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Assistance programs St. Clair County Illinois

Low income families will get immediate financial assistance, grant money or free stuff from churches, charities, government assistance programs or non-profits in St. Clair County IL. Get rent help or utility bill assistance along with free food boxes, medications, free clothes, or housing resources. Find financial help near you in St. Clair County IL.

Low-income families can apply for hardship grants. The money will help pay rent or security deposits, utility or heating bills, or car repairs. There are also pantries in  East St. Louis and Belleville IL for free groceries from pantries, or medical, dental care or eye exams from clinics. There is also transportation, job training, free school supplies, charities that provide free cars, weatherization services or Christmas gifts and clothes for the low-income.

Grants for paying bills in St. Clair from community action

Contact the Belleville Illinois based St. Clair County Community Action Agency. This is one of the leading non-profits in the area. Counselors may be able to help you with apply for programs that provide financial assistance, and they are definitely a great place to learn about your options. Among some of the services they may be able to help you with include:

  • Weatherization - This is a federal government funded program that will provide homeowners with free energy conservation updates to heir homes. Continue with government weatherization assistance.
  • LIHEAP - This program provides for either cooling utility bill payments for low-income households during the summer, and during the cold winter months funds are available for paying for heating bills and preventing disconnections of service.
  • Rent assistance and low income housing - The community action agency works with local churches, charities, and other aid organizations in order to provide funds to pay rent and housing costs. They can also help individuals apply for section 8 housing vouchers, including apartments in St. Clair County with no waiting list. This is for very low income families. Several organizations in the area focus on these housing and rent assistance programs or even section 8 deposit assistance.
  • Referrals are given to medical services too. The community action agency has details on everything from financial aid for paying hospitals bills to applications to insurance.
  • Senor citizens and the disabled can use community action. Whether information on SSI to workshops on the healthcare services from Medicare.

Call the community action agency at (618) 277-6790.




Help with heating and air conditioning bills

If you are behind on either your heating or summer cooling bills, Heat-Up St. Louis, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity that was created to help St. Clair County area low income, elderly, disabled people, and other struggling families. The funds will offer help with paying their delinquent heating and summer cooling bills in St. Clair County, Belleville Illinois, East St. Louis and parts of Missouri. It focuses on those who live in the St. Louis region.

  • Their primary goal is to provide utility assistance, heat (winter) and cooling (summer) grants to help pay bills. There are also referrals to other agencies, and they will do what they can to restore a primary home heating source during the winter. During the summer, they will assist with air-conditioners, and payments will be made on high electric bills in the summer for at-risk households.
  • Additional summer AC bill help is offered. St. Clair County low-income families and seniors can also learn about government benefits programs, including LIHEAP, weatherization, or free window fans or government air conditioning programs for the poor. Get details on free AC units from government agencies.
  • The non-profit Heat-Up St. Louis, Inc. can assist the working poor, people who may have lost their jobs or who have been temporarily laid-off or often trapped in a economic crisis. The charities and other organizations that they partner with will provide a safety net in a region which often does not have enough state of Illinois, federal government, or directly utility company funds to help keep the needy connected to their utility and heating services.

The bottom line is that Heat-Up St. Louis, Inc., is a year-round program that assists thousands of people every year, including many in the St. Clair County region. During the summertime, the component known as Cool Down St. Louis focuses on providing cooling grants and public education to help the disabled and families with small children. The non-profit will also aid the elderly and help them avoid heat deaths and illnesses. Contact 314-241-7668 to learn more or to apply for help.





Financial assistance, food or free stuff in St. Clair County

Churches, Catholic Charities, and Faith based groups - Emergency financial help can be provided to St. Clair, St. Louis, and other local towns and counties. Assistance is provided regardless of religion or background. Some of the services administered include financial help for paying bills, including rent, heating, and food. There is also free furniture vouchers, a homeless shelter and low income housing is offered. Furniture stuff is also offered for the new house, and look here for free vouchers to pay for furniture.

Other resources include material needs such as free clothing, household products, diapers, and hygiene items. Some resources focus on single parents and women, such as the Holy Angels Shelter. The Catholic Charities organization and its volunteers and employees can provide assistance, guidance, and support to the low income and people faced with poverty. Also learn about local jobs and employment services in Illinois. Continue with Catholic Charities assistance programs St. Clair County.

Urban League has offices in the county, Belleville IL and region. The agency operates nationally as well and they focus on assisting the unemployed, working poor, and less fortunate, regardless of their race. Several assistance programs and referrals may be offered in St. Clair County. Some of the resources include:

  • Housing assistance - This may come in the form of security deposit help for the homeless, free foreclosure counseling to homeowners, zero interest loans or funds for back rent payment to prevent an eviction.
  • Financial classes, such as budgeting or credit counseling, in St. Clair County.
  • Free educational supplies, including free school items for students.
  • Computer training and scholarship programs for high performers that meet low income guidelines.
  • Heating, water and other forms of energy bill assistance.

A goal is to help the disadvantaged, such as minorities or women, get the support they need. Much more is offered as well. Read Urban League St. Clair programs.

Phone bill help from government programs are available in St. Clair County. There is Lifeline, free smartphone (including iPhones), Tablets, and discounts for people with no money or those on government aid. Look here for help with phone bills.

Society of St. Vincent Belleville is a leading charity in the region. They administer a number of services for the country and the entire southern part of the state. Resources include emergency financial assistance for food, rent and energy bills to referrals. Some of the more specialty type programs include transportation assistance (such as gasoline vouchers) and limited assistance for health care needs. There is also a bargain thrift store in St. Clair County. Continue with Saint Vincent Clair County assistance programs.

Metro East Diaper Bank helps new moms or pregnant women in St. Clair County. They offer various assistance programs, including free diapers, baby wipes, applications to WIC, baby formula, clothes and other free items. The goal is to help low income parents provide for a newborn infant. The Diaper Banks is at 4020 Green Mount Crossing Dr, Illinois 62269. For information on services or to apply, call 618-741-7296, or look here for free diaper giveaways near you.





Food and nutrition programs from Operation Food Search. Supporting the metro area, the hunger prevention hotline run by this agency assistance thousands of families per month. Services include referrals to pantries, government resources, and SNAP food stamps, among other resources. More on Operation Food Search programs.

Agencies for rent and security deposit assistance - Several non-profits can help low income families with an eviction notice. The Saint Clair organizations will help clients apply for government grants, and also offer case management. In some cases, a loan may be issued for paying back rent, and the agencies also offer shelter and placement into transitional housing. Find more rental assistance in St. Clair County.

Social services from Belleville Salvation Army can be called upon in a crisis. Many different types of programs are available. They offer after school care for kids as well as Christmas toys and school supplies. There are also basic needs available, as wide ranging as free food, clothing, and vouchers for various household supplies. Or get free school uniforms or clothes in St. Clair County IL.

In some instances they can give a person short term financial assistance, and those funds may help with everything from energy bills to rent, housing, or medications. The Saint Clair County charity is also a church as well, and this ministry is available for general counseling. Or apply for basic needs/seasonal help including free Christmas toys, Easter baskets, Thanksgiving dinners, or free school supply programs. More on St. Clair County Salvation Army programs.

The St. Clair County Community Services Division (phone 277-6790) offers Emergency Food and Shelter, Rent and even Mortgage Payment Assistance, government grants from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and more.

SIHF Healthcare is a free or cheap health care center clinic. They help low-income families, people with no insurance and those on Medicaid too. Get free eye exams, dental cleanings or extractions, general health care and therapy too. A pharmacy is on site as well as well as psychologist for behavioral health. The address is 2001 State St, East St Louis, IL 62205. Phone: (618) 271-9191, or look here for free therapy online.

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid has free lawyers and attorneys, over the phone and in person consultations. The address is 8787 State Street,  East St. Louis, IL 62203, at the Dorothy O. Cook Community Law Center. Provides free civil legal services to low-income individuals, tenants with an eviction and senior citizens. Dial (618) 398-0958, or free free lawyer hotline for people in IL.

Illinois Department of Human Services is at 601 S High St, Belleville, IL 62220. Low-income families, seniors and the disabled can apply for SNAP food assistance, Medicaid, or free cash assistance from TANF. Or get job training, homecare for the disabled and other benefits. Call (618) 235-5300.

Community Interfaith Food Pantry has free groceries, baby formula, and personal toiletries. Or get holiday meals, including at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The charity is at 1218 W Main St, Belleville, IL 62220. Call (618) 355-9199.







Mortgage and debt relief in Belleville and East St. Louis area

Housing as well as Debt Counseling and Assistance Center, which is also located in Belleville Illinois, also offers low income, homeless, the working poor, and others with several services. Some of the options include Eviction counseling, Rental assistance and shelter counseling. They also help with consumer debt, including credit cards and they show families how to get help getting out of car title loans. Vouchers for medical expenses and clothing, Housing Assistance, and free legal aid. Dial (618) 398-5616.

Mortgage relief is offered to low-income Homeowners who live in St. Clair County. A focus is on people who are behind on taxes or a home loan. Residents who are having problems paying their delinquent mortgages may be eligible for grants and other assistance for both paying their mortgage and other housing expenses.

  • The Catholic Urban Program-Holy Angels Shelter, which is located in East St. Louis, has available to distribute free grant money that is being targeted specifically to help borrowers who find themselves in a financial crunch or who may be facing a foreclosure. The program can help with paying up to three months of a borrowers mortgage. Those who apply for the mortgage help need to have a limited income that meets program guidelines and they cannot be in bankruptcy or can’t be deep in the foreclosure process.

To find out if you are qualified to receive mortgage assistance, call the Catholic Urban Program non-profit organization at (618) 398-5616. Or click here to read about other ways to get help paying a mortgage.


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