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Free child care assistance Nevada

Free or subsidized daycare is provided as a form of financial assistance for qualified low income families, single moms and working poor parents in Nevada. The applicant needs to be working, in job training, going to school or actively and aggressively seeking employment. Income limits are in place as well. Learn more on how to get free childcare assistance in Nevada.

The NV Division of Welfare and Supportive Services administers the government benefit program using funds from the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF). It was created to help low income parents, including those in Las Vegas, pay their day care bills so that they can focus on employment and gaining self-sufficiency. The state can also help families get affordable or free child care if they are reentering the workforce. Government programs will help them gain new skills or education levels.

How to get free daycare or child care in NV

The main qualifications for daycare assistance revolve around your household income and size. The maximum income levels that are set will depend on your household size. So if there are more members and people that you live with than your income can be higher than an applicant with say only one child.

Assistance is only offered for children and infants between the ages of zero and 12. If your child is older than that, they may qualify is they have a medical condition or are disabled. Single moms with young kids will also be able to apply for subsidies.

Any financial aid is offered as a subsidy, however in some cases there are free day care vouchers. This means that the family will need to contribute towards the program and will be responsible for a portion of the costs. Not only is funding limited, but by paying a portion of your expense this leads to increased fiscal ownership of the issue.

In general, the parent needs to pay some towards the care too. This is known as a co-pay. It is defined as the amount that the client is responsible to pay the day care provider directly. The amount will also be based on your income and household size. Another instance in which the family needs to pay is for an overage. If your child care provider charges more than the Nevada Maximum Daily Reimbursable Rate, that is the overage that is due and it becomes the responsibility of the parent to pay any of these overages. So pick a provider that has reasonable rates and this won’t apply.





Nevada subsidies can only be used to pay for licensed and registered child or day care providers. If you need help in locating a provider or center in Nevada, feel free to call the Quality Department or DWSS . Case managers and social workers can provide a child care referral based on your needs. Resources and databases contain a personalized list of child care providers in your town and county. No endorsement are provided.

Note that many people are placed on a waitlist. This is due to reduced funding and the high demand. The waiting list will generally only apply to parents whose gross monthly income is above a certain level and is funding when the number of requests exceed funding levels.

If you are found to be eligible then the applicant will be issued a certificate, which is really an approval note. It tells the parent certain information such as the dates the Nevada subsidy benefits begin and end, any co-pays that are due, the subsidy percentage, the State Maximum Daily Rate, the name of enrolled children and other key terms.

Contact information

If you do not complete the application correctly then the entire process could be slowed down or Nevada may reject your request. While rules can change, generally, most applicants to free day care in NV or Las Vegas need to have proof of work/school schedule, picture ID, children’s birth certificates, proof of residency, income, proof of any child support, and more. Additional information on the application process can be obtained from a social service office and phone numbers to dial are below.

Anyone who is interested needs to apply. They will be assigned to a case manager. The individual assigned to them to process their application will ensure that all rules and regulations have been communicated and that the proper documentation is submitted. Phone number is (800) 992-0900.


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