Nevada Assistance and Financial Aid Programs.

Find help and financial assistance in all cities and counties in Nevada listed below, including Las Vegas and Reno. Residents can get help with their housing expenses, including rent, mortgages or energy bills. There is also free food from pantries, low cost medical or dental care, and government assistance or grant programs in Nevada for paying bills.

Nevada Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Aid
Nevada has various programs that homeowners can turn to for help with paying their mortgage and for free foreclosure counseling. Many of the resources are offered by local government agencies. Read more on mortgage help in Nevada.

In addition, Nevada has also started a new mediation program that will ensure homeowners and lenders meet before proceeding with a foreclosure filing.

Numerous non-profit organizations in Nevada can help homeowners deal with a foreclosure and provide mortgage delinquency counseling. Many of the services are free to borrowers. Click here to find a listing of agencies, or find free HUD counseling in Nevada.

Governor's Office for Consumer Health Assistance (CHA)
This government assistance program will provide advice, answer questions, and also offer free health-related advocacy regarding insurance disputes, medical billing, worker's comp appeals, prescription assistance, and more. Dial (702) 486-3587

Nevada Check Up
This is a low-cost government health insurance program that is available for children up to age 19. There are low cost quarterly premiums that do need to be paid, and they are partly determined by household income. Call 1 (877) 543-7669





Nevada Senior RX
This program will provide assistance with prescriptions, including up to $5,100 per year to help with medication payments. This program, which is offered from the state of Nevada, will also pay for 100% of prescription costs during the Medicare Part D 'gap'. Dial 1-866-303-6323, or find additional medical assistance programs.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Many families in Nevada are having trouble making ends meet each month. After paying for their utilities, mortgage or rent, transportation, gas, and child care, oftentimes there is not enough money left to buy nutritious food or groceries. Tens of thousands of families in Nevada currently receive assistance in the form of SNAP benefits to help feed their families. Toll Free number is (800)-992-0900. Northern Nevada dial (775)-684-7200 or in Southern Nevada call (702)-486-1646.

Free Child Care Subsidies and Financial Aid
Parents who are working or in some form of job training or education may qualify for subsidies. The Nevada Child Care Development Fund provides government assistance to qualified residents for paying child and day care expenses. Read assistance with Nevada child care costs.





Social Services and Government Assistance
The Department of Human Services in Nevada runs a number of cash assistance, health care, and public aid programs. Low income families can get financial help for paying bills, housing, food, medications, and other expenses. Job finding programs are also administered. More on Nevada public assistance.

Legal Assistance
Nevada Legal Services provides state residents as well as immigrants or migrants with a wide variety of free legal services and support. Click here to learn more about this program. Or more on free lawyers in Nevada.

Debt and Loan Help in Nevada
Charities and non-profits help families pay off lenders, consolidate debt, and eliminate loans too. there are also low cost ways to borrow money to pay the bills. Find a wide range of ways to get help with debt and loans.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
The goals of the TANF assistance program are to assist struggling and lower-income families with children so they can be cared for in their own home. It will reduce dependency on government financial aid by providing job preparation and training and other assistance is provided. TANF will also provide government assistance with health care costs, insurance, and medical bills.

Programs for the disabled
Assistance is available for Nevada individuals with a disability. They can receive medical care, financial aid, prescriptions, home care and other benefits. Both families and caregivers can get help as well. More on Nevada disability financial aid.

Immigrants and Migrant Assistance
Whether employment, housing, free healthcare or food, help is available for Nevada immigrants. Programs assist newcomers, including those that speak Spanish. More on immigration assistance.

Debt Reduction and Credit Repair and Counseling in Nevada
Several different resources and government approved not-for profit credit as well as housing counselors operate in the state. They specialize in providing free help with bills, debts, and loans. More free credit counseling in Nevada.

Nevada Food Banks and Centers Provide Assistance
Learn how to get information and find the phone numbers for free food banks, pantries, and distribution centers located across Nevada. The locations help tens of thousands of families per year. Click here free food pantries in Nevada.




Senior Assistance in Nevada
The elderly, senior citizens, and people over 55 have a number of resources that focus on their needs. Get help with obtaining free medications, food, and home delivered meals. Other programs can provide transportation or job training. Additional details on Nevada Agency on Aging.

Utility and Energy Company Programs
Most utility companies that operate in Nevada offer state residents and low income customers financial assistance. Programs can provide cash grants, payment plans, weatherization programs, and other government aid. Find Nevada energy bill assistance programs.

Employment Programs, Government Grants and Self-sufficiency Services
Non-profit community action agencies oversee several programs. Families can apply for government grants for emergency needs, attend job training, and receive case management and counseling. Read more on community action agencies in Nevada.

Nevada also operates JobConnect offices. These centers can help the unemployed find a job and assist all residents with gaining new skills. Career counseling and other employment assistance is offered. Click here free job training in Nevada.

There are short term ways to make money and gain new skills too. Sig gigs, online jobs, freelance and work from home opportunities are all options, among others. More on side hustle gigs.

Rental assistance vouchers
Very low income families can get help from HUD and public housing authorities in Nevada. A voucher to subsidize a rent payment may be available for families as well as the elderly or for households with a disabled member. Learn more on section 8 in Nevada.

Emergency Family Services
The Salvation Army administers programs that can help the low income pay bills, distributes vouchers for needs such as food, clothing, and gasoline, and provides rent help. Case workers will also help families in Nevada gain stability and/or find a job. Read more on Nevada Salvation Army assistance programs.

Nevada Programs to Help with Evictions and Homelessness
Families facing homelessness, or that need a low income apartment, can get assistance. Non-profit or government grants are used to help with paying rent. Other services include transitional housing, emergency funds to pay security deposits, and rehousing. Click Nevada homeless and eviction assistance.





Free Health Care from Clinics
Dozens of medical providers and community clinics throughout Nevada can offer low income and uninsured patients with free health care. Many will never turn a patient away. More on Nevada free community clinics.

If you need access to high quality as well as low cost or free dental care, find how community clinics and dental centers in Nevada can help meet a patients needs. Continue with Nevada free dental care clinics.

The uninsured and residents who are underinsured in Nevada can receive free or low cost health care. Several government and non-profit programs provide assistance programs for medical bills. Click Nevada uninsured medical care.

Financial Assistance in a Crisis
The northern part of the state of Nevada offers struggling families with financial help if they are faced with a crisis. Money can be used to pay rent, housing, electric bills, food, and medication expenses. Learn more on the services available. Continue with emergency assistance Northern Nevada.

Assistance From Nevada Cities and Counties


Carson City

Elko County

Humboldt County (Winnemucca)

Lander County (Battle Mountain)

Las Vegas and Clark County

Lyon County (Yerington)

Nye County (Tonopah)

Pershing County (Lovelock)

Washoe County (Reno)


Assistance With Paying Utility and Cooling Bills in Nevada

Project REACH (Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships)
A program created to aid and assist senior citizens, medically fragile families and people, and also any deployed National Guard or Reserve members that may be in need of emergency energy bill assistance.

Nevada Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program
This government assistance program helps struggling and lower income persons as well as families reduce their utility, heating and cooling bills. It does this by making their homes more energy efficient and helping people conserve energy. This program does provide energy conservation and weatherization services for free to eligible low-income households.





Arrearage Assistance
Customers behind on their utility bills may be eligible for one-time assistance to help bring those past due charges on their heating and/or cooling bill(s) current. The utility companies that offer this plan include : Nevada Power, Sierra Pacific Power, Southwest Gas, and the cities of Boulder City, Caliente, Fallon, and also Pioche.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP or LIHEAP)
Assists lower income Nevada families with the cost of home energy bills. Government assistance with past unpaid bills, emergency assistance, and other financial aid is available through this program. More on LIHEAP in Nevada.


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