Hampton Roads Virginia Social Services programs.

Social services in Hampton Roads Virginia area can help the very low income, unemployed, and poor in the community. The government agency runs a number of both federal and state of Virginia assistance programs. Some of the main offerings are noted below.

Subsidized Day Care for Children is available using vouchers. The county will in effect purchase day or child care for TANF - Temporary Assistance to Needy Families recipients and other low income qualified parents. The aid is intended to enable them to attend job training, become employed or to prepare for some form employment through schooling or job training.

Grants for disabled, blind, and low income is from the Auxiliary Grants Program. Support is for persons residing in licensed homes or hospitals. Human Services runs this in the area.

Fuel and Emergency Financial Assistance is available in Hampton Virginia. The federal government sponsored program, also commonly known as LIHEAP, is usually administered during the fall and winter months. It helps pay for the heating bills of low-income households.

The Hampton General Relief Program provides monthly maintenance payments and cash grants to individuals disabled 12 months or more. It can also assist unrelated children with no source of income. Money can be used for expenses such as rent, food, medicines and other needs.

Emergency Basic Needs is for families or individuals that are facing a hardship. Hampton Social Services can provide clothing, free food, short term shelter or utility bill assistance. The aid is available directly through contributions from churches or non-profit civic groups. Or human services will work with the client to identify other alternatives to the management of their emergency. In some cases, the assistance is offered in the form of a loan and may need to be repaid The recipient may do this with volunteer community service or money over a defined period of time.

SNAP Food Stamp Program pay for the monthly food budgets of low-income and working poor households. The government program will help assure a nutritionally adequate diet for the Virginia resident. Eligibility is based on assets, resources, income and non-financial criteria.




TANF, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, is a form of financial assistance to qualified families with children. The very low income family receives a monthly cash payment to meet their basic needs and pay everyday bills. Eligibility for any help is based on income, family size, and also non-financial criteria.

Hospitalization Program - This state / local program pays hospital bills and Health Department clinic visits for individuals with income below the poverty level and who are ineligible for the Medicaid program.

Medical bill assistance (Medicaid) and the Hospitalization Program are available. Eligibility is based on health insurance status, household income, resources and non-financial criteria such as incapacity, age, pregnancy, etc. Medicaid provides the patient with assistance with a wide range of medical services and bills, including prescriptions, physician visits, hospital care and nursing home care. On the other hand, the Hampton Hospitalization Program pays medical bills and Health Department clinic visits for individuals with income below the poverty level. Clients can’t be qualified for other social services such as the Medicaid program.

Immigration and Refugee Assistance Program - Refugees in eastern Virginia may receive cash assistance and medical bill assistance from social services. The government aid will be for up to eight months following entrance into the country.

VIEW, or the Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare, is for TANF and SNAP food stamp recipients. The Hampton Roads community will work with them on education, job training, help them obtain work experience, conduct a job search and/or gain other employability skills. Clients may get help in finding permanent housing and also in paying the securtiy deposit on it.




These employment activities and social services are offered through the TANF and Food Stamp programs to assist participants with achieving their self-sufficiency goals. Other activities given may include job search, career counseling, education training, and work experience.

For more on these programs or other aid, call Human Services. The main office is at 22 Lincoln St., Hampton, Virginia 23669. Or dial (757) 727-1800.


By Jon McNamara

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