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Financial assistance programs in Maine.

Get financial help and find free government grant money in all cities and counties in Maine listed below, including Portland. Find funds to help with paying housing costs including a mortgage, medical care, transportation, or grants for rent and utility bills. Or get food stuff, including gas vouchers, furnace repairs, or food for low-income families. Locate financial help near you in Maine n below, including for emergency needs.

Low-income families and seniors can get help from charities in ME or the government. Immediate financial aid for bills, including heating, is combined with free stuff, including a car or vehicle for a job, clothes, or free energy weatherization services. Learn more on assistance programs for low income single adults or families below.

Get funds to help pay bills, housing assistance, free stuff or food, and financial help in ME

The Maine Food Supplement Program - This government benefit, known as SNAP food stamps, will help lower and middle income households buy groceries, nutritional items , Ensure for seniors and more. A EBT card will be issued to assist them with grocery store shopping. The low-income and single moms will use SNAP to  help with buying the food as they need for good health. Call (207) 287-3707.

TANF - This is a government financial assistance program that provides temporary help and cash grants for children and their parents. The free government cash will help single mothers, the disabled and elderly in Maine pay their bills, including housing. The cash is provided while the family works toward becoming self-supporting through jobs, training, and education. Or use Maine TANF to pay for auto repairs, gasoline, clothes, a furnace or heating system and other basic needs. Phone - 1-855-797-4357

Maine Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Prevention Assistance - Several non-profits and the government work with homeowners on foreclosure prevention as well as home buying. Most of the services are free. Maine provides free mortgage counseling, FHA loans, and other support. Mortgage relief includes payment plans, mediation, free non-profit foreclosure counseling and a mediation program. Find details on mortgage help in Maine.

  • Also, find a listing of free non-profit agencies in Maine that offer foreclosure prevention programs. This will be HUD certified and often provide free or low cost advice. Click here HUD counseling in Maine.




Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants - This government financial assistance program provides interest free loans and cash grants to very low-income families in Maine. The funds can be used to improve, repair, modernize, or to remove safety and health hazards in their homes. Buy an AC unit, fix a roof or repair, and make other home repairs in ME. Call (207) 990-9110, or find government assistance for home repairs.

The General Government Assistance Program - Financial aid and cash grants are provided in each city and town to help people in emergencies. GA may offer free food, help for medical emergencies, transportation or a free car as well as assistance with energy bill or unpaid rent emergencies. Learn more on general assistance in Maine.

Assistance for the Elderly and Seniors - Older adults in Maine, including seniors or retirees, can get free grants or immediate financial help. There will be transportation programs, Medicare and free healthcare, caregiver help, Meals on Wheels, transportation to the doctor, and more. Find a list of financial assistance for the elderly.

Low Income Refrigerator Replacement  - The program will replace old, inefficient refrigerators. There may be information on other free appliance programs too, including a freezer or washer-dryer. The benefit will also provide for the installation of energy efficient lighting in the homes of qualified lower income families. Dial (207) 626-4600. Or find free appliances for low-income households

Section 8 Rental Assistance Coupon Plus Program and Housing Choice Vouchers - The government helps families in Maine pay for rental expenses and locate affordable, low cost apartments with no waiting list. There are multiple local housing authorities that offer section 8 or low cost homes. Call 207-626-4600, or read more on Maine section 8 vouchers.





Telephone Assistance - The Maine Public Utilities Commission continues to provide free phones, tablets or phone bill help to low-income residents from the Lifeline telephone program. The government can save customers tens of dollars per month on their monthly phone bills, including wireless. In addition, the Link-up Assistance program will pays for 50 percent for the cost of phone installation or give low-income ME families a free government phone.

Food and Free Groceries - Thousands of families and individuals get help every year from food banks in Maine. Get free groceries, non-financial aid, Meals on Wheels, and other support. Both free groceries and meals may be offered statewide, including from a drive thru pantry. Read more on free food banks in Maine.

Maine Legal Aid and Representation - A few lawyers as well as law firms can provide free advice, assistance, and guidance to low income families. The legal programs help with civil matters such as housing, government benefits, and senior aid. More free legal aid in Maine.

Homeless Prevention Programs in Maine - Whether facing eviction or a foreclosure, government financial assistance programs such as Emergency Solutions Grants can help with back rent and housing costs. Other services include counseling and landlord - tenant mediation as well as referrals to non-profits. Learn more on homeless prevention and rehousing in Maine.

Maine Cash Assistance, Government Aid and Social Services - The state offers various financial and emergency assistance programs for the low income. Services range from help with utility and medical bills, food, and government rent assistance up through case management. Read more public assistance in Maine.

Financial Help for Utility Bills - Utility and gas companies in Maine administer energy and financial assistance programs. There is a particular focus on heating costs, both reducing them and paying bills. Get information on programs that provide free weatherization services, financial hardship grants, and other assistance programs. There may be grants or payment plans for the low income that can help pay utility bills, provide fuel oil, and other aid. More on utility bill help in Maine.




Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides grant money and government assistance to low income homeowners as well as seniors. There is also help for renters in Maine. LIHEAP can help the elderly, low income and disabled pay heating costs, electric and air conditioning bills. More on Maine LIHEAP.

The free Weatherization Program and also the Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP) provide cash grants to assist both renters and homeowners to help them improve their home. Get help fixing a home, HVAC system, roof and more. The state of ME program will help them improve the energy efficiency of their property, including mobile homes, and to also perform energy-related repairs.

Emergency Assistance and Case Management - If you are faced with a crisis, or need advice or referrals, the Salvation Army is one of Maine’s leading non-profits. The agency can offer both short term help for paying bills, rent, and food, as well as longer term support and self-sufficiency Or get free vouchers for gas, school supplies or a hotel room as well as shelter. More information on help from Salvation Army in Maine.

Low-income free medical care programs, insurance, and dental assistance in Maine

Maine Medicaid Health Plan - The government benefit will help low-income families and disabled people in ME get free or cheap health and dental insurance. This government supported insurance plan emphasizes preventive care and wellness, including medications, dental cleanings, and more. It provides affordable health insurance programs for the the self-employed, small business owners, ME families in poverty and also individuals. Phone 1-855-797-4357

Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly - MaineCare PDL - A prescription program for both elderly and disabled Maine residents. The program can help them get low-cost prescriptions, insulin, heart medications, cancer medications and other needed drugs. Phone 1-866-796-2463, or learn more on free medications for low income families.

Maine Rx Plus - MaineRx Plus is a program to help individuals save money on prescription drugs. Anyone can use it. It is a free discount card program for qualifying Maine residents, with online pharmacy cards too Participants can save 15 to 50% on brand name drugs and up to 70% on generic prescription drugs. Phone - 1-866-796-2463







Free Prescription Drugs in Maine - Many hospitals and medical clinics have started programs that are distributing heavily discounted or free prescription medications to state residents. Charities and other organizations are also participating. Learn more on hospital bill help in Maine.

Low Cost or Free Health Care in Maine - Almost 200 clinics, volunteer doctors and medical providers across Maine will provide free or low cost medical care, prescriptions, and/or dental assistance. There is care for the elderly, people with no money as well as individuals and families who live across the state. Read more on Maine free community clinics.

Free Dental Centers are also across Maine. Several different non-profits, community clinics, dentists and dental centers provide the low income and uninsured with free or low cost dental care. Continue with free dental clinics in Maine.

Families in ME that do not have health insurance or have poor plans may receive assistance with medical bills. Several Maine programs and non-profits provide services, including prescriptions, dental care, check ups, and assistance to women and children. Click here Maine health care for the uninsured.

Apply for free job training, debt relief, credit repair and money management

Free Credit Counseling Agencies - Families may qualify for free debt reduction services from non-profit credit counselors in Maine as well as charity organizations. Programs will help reduce credit card, medical debts, and help with car loans. Or get free credit repair services as well as advice on other bills. Read more Maine credit free counseling.

Employment, Self-sufficiency, and Hardship Grants - A number of resources are available from community action agencies. The non-profit centers in Maine work on helping the low income gain stability. They can provide short term government grants for paying bills, housing costs, mortgages or rent and other needs. Also enroll in job training, credit counseling, get q free car in Maine or bus pass and related services. Click here Maine community action agencies.

Another option for the unemployed and people looking to gain new skills are CareerCenters. State and federal government resources can provide for job search assistance, career counseling, training, give a free laptop or desktop computer and other employment assistance. Read Maine free job training.




Assistance From Maine Cities and Counties

Select a city or county below for local resources. As there are charities, government grant programs and other places for emergency financial aid or long term self-sufficiency.

Androscoggin County (Auburn)

Aroostook County (Houlton)

Cumberland County (Portland)

Franklin County (Farmington)

Kennebec County (Augusta)

Knox County (Rockland)

Lincoln County (Wiscasset)

Oxford County (Paris)

Penobscot County (Bangor)

Piscataquis County (Dover-Foxcroft)

Somerset County (Skowhegan)

York County (Alfred)


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