.

First Baptist Church of Newton ((973) 383 - 9757) may be able to distribute food and groceries. Location of the distribution center is 110 Main St, Newton, NJ 07860.


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