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Assistance programs Lafayette Parish.

Find how to get grants, financial assistance or loans for paying bills in Lafayette Parish. Charities, non-profits, government social services and churches help low income families with rent, utility bills, groceries and more. Also find free items, including food or meals, clothing, gas vouchers, Christmas toys, and other goods, even a free car for work. The main places for help in Lafayette Louisiana near you are below.

Apply for financial assistance along with free debt counseling, foreclosure prevention, and more. The agencies also generally focus on self-sufficiency as well as employment. Charities in Lafayette Parish as well as government centers participate. Everything from free school supplies to work at home jobs, side jobs, to free government job or career training services will help anyone in need.

Housing, rent, and energy assistance programs Lafayette Parish

One of the first place you should turn to for help paying bills, housing expenses, and to get information on various options and services is Smile Community Action Agency. Find examples of some of the programs they offer below.

  • Housing and foreclosure prevention programs - The agency is a HUD approved counseling agency. They provide homeowners and renters with a wide variety of counseling services include foreclosure prevention, pre-occupancy, mortgage default, post-occupancy, and rental delinquency services.
  • There is also free home improvement, repairs and rehabilitation, displacement and relocation, debt management of liquidation, or pre-foreclosure sale. Low-income families can apply for grants to fix a home, money management, and the counselors can also provide referral to community resources. There are government programs with emphasis on first-time homebuyer education and repairs to a home, and learn more on free grants to repair a home.
  • Weatherization energy conserving programs - The federal government funded Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was created to assist low income and other qualified individuals and families with conserving energy. As a result of this program, it will help people lower their utility bills. The program may also provide for the minor updates and repairs of homes, including the following. Insulation of the attic and walls, Replacement of broken window panes, Minor repairs and replacement to windows and doors or replacement of broken window panes.
  • Emergency assistance - SMILE CAA can provide everything from free food to emergency solutions grants for paying rent. While all funding is limited, the community action agency may also have transportation programs in Lafayette Parish, assistance for security deposits, and homeless prevention services.
  • Community Action career and free job training - The underemployed, people re-entering the workforce or those with a GED (among others) can get help finding a job in Lafayette Parish or nearby communities. There may be vouchers to pay for gas, a car for work, and other support. More on free government job training services.




The address is 501 St John St, Lafayette, LA 70501. The phone number is (337) 234-3272. Many other programs are run from the organization. Learn more on Lafayette Community Action Agency assistance programs.

The Salvation Army has centers in Lafayette and other parishes. The non-profit organization will provide emergency assistance or free stuff to low-income people who qualify regardless of their age, religion, gender, and they do not discriminate. The organization administers a number of programs. Among them include the following.

Low income families or people with no money in Lafayette Louisiana, in particular children, can receive free Christmas toys and meals during the holidays. Vouchers for medications may be available. Emergency financial assistance includes funds for paying rent or utility bills. Other resources in Lafayette may include case management, shelter, free fans during the summer or back to school supplies and applications for government grant assistance. Read Lafayette Salvation Army programs.

Loans can also be used in the parish to pay bills or housing costs. They should always be used as a last resort, only after all friends, family, charities, and government financial assistance programs have been explored. Even then, credit counseling may also help. But when needed, find details on payday short term loans.

Lafayette Parish Catholic Charities offers assistance ranging from shelter, meals, to housing assistance. The charity covers a wide spectrum of needs of the poor, senior citizens, and the low income. Some of the specific resources include St. Michael Center, which is housing for veterans.

A number of additional basic needs can be provided for in the Lafayette Louisiana region, such as free, food, hot meals, furniture for a home, and Christmas assistance. Limited financial assistance is offered as well as Meals on Wheels. Click more details Catholic Charities Lafayette Parish.

Housing, rent, and homeless assistance focus solely on housing for tenants or the homeless. This is where the rent assistance and homeless shelters (and other support) come into play. Financial aid, legal aid, hardship grants, and other resources may be offered. Find Lafayette Parish rent assistance.





Acadiana Outreach Center offers the following Services. They have the Celebration Center, Job Opportunity & Training Center, The Well, and also Naomi House. Or try Joshua House or TransForm. The various programs help those who are currently homeless or facing an eviction. 337-237-7618

Referrals from ESSENTIALS - This is a service that offers callers information on dozens of assistance programs and stability resources, including job training and placement. Of particular focus is on preventing evictions and hunger, so free food, loans for paying bills or households expenses, and other support is available.

Staff can also direct parish residents to other human services. They can learn about benefits such as Food stamps or low income apartments. Or get referrals to disability application sites and other aid. Call 232-4357, or click more ESSENTIAL services.

Free assistance for groceries or food - People, low-income families, seniors and single moms (among others) from across the Lafayette parish can try a free pantry or soup kitchen. There are dozens of distribution centers. Some offer free hot meals, other locations will pass out a box of groceries. The resources will vary.

Some of the food pantries also provide seasonal support. This will rely on what has been donated from the community. But programs may offer Christmas meals, school supplies, and even gently used clothing in some cases. Continue with information on free food pantries in Lafayette.

Free or low-cost daycare is arranged. A program that is actually known as Child Care Assistance may be able to provide qualified individuals with reimbursement for a percentage of daycare expenses for working parents/guardians. There are free grants, vouchers, and subsidized, affordable care.

It is a state of Louisiana and federal government resources. The program will also also help those who may be attending school. Any type of child care payments are made directly to the provider. Dial 337-262-5111. Or learn more about free daycare in Louisiana.

Debt reduction and credit counseling programs

The Lafayette Consumer Credit Counseling Services (Phone number 337-406-5635 or (504) 702-6964) The non-profit credit agency, known as CCCS, helps households that are behind on their bills. Debt, including medical or loan reduction services, are offered too. They are a local non-profit service that provides both free credit counseling or repair, debt assistance and budgeting advice. Or learn about auto loan help for borrowers with bad credit.





The primary purpose of the non-profit agency is to promote the responsible use of credit through both consumer education and counseling. They also offer free tips on getting finances under control. So where necessary, the Lafayette CCCS provides debt management plans for credit cards that can assist an over-obligated family or individual to repay their outstanding bills. Learn more on credit card programs. They may even be able to provide foreclosure counseling and mortgage assistance. Call (504) 702-6964

Senior citizens and elderly assistance programs in Lafayette Parish

Call the Cajun Area Agency On Aging, Inc. can be contacted for information and access to resources for senior citizens as well disabled people in Lafayette LA. They provide a wide variety of programs for seniors, including the following.

  • Advocacy, Information, Outreach and Referral
  • Free Legal information on civil needs
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Transportation to the grocery store or doctor
  • Health facilitation including Wellness or Prescription Drug Assistance - LA SenioRx Program or Medication Management
  • Visiting & telephone reassurance
  • Education/training
  • Caregiver services as well as Long Term Care Resource Center and also a Homemaker.
  • Free personal stuff or household items, including furniture, mobility equipment, couches and more.

Other support is offered too. The address is 110 Toledo Dr, Lafayette, LA 70506. Phone 337-572-8940


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