Catholic Charity Hampton Roads area assistance.

While the demand for services is very high, and funding is limited, the Eastern Virginia Catholic Charity organization does what it can to help as many needy families and individuals as possible.

If you are faced with a crisis, financial assistance may be offered to those in need. The agency will often receive more applications and requests for help than funding allows. There is never a guarantee or promise that any cash or financial assistance applied for will be provided to those who request it.

Some of what can be helped with includes rent, utilities, food, medications, and more. The application process is formal and documentation and proof will need to be provided.

Emergency funds and cash will be distributed only to assist with Utility bill delinquency, rent, mortgage, and the cash may be used to pay the sum of one-month past due only associated with the delinquency. No security or utility deposits of any kind will be paid by Catholic Charities.

Before emergency funds are granted, the eastern Virginia homeowner or renter must pursue other reasonable and available options to cure delinquency. These options may include repayment plans with the landlord, rent, mortgage, and utility Company, applying for public aid, assistance from other local community agencies or even the use of personal credit, short term loans, cash, and family assistance including the sale of household and personal property.

If you are interested in applying, applicants will need to stop by one of the many Catholic Charity locations in the eastern part of the state, including Norfolk, Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads area. People need to pick up an application form. In most cases documentation, including, but not limited to, copy of bills, details on family income statements, proof of identity such as a valid driver’s license or military I.D., copy of mortgage statements or rental contracts, etc. This type of proof is often required by Catholic Charities. All sources of funding are limited, and only a limited number of people will qualify for financial aid.

People can’t repeatedly request aid, and the program and resources cannot serve clients whom were served already within a 12 month period. The bill or rent payment that someone is seeking help for should not be delinquent more than 30 days. The applicant must also be able to show the ability to maintain self-sufficiency after assistance is awarded, and support is not intended to be never ending. The crisis also can’t be caused by the applicant, and needs to be beyond their control.





Free or low cost food and groceries may be offered, usually at most once every 60 days. The Salvation Army of eastern Virginia and Chesapeake may also offer vouchers that can be used for meals, non-perishable items, and government commodities. Any food provided from the pantries will be limited to items on hand, which are mostly donated from the local community.

Water bill assistance is offered from the Hampton Roads H20 – Help to Others – Program. The emergency program was started back in the 1990s by the Salvation Army and the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. The HRPDC partners with government agencies and non-profits, like the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), to provide financial assistance for water bills, and the Salvation Army can refer people to this resource.

School supplies may be offered in Newport News and Hampton Roads. Children from low income families can contact the Salvation Army for school supplies such as notebooks and pens, as well as other back to school clothes and uniforms, and more. Most of the resources are provided from The Write Stuff program.

Holiday and Christmas programs are offered. Free meals can be offered for both Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, children may be able to receive free gifts, toys, and similar items from the Virginia Beach and Norfolk Virginia Angel Tree Program.

Financial, budget, and credit counseling from eastern Virginia Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charity offices in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area provide a number of longer term counseling programs. As while they may have some funds to pay bills in the short term, this will not do much by itself if the underlying issue is not dealt with.

Debt Management Program – This service works with consumers to help them take control of their finances, improve their credit ratings, and help people get out of debt. People of all income levels can receive assistance, advice, and support with credit card, medical, and other debts including payday loans. Read more on debt reduction programs.





Budget Counseling can help people use money wisely. This service will take an in depth look at an individuals income and expenses, and help people take control of their finances.

Credits counselors from Catholic Charities offices around the greater Hampton Roads and Chesapeake area will help individuals and families set a budget based on their total household income, goals, living expenses, and while also taking into consideration their priorities. It is well known that future financial problems can be avoided through wise use of credit, education, family money management, and planning. All credit sessions are confidential and free.

Reverse Mortgages can help seniors. Receive counseling and advice on this option, which may be something to consider for seniors who are in the common position of being house rich and cash poor.

Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Counseling – Many people in Norfolk and Virginia Beach are struggling with paying their mortgage. The fact of the matter is that anyone can suddenly and unexpectedly end up in financial difficulty and may fall behind. Oftentimes it is caused by the weak economy, such as a job loss, medical emergency, or unexpected debt.

Catholic Charities Mortgage Default Counseling services help those homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Counselors can provide advice, and also may be able to work directly with your banks or lenders to resolve delinquencies. For people who have received a foreclosure notice, and who are you are currently involved in a foreclosure proceeding, can also seek help and can make an appointment with a housing counselor. More Catholic Charities housing counseling programs.

Financial Education Classes provides knowledge. Most financial problems can be avoided through education and better money management. Educational Classes that are held in Virginia Beach and surrounding communities can help address personal money management. Learn about the wise use of credit, with topics such as Beware of Predatory and Payday Lending and Plan your spending—Reach your Goals.

Homebuyer counseling is another Catholic Charity service to help consumers make smart decisions. Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetimes, so it is critical to know the details about the type of mortgage and the amount of payments that will best meet your budget. This home buying program takes you step-by-step through the purchase process, with essential information about protections for the homebuyer, types of mortgages, and home buying legalities.




Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, and Suffolk Catholic Charities

  • 5361-A Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462, call 757-456-2366
  • 1301 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23517, phone number 757-533-5217
  • 3804 Poplar Hill Rd., Suite A, Chesapeake, VA 23321, main number is 757-484-0703
  • 12829 Jefferson Ave., Suite 101, Newport News, Virginia 23608, call 757-875-0060
  • In Williamsburg, appointments are seen at the local United Way. Call 757-484-0703
  • Eastern Shore is covered by an office at 3100 Main Street, Exmore, Virginia 23350, dial 757-442-6211


By Jon McNamara

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