Newport News and Hampton assistance programs.

Thousands of people across the Newport News and Hampton Virginia area need help with paying their bills, rent, debt, mortgage, food and other expenses. There are some local organizations, including charities and government grant programs, that may be able to help. Find information on programs and resources they offer, as well as how to contact them and apply.

Organizations and resources that can provide help with bills and expenses

The programs noted below are offered by the Office of Human Affairs, which is located at 2410 Wickham Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607. Telephone: (757) 247-0379.

Emergency services and crisis aid

A wide variety of services and resources will provides help and assistance to families and individuals who are facing a "crisis" situation. For example, someone may be facing eviction, going hungry, about to have their utility service turned off, or some other type of emergency.




  • EFSP Aid : This assistance program is funded by the federal government Emergency Food and Shelter National Board with government funds that are received from the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA). This program will broaden the Community Outreach Center’s capacity for providing food aid, free or discounted clothing, rent aid, and shelter to residents through direct services, cash grants or referrals to other charities or agencies for assistance. In addition, assistance and grants for paying your Rent or Mortgage, as well as Utility bills is also provided to people in need.
  • Food Aid and Pantry: The Emergency Services also helps with food, and they maintain two local food pantries. They are located at 2708 Chestnut Avenue and 6060 Jefferson Avenue 2nd Floor Rouse Tower (Department of Human Services). Both of these are located in Newport News Virginia.
  • Children’s Clothes Closet: This program provides free clothing to needy children to enable them to feel confident about themselves, look well presented, and to help them maintain good health and positive school attendance.





  • Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Prevention Services: Thousands of homeowners are struggling with their mortgage payments, or are facing foreclosure. This assistance program offers people intensive, individual housing and mortgage counseling services. It also offers group training that covers seven main topics. They include credit card and debt counseling; mortgage default counseling and Home Equity Conversion/Reverse Mortgage Counseling; foreclosure prevention, budget and money management; pre- and post-purchase home ownership counseling; renters and homeowners’ rights and responsibilities; tenancy counseling, and other ways to get mortgage assistance. The assistance program also offers comprehensive assistance in all mortgage and loan products, whether federal or state government, local or private loans. Continue with mortgage assistance.
  • Loan Interest Loans and Credit Unions: They work with the Newport News Neighborhood Federal Credit Union to provide residents with access to low interest loans.

Call the Office of Human Affairs at (757) 247-0379 to learn about the services mentioned above. Or for more details on their services, click here.

Eastern Virginia area Catholic Charity - This center serves the entire eastern part of the state, including Newport News, Hampton Roads, and other surrounding counties and cities. The charity organization administers a number of social services, emergency financial assistance programs, and provides self-sufficiency services to the low income and seniors. Examples of the services provided include:

  • Free food - A pantry and holiday meal program will help people from needing to decide between using their money to pay the bills or buy food.
  • Emergency financial assistance - While very limited, funds may be offered for expenses such as housing, rent, cooling and energy bills.
  • Credit and housing counseling - Meet with a counselor to addresses financial matters including debts, mortgages, and credit repair.
  • Much more is offered. Learn more Hampton Roads Catholic Charity.




Clothing, Christmas assistance and other goods can be obtained from clothing closets and other non-profits in the greater Hampton Roads region. Low income families can receive free or low cost clothing, household goods and related items. Some centers may also have limited amounts of emergency rental, utility, or administer other bill paying programs. Learn more.

Hampton Department of Human Services, Division of Social Services offers many federal government and state of Virginia assistance programs. Among them include food stamps, TANF, and medicaid. Another main focus is on low income energy assistance, and this includes weatherization, funds for paying cooling and electric bills, and a crisis program as well. This is for residents who are facing disconnection. 1320 LaSalle Avenue, Hampton, Virginia 23669, call (757)926-6300, or more Virginia public aid.

Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions may have limited amounts of financial assistance for utilities. For families with a referral, they may obtain free groceries according to the number of people in the family. The non-profit also offers low-cost medical and dental services to uninsured adults and children as well as the medically under-served. Prescription medications are readily available through their in house pharmacy. Call (757)727-2577, or read more HELP services.

Assistance for rental expenses and housing needs - Agencies, including non-profits, churches, or charities may be able to assist low income families. There may be grants to pay for a portion of rent and other help offered, such as referrals to transitional housing. Some locations may focus on groups such as seniors or veterans in the area. Find additional Hampton Roads rental programs.

Salvation Army administers numerous social services and emergency assistance. Among them includes money for paying rent or utility bills. Other resources include a food pantry, clothing closet, and support for other basic needs. Case managers offer other resources to residents as well. For example, learn about job training programs and career counseling. Or access homeless prevention. 1033 Big Bethel Road, Hampton, VA 23666, (757)838-4875

Office of Human Affairs referrals from United Way, churches and other community organizations. Free food is offered for those who qualify. 2708 Chestnut Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 23607, call (757)244-6121.

Human, Emergency and Social Services from the County are available. There are several programs available for the poor, elderly, and disabled. Resources can help the unemployed find a job, the disabled apply for benefits and offer other support.

  • Cash assistance for expenses such as utility bills or paying rent may be available from general relief or fuel assistance.
  • Vouchers to pay for child care are available for Hampton Roads families.
  • SNAP food stamps can help families buy health food, fruits, vegetables and groceries.
  • Emergency aid, sometimes in the form of a loan, can be coordinated by local Hampton Churches and charities for needs such as security or utility reconnection deposits, medications, and other needs.
  • Other financial aid is available too. More Hampton Social Services.





Water bill programs - Many companies in the region offer payment plans or the H2O Help to Others program. This is for customers who otherwise paid their water bills on time in the past but are facing a short term crisis. It relies on donations and funds from the community and can help Hampton Roads and other families pay their water expenses. Continue with Hampton Roads water bill assistance.

Temporary housing programs can help families that were just evicted and also the longer term homeless in Hampton Roads. Several locations are located across the region and they all provide assistance that caters to the low income. Receive a place to live as well as ongoing case management. More on transitional housing assistance in Hampton Roads.

LINK of Hampton Roads also administers a food pantry. Groceries, canned goods, and other support is offered. Call (757)594-4636.

FOTE Outreach and Community Development Program offers various low income assistance programs. The non-profit is located in Chesapeake. Dial (757)424-8800.

Eviction and homeless prevention addresses a number of needs of struggling Hampton Roads families or the currently homeless. As government funding allows, there may be help provided in order to keep the person in their apartment or home. In addition to any grants for paying a portion of housing costs, such as a security deposit or rent, there is also case management available and referrals. Or the homeless can get help in locating low income apartments in the region. Read more.

Regional holiday programs - Find help at the major events. Charities across Hampton Roads provide assistance at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other times of the year.

  • Free toys and presents may be passed out for children at Christmas, regardless of their religion.
  • Parent can get an entire meal.
  • The elderly can have a volunteer deliver food, and this may also be for people in nursing homes.
  • For more information, including income and application details, more on Christmas and holiday assistance in Hampton Roads.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development's as well as non-profits such as the United Way offer emergency solution grants (ESG). The funds are used as a form of Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing. Both tenants and homeowners can apply. A Housing Crisis Hotline has been established to assist homeowners, the homeless, and struggling tenants in Hampton as well as Newport News Virginia.

The government grant money is being specifically earmarked for such expenses as rental assistance, mortgages, credit repair, utility and security deposit payments, moving costs, and more. The government money is not being targeted for the chronically homeless, but it is intended to prevent evictions as well as foreclosures and help people who are facing short term difficulties. Grants are intended for helping families and individuals that are otherwise stable and making it. However, maybe due to a recent job loss, or a reduction in their work hours, they can’t make their monthly rent or housing payments. Dial the 757-587-4202 referral line to learn who has funds, where to apply or learn more.

Community clinics and health care

Community Free Clinic of Newport News may offer some basic health care. This can include check ups, medications, screenings, and more. Volunteer doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will help uninsured patients. Call (757)594-4060 for an appointment.

Peninsula Institute for Community Health is located at 4714 Marshall Avenue, Newport News, Virginia 23607. Call (757)380-8709.

Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System – Hampton Roads residents can access general medical care. This is also offered for uninsured adults and children. Assistance can address various conditions including chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, Minor skin rashes, Headaches, ear aches, pink eye, and more. 150 Kingsley Lane, Norfolk, VA 23505. (757)889-2273

Hampton Roads Community Health Center (Portsmouth Virginia) offers qualified patients with comprehensive medical services. Assistance includes diabetes management, treatment for minor illnesses, women’s health services including pregnancy screening, pediatric services, work and school physicals, flu and pneumonia vaccines, prescriptions for medicine, laboratory and x-ray services, and referrals to specialty care practitioners. The center also offers preventive care, diabetes and blood pressure checks, annual check ups, and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Dial (757)393-6363, or click financial programs for medical bills.

Peninsula Institute for Community Health offers care such as family practice, pediatrics and internal medicine. The clinic also provides pediatrics and dental care. Other community clinic services include family practice, internal medicine and an OB-GYN. 15425-H Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, Virginia 23608. Call (757)874-8400.

Additional aid in Virginia Beach

We have a separate section noted for assistance programs in Virginia Beach. Read more.

The bottom lines is that residents of Southampton and the surrounding areas have many places they can turn to for help.



By Jon McNamara

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