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Free legal assistance programs in Nevada.

There are a number of free lawyers, legal services, and places where low-income families can get advice in Nevada. People can get help in stopping an eviction, completing a will, applying for benefits and more. Find free legal consultations as well as services in Nevada below, including from non-profits and volunteer lawyers.

the goal is o ensure that senior citizens as well as low-income families have access to help. The free lawyers provide a number of services, both in person and over the phone or remote. Get legal aid to stop an eviction or foreclosure, assistance with workers rights or filing for divorce, help applying for government benefit programs and more.

Free legal help applying for federal or state benefits in NV

The agencies mainly assist low and moderate income Nevadans with a wide variety of services. The main organization is Nevada Legal Services (NLS) provides will to help thousands of individuals and families each and every year, including seniors. Get assistance in navigating the system, completing applications, and addressing denial of benefits among other topics.

Volunteer lawyers, or their staff, also assist and represent people who are facing the loss of public government benefits that are administered by the federal government or the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. (DWSS). Legal staff from NLS will deal with applications to SNAP Food Stamps, Medicaid and various Medicaid programs. The elderly, seniors or caregivers can get legal aid for topics such as Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) and Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB).

Very low-income families can get help applying for TANF cash assistance well as medical help for pregnant women and children. Also, the NLS non-profit agency also assists clients who may be appealing a denial of their application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the federal government Social Security Administration. More on Nevada cash assistance for the low income.

Lawyers for worker rights or filing for unemployment

Another free legal service is provided for people in Nevada who are facing garnishment of their wages or attachment of their bank accounts. NLS may provide assistance and in some cases representation to these people. The goal it to stop the attachment or garnishment of property and/or wages that are exempt from execution.




Employees may be illegally, or questionable fired from their job. If/when that happens, a free lawyer will help with workers rights. They can also assist with unemployment filings or applications, including if the employer were to contest the filing.

Free legal aid in Nevada for low-income homeowners or tenants

Tenants can receive free legal advice if they are facing an eviction from their apartment. Lawyers can also help with landlord tenant matters or disputes or offer free landlord-tenant mediation services. While it is mostly eviction defense, they can also provide counsel and represent tenants whose landlords have engaged in illegal eviction or other housing actions.

In addition, the NLS free Tenant's Rights Center assists individuals who are renting their home and are considered to be tenants. Attorneys will help people prepare pleadings to defend against evictions in court pro se (which is without the assistance of an attorney). Most of this is provided as part of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada as well as the statewide services.

Nevada legal services will also assist homeowners with a foreclosure notice. Get help in finding a solution. The lawyer or paralegal will negotiate with a bank or lender, provide advice on the latest mortgage and foreclosure rules and try to keep the homeowner in their home.

Get legal assistance for dealing with a foreclosure is available for homeowners who are facing the loss of their homes, either to unpaid property taxes or a mortgage payment. Struggling borrowers may seek assistance at NLS and receive information on their options to avoid and/or stop the foreclosure of their homes. Read more on Las Vegas area free foreclosure help.

Tax, debt, and collection issues

Low-income families with tax or debt problems can get help from Nevada Legal Services. Lawyers may be able to offer help from the LITC program. They assist individuals with solving tax controversies that are more than 2 years old or filing past due taxes. They can help a taxpayer negotiate with the IRS, and find a solution to both state and federal government tax problems. Last, but not least, they also assist with answering tax questions or information regarding Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) or Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).





Consultations from NVS will help stop debt collectors. Or get legal aid for unfair or predatory lenders. Lawyers will write letters to companies in question, assess the state as well as FTC debt collection regulations and ensure people get the support they need. There are also pro-bono as well as volunteer lawyers that help with bankruptcy filings or assist with student loans.

All locations offer the programs and free legal assistance mentioned above, however some offices have their own unique programs they administer. Applicants need to also meet all qualifications in place.

Family, civil legal issues and immigration law

Many other free programs are offered. Lawyers offer consultation to people filing for citizenship, assist immigrants with getting work visas or green cards, and handle other immigration cases at no or minimal cost to the client.

Free civil law issues are supported too. Lawyers will help older adults, including senior citizens or the elderly with creating a will or end of living issues, including with nursing homes. There is free consultations for people facing divorce or women who are threatened with domestic violence. Or countless with topics are covered for free by Nevada Legal Services.

Applying for free legal help in Nevada

Reno Nevada - Some unique, free legal programs offered include one seasonal option during the tax season. They offer an extensive free tax preparation service to low-income Nevadans to assist people filers. They formed a partnership with the United Way known as the Project Payback, and this initiative seeks to help as many individuals across the Reno Nevada area as possible file tax returns to receive any refunds they are due. Address is 530 South 6th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101. Phone - (702) 386-0404

Carson City legal support - The local NLS office provides free legal services to individual Native Americans and advocates on behalf of tribes throughout Nevada. So they offer most of the services indicated above, along with special services for this group. In addition, the Carson City office of NLS also offers free tax preparation services to Nevadans with low incomes, and this ca help people receive tax credits and refunds. The office is at 209 North Pratt, Carson City, NV 89701. Phone: (775) 883-0404, or online legal consultations are offered.





Las Vegas and Southern Nevada - A wide variety of assistance programs are offered, including those listed above. In addition, lawyers give information and free services to tenants on a wide range of landlord tenant matters. Another program offered is that on one day a week private attorney will donate their time and advice to provide brief counsel and also possibly represent tenants facing eviction as part of the Tenant's Rights Center. 530 South 6th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101. Phone: (702) 386-0404. More on Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada programs.

Yerington Office is located at 720 S. Main St., Yerington, NV 89447. Call (775) 463-1222. Lawyers help the poor, low-income and indigent can access to free legal aid.


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